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Chevron Shaped UFO Sighting reported 9-1-18 Federal Heights CO

Chevron Shaped UFO Sighting reported 9-1-18 Federal Heights CO

One small 3 ft UFO another 'M' shaped UFO with 10 ft wings flew close to ground with no lights or sound.

Around 3:25 am MST on September 1, 2018, two UFOs floated in the air within 30 feet of the tree tops from the north end of the canal behind Tejon Way past the point of view toward the Comcast buildings to the south of Tejon Way in Federal Heights, Colorado. I was standing at the bottom of a hill about 5 feet below the base of the trees.The first UFO was a small, matte, beige, pentagon shaped object about three feet in width and 1-2 feet tall. It had 0.5-1-foot-long triangular tail on the flat end of the pentagon. It was quietly traveling about 20 mph in a straight line. The UFO Sighting contained no lights or moving objects on it. In comparison to a full moon, or a fist held up at arm's length, this UFO Sighting was about 200% the size; however, it was in close proximity. So, my best guess is an UFO about 3 feet in length.A second or two after this UFO passed by, a larger UFO followed within the same trajectory as the first. The second object also was matte and beige and resembled a large kite. However, there was no wind at this time and the UFOwent from north to south, from within view to out of view. This UFO Sighting had a 90-degree angled nose with the wings about 10 feet long. The whole object was M shaped with the back tip of the wings rectangular in shape with triangles on the end. In comparison to a full moon, or a fist held up at arm's length, this UFOwas up to 600-700% of the size; however, it was in close proximity. So, my best guess is an UFO about 10 feet in wing-length and possibly 14-15 feet wide.These were completely silent. I felt no thoughts that this was abnormal while it happened. It took me a couple of seconds to realize this was not an everyday occurrence. nuforc.org

EL MONTE CA.Bright Ball UFO Sighting emitting static electrical sounds reported

South El Monte CA Orange UFO Ball of light reported

This evening at approximately 19:50 on 9/11/18 I witnessed what initially looked to me as a "shooting star" quickly transform itself into a fully capable and maneuvering UFO aircraft. From where I was standing, I had a full view of the northern sky with the moon also in view (waxing crescent tonight). While conversing with an associate over the phone, this ball of a light quickly took my attention. Assuming it was going to burn out somewhere within the stratosphere or troposphere (as I've observed in my lifetime shooting stars or meteors) I continued my conversation. Then, what I witnessed next blew my mind. The UFO ball of light came to a grinding halt and I was able to actually hear this UFO. It sounded like a loud, "screeching" static electric-like sound. So powerful, I was able to feel the vibrations under me. Hard to explain. After coming to an almost complete stop, I watched it turn and head Northeast. I hung up the phone, and called my wife outside so she could see this UFO. I followed this UFO Sighting with my eyes from the second it's light was identifiable to my peripheral. When she came outside, we both marveled over this ball of a light, and watched it as it continued to travel northeast. This UFO maintained its physical appearance as an orange "ball" of a light the whole way through. It was very distinctive in a way, that it was very bright and orange. Easily able to differentiate itself from any sort of commercial aircraft. Serving in the Marine Corps for four years I can say it was of no military aircraft I have seen before either. This UFO Sighting stopped almost midair. We watched until the light faded into nothing, as it continued its travels northeast I would say HUNDREDS of miles. All within two minutes. Anyone in the San Gabriel Valley Los Angeles Valley anyone anywhere who happened to look up and witness what they "think" to have been something strange flying through the sky I can assure you was nothing ordinary or of our "technology". I have (2) side notes to add: Less than 3 minutes after the UFO disappeared, a loud helicopter was overhead, and in my area. The only thing I could see were the lights from the undercarriage and skids. It made a circle and disappeared. This may have been pure coincidence. The second thing I wanted add was regarding the noise I heard. The loud vibrating type noise. I've heard this before and actually regularly for the past two years. The weird thing is when I have heard it the noise's "vibrating frequency" has been much louder and sometimes in intervals. It leads me to believe the area I live in or possibly the mountain ranges (San Gabriel Mountains or San Bernadino Mountains) nearby are being utilized as a some sort of entry point? I will continue to record my "UFO encounters" as I feel there is a correlation between these anomalies. nuforc.org

HUGE Stationary UFO Sighting over Los Angeles

rectangular shaped UFO Sighting reported Hollywood CA

Been seeing a huge UFO light in the western sky over Los Angeles for weeks. UFO Sighting big to be a planet, and does not orbit like planets, stars, the ISS. Seems to be long and rectangular shaped three quarters of it is gold colored one quarter is red colored. Tonight this UFO is situated more to the south the first time I have seen it in a different place since I noticed it a month ago. Neighbor got out his binoculars but says he couldn’t make out what it is. It makes me feel nervous. UFO Sighting sits stationary in the sky except for tonight in a different location, but still not moving. What is it!!! nuforc.org / North Hollywood, CA 9/11/18

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