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UFO Sightings Direct Contact Video

UFO Sightings are captured on video from six different locations across the United States in the month of July 2018. 

Large Manta Ray shaped UFO Sighting frozen on a 45 degree angle

with 7 large white pyramid patterned circles on the bottom of the UFO. It was around 2:00 AM- 2:30 AM on July 11, 2018 in Grand Rapids, we were driving home from a get together in the Rockford area, we got lost and took a common road home called 52nd Street and as we were driving in the countryside, I look to my right in the passenger seat and I see about 100 feet to 150 feet away from me a large Manta-Ray shaped UFO frozen in the air on a 45 degree slant, the front of the UFO was white colored and had a ring surrounding the aircraft that had a green light circling through the ring, I began to naturally freak out as we drive past this large aircraft. As we continued driving, the bottom of the aircraft was exposed with these bright white lights formed in this symmetrical pyramid pattern with about 7 large lights, instantly I tried to debunk the situation using the laws of physics but the UFO appeared frozen in time over this grassy area, an by that time I knew that this UFO is way too technologically advanced to be developed by the government, it was like it was using a Anti-Gravity mechanism that allowed to sit perfectly frozen in mid air on this 45 degree slant, I thought I was possibly hallucinating the whole situation but after calming down and rubbing my eyes and reopening them, the UFO was still in the same perfect 45 degree slant in midair, I wouldn’t be reporting this if I didn’t see this UFO Sighting so close, I’ve seen videos and documentaries about these sightings but there was never one photo or video showing a object this close to human activity. nuforc.org

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