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Huge Black UFO Sighting Pulsating felt sick Laural MS U.S. 2016

November 20, 2017

Laurel MS UFO Alien Sightings reported 12-09-16

UFO Sighting occurred on 12/09/2016 Laurel MS U.S. I awoke standing in back yard. A Large UFO was nearly directly above my head. It moved off slowly. UFOmade pulsating noise. I felt sick like dizzy, nausea as it began to move off. I blacked out. I woke up inside my house. UFO Sightings are not a big deal to me. I have seen UFOs a few times. Its the UFO abductions that I have concerns about. All of my life these things have happened to me but nobody ever believes me. They treat me as if I am crazy. No, I am not a cop, preacher, nor politician but that does not make my case any less real. Since I was a child these things have been happening to me. My mom and dad would come into my room as I sat up in my bed crying without having any clue as to why. Bad dreams, they would ask. No, it was not bad dreams. I would awaken with the craziest feeling in my head. The main thing I remember is the intense pulsating and being paralyzed. I am grown now so the fear has diminished quite a bit and has been replaced with curiosity. What do they want? Why will they not let me meet them? I mean sure, I can see it being scary as ever to wake up looking at an Alien of some sort but I want to know what they want. I caught a glimpse out of the corner of my eye once about two years ago and there it stood but vanished in an instance. I remember wrinkled features on its face and it was about 4 and a half to five feet tall. Not green but actually pale skinned. Not giant bug eyes but just larger eyes. I have even sent a portion of my journal to Mufon but even they ignore me. I wish I could be hypnotized as so many others have been because I guarantee you that they will know the truth of the matter at that point. Honestly this UFO sighting is from a year ago and I have not been bothered for quite a while. But it only makes me more anxious, waiting for the next time it happens. mufon cms# 88144

Cigar Shaped UFO Sighting report 11/15/17 Madeira Beach FL

November 19, 2017

Madeira Beach FL 11-15-17 Cigar Shaped UFO Sighting reported

I was walking at approximately 6:45 pm on 11/15/2017, after dark in the south direction on Madeira Beach off of 140th Avenue. I noticed a Cigar Shaped UFO about 1 mile off shore moving silently and slowly (pace of a helicopter) to the south. The UFO Sighting had two red lights blinking in sequence but were at least 200 yards apart giving me a size reference to the UFO and the speed at which it was moving to the south (80 miles per hour). The lights appeared to be on the nose and tail of the UFO. No other lights were visible, no green, no white, no flashing white landing lights and no noise coming from the UFO.There was heavy air traffic at the time as we are in the landing pattern of PIE, TIA and MacDill. By seeing the UFO and other air craft at the same time, gave a distinct comparison that the UFO Sighting was not commercial traffic and had to be military or something else. It also flew just west of a sky crane in Madeira Beach with the sky cranes red lights blinking and gave a distinct impression that the UFO Sighting was not commercial air traffic nor a sky crane.

UFO Sighting appeared 4000 to 5000 feet in altitude and moved slowly to the south parallel to the beach. There was a coast guard C130 with its landing lights on turning back to the north (from the south) and landing at PIE and there was a coast guard SH60 helicopter flying behind the UFO. I could hear the helicopter loud and clear and could see all the lights on the helicopter giving a comparison of the size of each (helicopter and craft) UFO and speed. The C130 had all of its lights on as it prepared to land and gave a comparison of the size, speed and lack of noise coming from the UFO. The helicopter did not chase the UFO nor appeared to see it (it was about 5 miles behind the UFO).As the helicopter flew by and engines very loud and noticeable, again made the object stand out and confirm it was silent.The UFO Sighting never hovered but moved in a very slow and constant rate to the south. source Location: Madeira Beach, FL/Shape: Cigar/Duration:20 minutes

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