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Black UFO Sighting w/ orange/red light flew by fast unidentified Lexington KY 11/30/16

December 1, 2016

reported ufo sighting mufon

At around 8:57 am, on Nov 30, 2016 I was looking out my living room window with my binoculars, usually I look at the sky often, and not always w/ my binoculars, but for some reason this morning I got them. So I noticed several crows flying close by. When all of a sudden I saw a black UFO going i…

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Exploring The Megalithic Temple Of Pyramid Near Cusco Peru

Yellowish Round lighted UFO silent circled the Indian Point atomic power plant

December 4, 2016

UFO Sighting Idianpoint NY 1965

I left work around midnight and headed south on rt 9 w, as i came around the top of Buchburgh mountain i saw the "UFO" light over the atomic power plant,,,at the bottom i pulled over by the river and got out to watch it. This UFO circled slowly at a low altitude it made no sound at all,it was very quiet and dark where is was, i am a pilot with well over 500 hours in my 1943 Stearman biplane and am very familiar with aircraft of all types after watching for a while i went south and observed the "UFO" light still near the power plant but now to my northeast, it then seemed that the "UFO" light went out and i didn't see it again, it didn't make any sound and circle in a non wabbley way at a low altitude around the power plant, please try to straighten this dialog out a little i'm am disabled and have trouble spelling etc, i have several more sighting overs the years that i will relate to you one at a time.Yellowish Round lighted UFO silent circled the Indian Point atomic power plant  nufon cms# 80788


December 3, 2016


Joseph Burkes MD 2016

I must admit I am rather confused by the whole situation. Experiencers describe what has been counted as over fifty different phenotypes of so-called ETs. The term “phenotype” refers to category by appearance. How is such a thing possible? Where do they all come from?
Is the entire galaxy sending representative to visit us, mostly at night, in our dreams, in our fantasies? Are there dimensional portals allowing such beings to enter into our reality from other planes of existence? Why is there such a terrible paucity of physical evidence?

We are left with narratives and the rather simple minded formula that for many goes. "If you remember it then it physically occurred." Back in 1990s during a series of contact experiences I believe that I was actually shown by an intelligence associated with flying saucers how they create illusion. It was a kind of “show and tell” lesson that we might use for children in which I was the child. Thus I came up with the Virtual Experience Hypothesis. According to this schema the “ETs” can create hologram like displays that we interpret as "craft,” a Virtual Experience of the First Kind (VE-1)

2. According to an account in Dr Karla Turner's "Masquerade of Angels” they can create a virtual reality experience that is technologically mediated, a VE-2.

3. And according to Dr Andrija Pucharich's experience with Uri Geller in the 1970s the alleged aliens can create in us virtual memories, i.e. impregnated ones that don't correspond to any physical event, a Virtual Experience of the Third Kind VE-3.

One might ask, “So what if all the different types of so-called aliens are just illusions? For all we know this intelligence might be some form of intelligent energy that masquerades in a multitude of physical forms.

The use of technologically mediated illusion can explain the confusing picture of close encounters with strikingly different phenotypes. Dozens of beings with radically different appearances might not exist at all, but rather we encounter them in a series of theater of the mind productions. With an ability to create virtual reality, or the technology to implant false memories that many call “abductions,” UFO intelligence could make it appear as if the whole galaxy is visiting Earth.


Physical interactions leave physical signs. We have cases in which the memories of medical type procedures are associated with small scoop marks. Sometimes the marks don't correspond to any memories of "alien" biopsies but are still pointed to as "proof." The human subject merely awakens with frightful recollections and notices the scars. For a person experiencing recurrent anomalous contacts with strange beings, just having marks might totally convince the experiencer in the absolutely physical nature of the encounters.

What if such evidence of small scars is a kind of prop, as in a stage production or in a movie? In the theater an actor can discharge a pistol. The entire audience is startled by the blast. This allows them to suspend disbelief and be swept away by the story. The gun is firing blanks of course and the "targeted" actor falls down as part of the act. It is conceivable that the scoop marks on experiencers’ bodies are made by small probes that enter into our reality to create the "evidence" that many seize upon as physical proof that actual on-board experiences have occurred.

I think I understand how troubling these ideas might be to experiencers that have been unfairly treated by the larger society that labels them as “kooks.” An absolute belief in the physical reality of close encounters may be helpful psychological defense mechanism against the arrows of scorn that many must endure. Nevertheless unless we as UFO truth seekers, contact experiencers and their supporters understand the true mechanisms of contact and the role of illusion then we will not be able to find the code required to successfully decipher the UFO mystery. THE MANY PHENOTYPES REPORTED BY EXPERIENCERS MIGHT BE ILLUSORY

Morality and UFO Sightings A Philosophical Excercise

December 3, 2016

If UFOs are intelligently controlled, do they violate basic morality by visiting Earth? According to our ethical codes, the answer is Yes. credit Terra Obscura 

UFO Sightings Morality
Do these UFOs, by traveling inside Earth’s atmosphere, violate human ethics? I will argue that all intelligently controlled UFOs entering Earth’s atmosphere violate ethical codes, and enter into a serious moral dilemma. TERRAOBSCURA.NET

UFO Sightings Mexico Contact Point and the UFO Vigilantes - FEATURE FILM

December 1, 2016

Stunning UFO observations are being made in the skies over Mexico. In Mexico, a new group of UFO observers called The Vigilantes are equipped with high-tech video equipment and are now combing the skies for evidence with fantastic results. See UFO film footage that proves why Mexico is considered the ultimate UFO contact point.

Metallic cigar shaped flying UFO that had flashing lights with no pattern Johnstown New York 12/1/16

December 1, 2016

cigar shaped silver UFO

I was at school at the time. My friend Isaiha and I were outside doing a project when we both seen this cigar shaped UFO. We seen a flash in the sky and that made us look up at the object. We had no idea what the UFO sighting was at first but we finally came to the conclusion that it had to be a UFO. Then we looked up the shape, size and color of the UFO and found that it is liked to "Reptilians". It moved in a straight line towards north, then it moved over to the NE. At first we were kinda draw into the UFO as if it was making us stand there and stare. We then were able to head inside and we were both just confused and weirded out. We asked if anybody else had seen the UFO but nobody else had seem to have seen it. It disappeared over the horizon. mufon cms# 80702

Black UFO Sighting w/ orange/red light flew by fast unidentified Lexington KY 11/30/16

December 1, 2016

reported ufo sighting mufon

At around 8:57 am, on Nov 30, 2016 I was looking out my living room window with my binoculars, usually I look at the sky often, and not always w/ my binoculars, but for some reason this morning I got them. So I noticed several crows flying close by. When all of a sudden I saw a black UFO going in a perfect straight direction, it was fast moving. At first I thought it was a big crow far off but as I looked threw my binoculars I saw it was not a bird, not a helicopter, not a plane. I was like "what the heck is that" ? It was going about 200 mph or so. The UFO had an orange/red glowing light somewhere on it I couldn't tell. It seemed to morph or slow tumble I thought maybe a balloon no. It was definitely being controlled by the way it was straight perfect line of flight and speed was same. I used the cars going by as a speed reference. The UFO Sighting was probably 1,500 - 2,000 ft up. Also, it was bigger than a car, and the light was big. I just can't explain what I saw. I did not have time to get a picture or video the UFO was gone in way less than 60 seconds. I'm only reporting this because I see UFO's here and there and I want to just keep records w/ Mufon. Although, yes I do write things down, I have not reported everything I see. But this one was so weird because I did not have a clue what I was looking at ? Anyways, they are so darn fast when I see them, it's impossible to get picture or on film. So, a follow up is not necessary, since there is nothing to work with. I just wanted it on record. mufon cms# 80688

Very thin white shiny disc/cigar shaped UFO Sighting to the west traveling north Stowmarket GB 11/19/16

November 28, 2016

UFO Cylinder Goshen NY 2016

Photo Taken over Goshe New York 2016

Rattlesden, Suffolk, UK, Mitchery lane,(Brettenham road end),out walking alone, heading north,quiet road, fields either side. Not sure what made me look to the west- it was a very reflective UFO, so perhaps it just caught my eye.There's a gliding club in the village not far from there, so I did wonder if it was a glider but I couldn't see any wings. I was walking at a brisk pace and it was like the UFO was traveling alongside me but at some distance. I tried to take some pictures whilst it was still to the west of me but thought I had only taken pictures of the sky tried to record it as well and then I just couldn't spot it anymore- it had been difficult to relocate the UFO once I lost sight of it trying to take a photo etc. At some point during this time a helicopter passed- but the UFO was much higher than the helicopter. The UFO reappeared more or less directly above me, still on Mitchery Lane, around 7/8 minutes later (when I took a better picture)...it was like it was hovering at this point and then once again it just disappeared (as in, it was like it turned invisible rather than 'took off' at least I didn't see it take off). I passed a man and woman walking their dog not long after but didn't inquire as to whether they'd seen it. I think you would have had to have been looking hard to have noticed it though, just because it was so small/far away- that said, I felt like it was watching me throughout the sighting. I wouldn't say I was scared though, just very curious. 
I've always wanted to see a UFO, and for this reason I think I just convinced myself at the time that it was wishful thinking and that the UFO was probably something identifiable. When I got home I thought I saw that I had only taken pictures of the sky- I knew that I hadn't been able to see the UFO well on the phone screen it was like I'd just been aiming randomly, so I forgot about the event almost immediately, until a week later (today) when I started thinking about it when out on the same walk. I also saw a UFO documentary that showed me something that reminded me of what I'd seen. I had another look at my pictures and to my surprise I realized I had actually captured the UFO three times very tiny and very close to the frame in each shot it's an old Samsung phone so not the best camera but when I zoomed in on the UFO in one of the photos, it looked bulbous at the ends like two white balls stuck together side by side and elongated slightly it looked shadowed underneath in the zoom too.The other two pictures are less pronounced, but the UFO still looks a bit bulbous at the ends when you zoom in. Definitely not a glider!! Photos not clear. MUFON CMS# 80630

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