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Apollo 11 Astronauts had several UFO Sightings on the moon in 1969

April 22, 2017


"We debated whether or not to tell the ground we had spotted something, and decided against it. Our reason was simple: The UFO people would descend on the message in hordes, setting off another rash of UFO Sightings back on earth. We concluded it was most likely on of the panels. Its course appeared in no way to confl…

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South Hill April 21,1967 UFO Sighting landing encounter

April 20, 2017

South Hill UFO Sighting Landing Encounter 1967

There was a burst of white flame spewing out of the bottom of the UFO thing and it was like having about a thousand flash bulbs going off in your face. 50 years later, South Hill UFO Sighting landing remains unexplained Friday, April 21, 2017, will mark the 50th anniversary of the world-famous and still unexplained U…

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UFO Orbs Escalating Over Earth

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