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Spielberg and the UN UFO Initiative 2017

September 25, 2017

Spielberg ET UFO Photo NYUFO

In 1978, the United Nations was discussing the creation of an official UFO department. An initiative brought to the organization by Sir Eric Gairy, Prime Minister of Grenada, who had his own spectacular UFO sighting. Behind the scenes the United Kingdom rallied against the effort, while the United States remained mostly neutral. Meanwhile, an intrepid young New Yorker, our protagonist, Lee Speigel, offered to aid Sir Gairy by organizing a presentation featuring credible UFO researchers such as Dr. J. Allen Hynek and Dr, Jacques Vallee. Excited by their efforts, famed director Steven Spielberg invited the group to his office in Hollywood to discuss how he could help. His movie Close Encounters of Third Kind had just been released a few months prior. Read more UN UFO Initiative here:

Triangle UFO Sighting INCREDIBLE ACCELERATION!! see report

September 24, 2017

Black Triangle UFO Sighting over MI US 92317 nyufo

UFO Sightings occurred over Orrington ME U.S. 923-17 Preface: I've seen these triangle-shaped UFO vehicles many times now and viewed thru 10x50 power binoculars; so many in fact I don't bother reporting them anymore. The only reason I'm in this instance is the INCREDIBLE ACCELERATION I witnessed tonight was a first. Generally, they just mossy by at more-or-less the same apparent size as commercial aircraft, but generally lower in altitude (20k-30k feet I would guess), somewhat slower (maybe 15%-20%) and absolutely no jet-engine sound associated with them regardless of relative distance. They "UFOs" all look the same: three solid white lights at each of the three corners and a solid red strobe light at the center of the fuselage. With binoculars and enough back light sometimes you can also make out the outline of the UFO vehicle solid lines connecting all the vertices. The strobe illuminates the hull just enough to differentiate the shape as well. Tonight I noticed what looked like a dull-brown UFO orb moving in the Western sky - moving North-to-South - about 15 degrees off the horizon. I grabbed my binoculars and took a look and sure enough it was a 3-pointed triangle. I watched this UFO drift by for about 4-5 minutes with nothing too exciting happening, per usual - but as it got almost directly south of me (still watching in the binoculars), it literally shot almost straight up into the sky! It's appearance went from three distinguishable white lights, to a point of light, getting smaller-and-smaller as it ascended, to just GONE, in under 5 seconds. It was less than 15 degrees off the horizon, having traveled considerably further away, and shot up in at least a 45 deg arc to maybe 25-30 degrees, and then simply vanished. It was easily the fastest thing I've ever seen in the sky, save for a shooting star. There was no change in light intensity, or any flash or sound; just moving at a constant speed/direction then abruptly swooping up and gone in just a few seconds; 5 seconds is being generous in all reality - probably more like 3 seconds. Unbelievable to see. It was obvious that it went out of the atmosphere and not below the horizon. It simply got smaller and smaller until it was no longer visible. It wasn't in the "blink-of-an-eye" fast, but nearly that fast. Must be some crazy ride flying those UFO things. mufon cms# 86878

Saturn Shaped UFO Sighting Photographed over Milan Italy must see photo

September 23, 2017

Milan Italy UFO Sighting Large Bright Ball Ringed Light 9-22-17

This UFO Sighting Photo dated 9/22/17 was submitted to MUFON with a description saying "I Do Not Fear" this photo was allegedly taken over the city of Milan Italy. There has been UFO Sightings reports over the years of Saturn Shaped UFOs hovering in the sky. This can possibility be of these crafts? mufon cms#86858

Oblong Shape UFO Sighting bright as sun slowly drifts then accelerates

September 22, 2017

New York UFO Sauce Shape UFO Photo

UFO Sighting occurred on September 22 2017 over Medina Ohio: Sitting at table, noticed bright UFO Sighting against blue sky moving very slowly, in the north west, probably moving west. Size of aspirin at arm's length. Quickly got 7x35 binoculars and observed extremely bright oblong shape, airplane like UFO with two bumps at each end. Assumed it to be a plane but the motion was extremely slow. No visible wings, no contrail, no sound, no rotors. No discernible markings anywhere. NO RUNNING LIGHTS. NO BLINKING LIGHTS. Though perhaps it was an old Huey helicopter with the rotors at each end, but the shape wasn't quite right and there was no evidence rotors were at work. UFO probably lit by rising sun, highly reflective. Moved as slow as a helicopter but no ground thumping roar. We have military helicopters flying around here frequently and their noise footprint is always loud and rumbling, unmistakable. UFO Sighting moved slowly to the east as I observed it first in clear sky, then moving behind trees, they clearly visible. UFO turned north heading just east of Medina city and accelerated at a rapid pace, during which the shape changed to a flat "U" shape. I watched as it went out of sight over roof tops. At no time were any wings visible. UFO seemed to have a tail but nothing like I have seen before, rather organic in appearance rather than the angular shape of a plane's stabilizer. The view through binoculars was very clear. No thought to video it for some reason. mufon cms#86820 

Latest UFO Sightings Hundreds of UFOs reported over New Jersey

September 21, 2017

UFO Sighting Multiple Shaped UFOs NJ

UFO Sighting occurred on September 18 2017 over Princeton Trenton NJ I went for a walk around 9 pm when I saw a UFO in the distant night's sky getting closer. UFO Sighting was large with blinking red and white lights. As I continued my walk, I noticed more UFOs approaching from behind me. They were of various shapes and sizes, and their lights were all different colors. No two looked identical, except for the larger UFOs which looked similar in size and shape. These UFOs were flying at different speeds and different distances from me. Before I knew it, within a matter of a half hour, hundreds of UFOs were Sighted in the night sky. Some were orb-like, others looked like twinkling stars in the distance, and only a few other were gray/black larger kite-shaped vehicles with blinking lights some white, some white, red and green, others red and white, as well as green and white. I noticed only one UFO of hundreds emitting a cloud trail. Upon turning around and returning home, I noticed their flying pattern seemed to be in a cyclical rotation spanning for miles above. Some were flying and hovering in clusters while others were independent. Some ascended and descended while others moved at such a slow speed, they didn't seem to be flying at all. I was unable to capture any of these UFOs with my phone. Once I returned home, I caught some with my laptop; however, the pictures do the experience no justice. Within an hour, airplanes also appeared. There were at least four planes over the approximate scene right above my head. There were hundreds of strange aircrafts!!! mufon cms#86820 

UFO Sighting Reported Black Almond Shape UFO Photo Bayonne Jersey 9-13-17

September 21, 2017

UFO Sighting Reported Black Almond Shape UFO Photo Bayonne Jersey 9-13-17

UFO Sighting occurred at 8:20 AM on September 13 over Bayonne NJ. U.S. I was traveling (to work) eastbound on the Newark bay extension bridge. When I reached the bottom of the bridge (right adjacent to Marist High School) I noticed an UFO Sighting that looked like an ink colored oval/disk shaped UFO fly across my path from south to north. I originally thought it was a balloon due to the fact it had that type of movement, it may have been tumbling slowly while it remained in a continuous flight path. It was very hard to tell how big it was and how high it was. I grabbed my phone stuck my arm out the window and snapped 2 holy Mary's shots. That being said, as soon as I saw it, despite the fact I said to myself it looked like it moved like s balloon, this UFO looked very very strange to me and I've never seen anything like it before. I've lived across the bay from Newark air port my whole childhood so I know so the sky in that area,and its filled with planes and I know what they look like as well as helicopters. I'll admit I am kind of a UFO enthusiast (if that includes watching UFO shows in TV) but I'm not inclined to be fanciful. So, though it moved in a balloon like way the shape color and location of this UFO Sighting was very unusual and doesn't make any sense, I took 2 pictures, the second 2 are ones I blew up with my phones zoom. mufon cms# 86812

Latest UFO Sighting Video Reported 9/16/17 Schomberg Ontario CA

September 20, 2017

Latest UFO Sighting Video reported over Schomberg ON CA 91617

Latest UFO Sighting occurred on Saturday September 16, 2017 over Schomberg Ontario CA, I was driving back to the city from a fishing trip with my father when I saw 3 columns containing 2 UFO Sightings each, hovering on the west side of the road, at the corner of hwy 27 and hwy 9 in Schomberg, Ontario. It was dark out already at approximately 7:30 pm. At first, my father thought the UFO lights might be part of towers, until they started to move around. I quickly pulled over and got my cell phone camera out. The UFOs began dancing around before I could get out of the car, and then they unfortunately flew away high above us and disappeared over the parking lot we were in. Luckily, 4 more UFOs started to fly towards us 2 at a time, and hovered around for a few minutes. I was able to get some digital video footage. What we saw in person was glowing orange UFO lights. What we see in the video footage is white dots. However, if you zoom in on the video, you can clearly see flashing lights of red and blue. At the same time I snapped a few photos. You can barely see the white dots in the photos, but if you zoom in, on two of the photos, you can clearly see disk shaped UFOs. Those 4 UFOs also disappeared straight up into the sky. We waited for another 5 minutes and 1 more showed up just passing over us from the south west. That was the last one. In total we saw 6 orange glowing UFO at first in 3 columns of 2 each, and then 5 others. 4 of those came 2 at a time and then 1 final UFO
mufon cms# 86780 Latest UFO Sighting Video from Schomberg Ontario CA Here

Latest UFO Sighting reported flat hexagon shape UFO with an orange glow over New York

September 19, 2017

hexagon shaped UFO Sighting reported Stanfordville NY 9-18-17

Latest UFO Sighting occurred on 9/18/17 & reads as follows: I was coming home my normal route from work, Salt Point Turnpike in Stanfordville in Dutchess County New York, which is in the Mid-Hudson Valley. It was approximately 21:45-21:50 I was near the intersection of Market Lane, which is on a curve in the roadway, I noticed a sort of orange "glow" in the sky, maybe 30% above the horizon in the Southeast. I could not be sure if it was a planet or a plane, but as I rounded the corner and moved toward it, I could see it was neither as it appeared to be moving toward me as I moved toward it. UFO appear to be hovering, but it was hard to tell its movements other than it looked larger as I got closer. By this time I was on a straightaway and, because of numerous deer in the area, I slowed down and was able to keep an eye on the UFO Sighting as I traveled the road. I took notice of the fact that the UFO appeared to be a glowing flat hexagon shape that looked to be, for lack of a better description, on fire, and it was quite large. I was able to keep it in site until I hit a tree line and could no longer see it. As I cleared the tree line, possibly no more than 5-10 seconds later, I looked to where the UFO should have been and could not find it. I slowed and scanned the whole area in every direction and there was nothing to be found. It seemed to have vanished completely. I have had previous UFO sightings of unexplained craft before, and I guess I live in an area that is prone to unexplained UFOs being spotted, The Mid-Hudson valley. I have always been more curious than afraid, And I felt that way when I saw this UFO, no fear just curiosity. mufon cms# 86780

Mattawa Ontario CA. Balloon Shaped UFO Sighting Video Report Here

September 18, 2017

Mattawa Ontario CA Balloon shaped UFO sighting Photo report

UFO Sighting occurred over Mattawa Ontario CA on Saturday, September 1, 2017, on our farm, we had what we believed were Altostratus clouds overhead around noon, but it was mostly clear, hot sunny day. They typically range in altitude between 6000 and 20000 feet (thats nearly 4 miles up). The wife and I were doing our normal yard work. I was driving my small tractor across an open space, and happened to look up, saw this white dot in the sky which was not something I normally see. This UFO Sighting was in and out of the clouds. It was like a traditional shaped parachute with nothing hanging from it. We watched this UFO for a few minutes then I went and got the camera, our binoculars, and later my small telescope. UFO was not any aircraft that I am familiar with, (I am a plane buff of sorts) nor was it a hot air balloon which we thought of also, it was not descending or ascending at all, drifting slowly eastward, no visible payload of any kind, and these three struts that went from a central hub to three points on the edges of the circle. With the telescope you could see that these were horizontal, not hanging down beneath the dome. We watched this UFO "float" over our farm property for almost 30 minutes, after which it disappeared above the clouds, drifting eastward. 

I have noted that someone in a community in Quebec also saw something very similar on the same day and have reported it here on MUFON, just later in the afternoon or early evening, I am convinced they are describing the same UFO Sighting. They said they saw the struts like a peace sign, I would say you could trace an equilateral triangle over the ends of the lines, so not quite like a peace sign. I have pictures and shaky video, which I am sharing. 

We are about 250km west from those folks in Quebec, on the north side of Algonquin Park, in a nearly parallel latitude. We also observed normal commercial aircraft in the same general airspace several times during the experience. They did not appear to react to the UFO, no change of course, etc. 

We figured this is some sort of high altitude weather device, have reached out to Environment Canada and are awaiting a response. We were a little excited about the experience, especially today, noting that someone else saw it too. We are semi-skeptical about UFOs, but not ruling it out. Mattawa Ontario CA. Balloon Shaped UFO Sighting Video Here   mufon cms# 86748

12 Of Most Baffling Early UFO Sightings

September 17, 2017
12 most baffling UFO Sightings ever
We all know that UFOs are real. All we need to ask is where do they come from. Astronaut Edgar D. Mitchell, after his Apollo 14 Moon flight in 1971 UFO sightings is not something that has recently started happening. It is as much a thing of the past as is the present.    12 Of Most Baffling Early UFO Sightings

Wilsthorpe UFO Sighting Incident There were allegedly 30 to 40 UFOs over the sea

September 16, 2017

Wilsthorpe UFO Sighting Incident There were allegedly 30 to 40 UFOs over the sea

UFO Sighting reported "Mr Sinclair said "something told her to go outside" before she opened the front door and looked out to sea where she was amazed to see several glowing UFOs above the coast. Mr Sinclair described her UFO Sighting as 15-feet long and eight-feet wide "spaceships over the sea". She said there was a huge circle of boomerang-shaped "UFO"craft. She said there were loads - 30 to 40 and the sea below was bubbling, banging and crashing. They were silent, but there was electricity going into the sea. But, she told me she was not frightened and knew she was never going to see anything like it again in her life. She stayed for around half and hour before the UFOs began to "lift out of the circle in pairs at a 45 degree angle until just two were left which shot off straight up." Continue to read Wilsthorpe UFO Sighting Incident Here  source Frank Stalter

Cylinder UFO Sighting Reported Stunning Radiant Silver Absolutely Silent Bishop CA

September 16, 2017

Lake Lamarke Bishop CA 9-10-17 UFO Sighting Cylinder Reported

UFO Sighting reads as follows: I was at Lower Lamarke Lake in the Sierra Mountains. I was just enjoying the scenery and resting from the three hour hike up to the lake. I saw an beautifully radiant silver UFO not too far above the craggy sawtooth peaks surrounding the lake. I watched it fly smoothly past. I kept thinking where are the wings? Where are the wings? I then realized it was absolutely silent. Commercial aircraft are not permitted to fly over this area of the Sierra Mountains. The UFO Sighting was about the size of a small commercial plane,but that is impossible. There is China Lake base not too far away. On many occasions I have seen fighter jets from the base over the Sierras, but they were never silent. My husband was concentrating on his fishing I tried to get his attention to look but couldn't make too noise, because fishermen get mad if you're loud. So he didn't hear me. As far as I know, no one else saw it There were a couple other fishermen whose backs were toward the UFO. If it were a plane I would have been able to hear it, but I heard nothing. mufon cms# 86699 UFO Sighting Reported on September 10 2017

Milton GA 9-13-17 UFO Sighting Sky Formation Reported

September 16, 2017

Milton GA UFO Sighting Sky Formation Reported 9-13-17

UFO Sighting report reads as follows: I can’t believe what I just saw! I was sleeping and in a dream, when I woke up for no apparent reason. I immediately noticed a UFO blinking light on the nightstand & as my brain tried to process what it was  I thought “what is laptop blinking?” But I remembered I had left it on the kitchen table (and I never leave it on that small nightstand anyway). Then, my eyes were drawn to the source of the light streaming through the slats of the wooden shutters that were closed almost completely but leaving a ½ inch gap at the top. I jumped out of bed and ran around the bed to get to the window, opened the top shudder and saw a roundish shaped, rotating flying UFO emitting an extremely bright, white strobe-like light. It was blinking. The UFO Sighting was rotating in a counterclockwise fashion and was traveling West to East. I was looking up through a 2nd story window at the back of the house, and it appeared to be so close, just at or above the tree line. I quickly ran to turn off the house alarm and ran outside to see if I could see it, but it was gone. When I saw this UFO through the window, it was above a clearing in the center of the backyard. To the sides and towards the back end of the yard there are tall, skinny trees. When I came back into the house, I looked at the kitchen clock to note the time, and it was 2:36 am. I don’t know how I will ever be able to go back to sleep now. I wish I didn’t have a fan on next to me so I could have heard any sounds if there were any. I got online and researched to see if anyone else living in the vicinity had seen it as well, and found this site. I decided to report this UFO Sighting because I know what I saw, and there is no other logical explanation for this. I can still see the UFO in my mind’s eye and it amazes me, but it frightens me at the same time. I was skeptical before but after witnessing this, I am a believer now. source

UFO Sighting reported Boomerang type Black UFO emerging from storm clouds Florida

September 14, 2017

UFO Sighting report 9/9/17 reads as follows: We had evacuated during Hurricane Irma to The Bonaventure Resort and Spa in Weston, Florida. At approximately 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time, we were notified of a TORNADO WARNING for our area, as we were going through a heavy outer band of the storm. I stepped onto our balcony to search the skies for threatening weather. Looking to the North, I saw a lower cloud deck, approximately 500 feet and an upper cloud deck at approximately 2000 feet, both moving a slightly different speeds. Winds were gusting over 60 mph at the time. 

Then coming from behind a cloud, I sighted a Black Boomerang Shaped UFO that was between the upper and lower cloud decks, moving in a straight line from South to North. The UFO speed seemed constant and not consistent with the speed of the clouds. At the time all local airports were closed, and hurricane hunter airplanes are not allowed to fly over populated areas during a storm, and it was much lower than any aircraft that would have been flying over. This was the first time I had ever seen something I could not explain in the skies in the light of day, I had occasionally sighted strange lights in the skies in my life, but this was during the light of the evening and so clear that it gave me a chill. 

I continued to watch the UFO Sighting for approximately 45 seconds to a minute when it was overcome by moving clouds and I lost sight of it. mufon cms# 86663

UFO Sighting Reported Saucer Shape Craft floats over apts/school tree line very low

September 14, 2017

Reno Nevada Saucer Shape UFO Sighting reported 9-12-17

UFO Sighting report reads as follows: Washoe county 9.12.17 around 6pm during thunderstorm right before it got dark. I was inside my apt and took a look to see how the thunderstorm was going through the sliding glass window. Saucer shaped UFO just above tree lines over the southern adjacent apartments on the south side of brinkby Ave. Nothing below it or above, it traveled at a casual pace from the apts, over the school, and toward lakeside lake. It was stationary looking, not spinning, and had a dozen or so ducks flying behind it. Shape of UFO was disc shaped, dark, there were orange circles that looked like lights on the side but they not glowing. The ducks we're not in any formation and seemed to just be following it. I lost sight of the UFO Sighting as it went north east behind the other apartments west of lakeside. mufon cms# 86670

A definite Sighting of a UFO not anything man made here on earth in broad daylight

September 13, 2017

UFO Sighting Saucer shape reported Pembroke Dock GB 9-11-17

UFO Sighting report reads as follows: My Girlfriend and I where walking the dog on a quiet Sunday evening. On top of a local hillside, that is a golf course. Noticed the UFO Sighting in my peripheral vision, due to the sun reflecting and glinting off it. As the UFO Sighting approached from the SE. I thought how strange as not like any plane or helicopter? I have seen many types of aircraft. Also read lots of books on aircraft. Nothing at all like this. 

The UFO was silver and reflective. Like dull chrome or brushed aluminium. Egg shaped. It was quite large. 30 to 40 feet across. It was traveling in a straight line quite fast into the wind. Which was very constant and strong at ground level. 30mph straight in off the sea in a SW direction. The UFO Sighting was at about 1000 feet up. So wind would be far stronger at that altitude. It was traveling at about 3 or 4 times the top speed of a helicopter. 

I had a view for at least 20 seconds. My girlfriend for about 15 seconds as I had seen it first. It passed in front of us both. We where both totally focused on it and stunned. It was silent and left no vapour trail. It was illuminated, as the sun was shining directly on it. As if it was in a spotlight This enabled details to be seen. There where clearly a constant band of square or oblong windows with ribs or frames between them. Or may have also been vents? These where in a belt around the centre of the craft. These appeared not to be so reflective as the body of the craft. The body of the craft was totally sleek and smooth. 

The UFO headed straight for a huge cloud mass which was a bit grey as if a shower cloud. It entered the cloud purposely, as if they knew they where exposed and on full view from the ground. We both scanned constantly around the edges of the cloud mass also tried to see another glimpse though the cloud. The cloud was breaking up due to the high winds and the fact the day was one of big areas of blue sky with big fast moving fluffy clouds. When the cloud started to fragment. The craft had completely disappeared??? 

We could only ascertain that they had used the cloud as cover in order to gain altitude into the stratosphere and beyond? We both then discussed and confirmed what each other had seen. We also looked around the area for other witnesses. However there was nobody around until at least five minutes after. Another couple out walking. 

We told them what we had just seen. They had not seen anything and thought we where a bit crazy. We did not care as we where both 100% sure of what it was we had seen. NOT what we thought we had seen? We would both without hesitation would testify on under oath in a court of law to it. We both felt excited, privileged, a little bit unsettled. Later, we both felt it was a life changing event. As it changed our believes and understanding of what we thought we knew for sure. 

It has opened up or minds. It has also allowed us to discuss all the possibilities that this raises. Of us not being the only ones in the cosmos. Also there are beings far more advanced than us, visiting our planet watching us. We are unable to do anything like. It makes our space exploration look pathetic. We have not even explored our front doorstep in comparison. 

The reason I have reported this on here also on another site called UFO Clearinghouse? The post has also appeared on Facebook? Is surly somebody else locally had seen this? As the UFO would have had to pass over a small neighbouring town called Pembroke. It would be nice to have this sighting corroborated. 

I have reported this quickly and accurately while all details a fresh in our minds. I have not reported anything like this before? I have not really believed or give this any real thought before this happened. I am not a person who sees ghosts or believes in paranormal stuff. I have absolutely NO reason to hoax, or want publicity or get any financial gain from this, I just felt I had to share a such a mind blowing encounter. mufon cms# 86634 UFO Sighting occurred over Pembroke Dock GR on Sept.11th 2017

Silver Colored Saucer Shaped UFO Sighting reported 9-11-17 WA US

September 12, 2017

Silver Colored Saucer Shaped UFO Sighting reported WA US 9-11-17

UFO Sighting report reads as follows: I was stargazing [in a rural community in the approximate middle of mason county] at about 8:45PM, in a northerly direction, when in the eastern sky at about 40 degrees elevation above the horizon, I noticed an UFO Sighting in the sky moving at a relatively fast pace, faster than any terrestrial aircraft I've seen [other than fighter jets in pursuit of something], at an elevation higher than I've seen commercial aircraft fly. this UFO was Roughly Round, Glowing Silvery-White but with no functional lighting on it that a terrestrial aircraft would have, and it generated no sound. it was moving in a northerly direction, and after about a minute it changed direction 90 degrees to its left, the direction change took about 10 seconds. UFO stayed in this new orientation bearing northwest, for about 30 seconds, then swung back to its right, in a north direction, taking about 10 seconds to change direction. at its height, it was at an approx. 70 degree angle relative to the ground, before disappearing near the horizon behind some trees. at the same time, a regular propeller aircraft with its red lights visible, flew underneath of it at an estimated relative distance [underneath the "UFO"] of at least a mile, flying to the northeast. the sky was clear and relatively free of smog, on the far end of twilight. since I live in a rural area, of course there were tall trees I had to steer around to maintain my view of the sky UFOs. until I lost the UFO Sighting behind some of the aforementioned tall trees at the horizon, I followed the sky UFOs with a pair of 7X binoculars, and found the UFOs just noticeable with the naked eye. I thought to myself that this sky UFO [NOT the airplane] didn't behave like a satellite nor did it behave like any terrestrial aircraft i'd seen up to this point. i'm guessing the whole thing took no more than 3 minutes, start to finish. mufon cms# 86621

Glowing Egg Shaped UFO Sighting with Flashing Lights Reported

September 10, 2017

Elliptical UFO Sightings over Billings Montana 9-7-17

UFO Sighting reported 9/7/2017 over west end Billings, MT, at 10:00 P.M. until 11:00 P.M. UFO was egg shaped, glowing grey-blue, with flashing lights (red, blue, green). UFO had ring of small white lights around circumference in 3 bands. UFO hovered in place for close to 30 minutes, then slowly moved west and north out of site. UFO Sighting was observed with naked eye, but required spotting scope to see details mentioned above. Skies were clear with a little smoke caused by fires in Montana. source

Philly Airport UFO Sighting reported at least Ten Glowing Hovering UFOs

September 10, 2017

thirteen bright unidentified flying objects reported Prospect Park PA 9_9_17

UFO Sighting report reads as follows: My husband and 2 kids were driving home after a Saturday family outing on interstate 95 just south of Philadelphia (1 exit from the airport) heading north. Once we reached an area where there are 4 lanes and a lake to our left, we saw approx. 8-13 unfamiliar glowing UFOs hovering and not moving. Ive lived 1 mile from the airport my entire life and never witnessed anything like this. As we continued driving and reached what felt like directly underneath them, that is to say we could no longer look straight ahead but straight up, they began moving in different directions which to me felt like all over the place but both myself and Husband witnessed one merge with plane that had just recently taken off. From our distance we are unable to make any claims but will say that from our viewpoint it appeared to approach a newly ascending plane and then it appeared the 2 UFOs were then 1 and remained that way until out of site. I also felt that the plane stopped ascending once the UFO reached it. We took the exit as we lived less then 1 mile away and watched them flying around the whole way home. We saw 2-3 more then they were no longer visible. mufon cms# 86580 UFO Sighting occurred on 9/9/17 over Prospect Park PA U.S.

Westminster CA U.S. Occupied Four Dimensional UFO Sighting in bedroom

September 9, 2017

Westminster CA U.S. UFO Sighting in my room see report

UFO Sighting occurred on Jan 1st 1980: I was awoken from sleep and saw a ufo slowly floating just beneath the ceiling, alongside the wall. It looked like it was made of etheric yet brilliant transparent white light, and this UFO was very complex in structure. It reminded me of an upside down chandelier the size of a football, and it was undulating fluidly and gracefully in four dimensions (at least), all the while maintaining a very formidable material and architectural integrity. In other words, this UFO danced organically with a structural logic that was incredibly complex. Though I had no background in geometry nor interest in multi-dimensionality at the time, I understood then that what I was seeing existed in four or more dimensions. 

I was scared and turned on my bedroom lights, thinking this UFO would go away like a bad dream. It didn't. It still emitted the same light and moved alongside the wall at the same pace. Somehow I knew without thinking that its size appearance was small and big at the same time. It looked small. I also knew that it was also big as a football field, or maybe even a city block. And inside this UFO it was occupied by beings who were observing me as well, like a tour bus. They were intelligent and seemed clinically dispassionate. They might have been forty or a hundred beings aboard this light vehicle. I actually didn't see who was occupying the UFO. I sensed them in a knowing way, like telepathy or exact and precise intuition. 

Though I was frightened by what seemed like their cold objectivity, I didn't feel threatened. If I recall, this visit was accompanied by a high pitched hum, almost beyond normal everyday human hearing. After I turned the bedroom light on and watched it continue its slow path, I think I ducked under the covers as it came close to the corner of my bedroom. I think I was still a child or preteen when this happened. I thought about running to my parents room, but that would mean nearly going under them, and I was too scared and transfixed to do that. 

The UFO Sighting encounter was one of the most beautiful (and perhaps spiritual) things I've ever seen in my life. Unfortunately I can't draw it. It was too complex and beautiful, and I still haven't seen anything like it. Maybe it's more like a mathematical formula or quantum equation or cosmic symphony instrument. 

I recently watched the restored anniversary version of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and I felt like crying. Because I was reminded that space, even here on Earth, is probably densely inhabited by many unseen beings and things. We're just too arrogant most of the time to acknowledge that we are just part of a whole. mufon cms# 86563 

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