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Stanton Friedman Retires 50 yrs UFOlogy

Stanton Friedman Retires UFOlogy 2018

Open Minds UFO Radio: After more than 50 years of researching and publicly speaking about UFOs, former nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman is doing his victory lap. After a historic career conducting over 700 lectures, writing six books, and countless media interviews, Stanton is retiring from Ufology. To honor Stanton’s work and learn from his unique experience, Open minds UFO Radio will conduct several interviews with him over the next few months. In this interview, we talk about how Stanton got started becoming the face of ufology. 

UFO Sightings Documenting The Evidence Military Police UFO encounter

UFOs Documenting The Evidence

A little-known 1973 UFO Sighting case involving the US Army. This UFO Sighting encounter occurred near Savannah, Georgia, at the big old Hunter Army Airfield. The 298th Military Police Company were guarding the base (which was almost inactive) at the time. On September the 8th two MP's (MP Bart Burns and Randy MP Shade) appear to have endured a long-duration, close-up-and-personal UFO Sighting encounter while patrolling the base runways. Weather was cloudy. Other witnesses, in the local community, also reported unknown aerial activity to local police stations. There were two local police officers from Chatham County Police Dept who were witnesses as well, which verified the incoming calls.At Hunter, the two MP's regathered themselves and filed a Military Police Report (MPR) with the local Provost Marshall's Office. Then they filed a more robust Serious Incident Report to Army Headquarters in Washington DC, with an Info-Only copy sent to Army Forces Command at Fort McPherson. Newspaper reporters managed to interview the MP's soon after the event, which is vital, as we know.Freedom of Information (FOI) aggressor Robert Todd saw that a copy of the Serious Incident Report was released to him by the Army in 1975. This type of Army report is yet another channel that has been used to report UFOs by the US military. I have now learned that dozens of unknown, unseen Serious Incident Reports have been filed after significant UFO Sightings events over the years.
UFO Dives at Military Police Officers, and a US Army "Serious Incident Report During the early hours...UFOs - Documenting The Evidence

MSN NEWS UFO Sighting reported Australian Film Crew 2018

MSN UFO NEWS, March 14, 2018

Fascinating TV report and footage, caught by an Australian film crew. Wikipedia: "Kaikoura is a town on the east coast of the South Island of New Zealand. It is located on State Highway 1,180 km north of Christchurch.""Journalist Quentin Fogarty said they were transfixed by the mysterious lights, some of which were the size of a house."We saw this string of "UFO" lights, it started as a small pinpoint of light then grew into this large pulsating globe with tinges of orange and red," he said"I'am sitting there transfixed - we were told after it was about the size of a house."The "UFOs" even appeared on radar, further confusing air traffic staff.The Muldoon Government said it was squid boats, the moonlight bouncing off cabbages or Venus rising but those who were there are not convinced."Come on, radar returns from a field of cabbages? Squid boats doing 180 knots at 14,000 feet?" said Mr. Cordy."Wikipedia: "Kaikoura is a town on the east coast of the South Island of New Zealand. It is located on State Highway 1,180 km north of Christchurch.Journalist Quentin Fogarty said they were transfixed by the mysterious lights, some of which were the size of a house."We saw this string of lights, it started as a small pinpoint of light then grew into this large pulsating globe with tinges of orange and red,he said."I'm sitting there transfixed we were told after it was about the size of a house."A still from video of the mysterious lights shows an odd shape.© Image - supplied; Video The Project A still from video of the mysterious lights shows an odd shape.The UFO Sightings even appeared on radar, further confusing air traffic staff.The Muldoon Government said it was squid boats, the moonlight bouncing off cabbages or Venus rising but those who were there are not convinced.Come on, radar returns from a field of cabbages? Squid boats doing 180 knots at 14,000 feet?" said Mr. Cordy." credit Stig Agermose/ MSN News Kaikoura UFO 40 yr. mystery video link here

Rooftop UFO Sighting of Strange Object in Trujillo Peru

Rooftop UFO Sighting of Strange Object in Trujillo Peru 2018

On the one hand there are those who state it is a drone or some similar device. On the other, we have those who are certain that it is a UFO.

You will notice that in spite of being daytime, the UFO Sighting is readily identifiable. Furthermore, it has an intense reddish glow. source http://inexplicata.blogspot.com/

FOX NEWS Military UFO Sighting Radar Video March 11, 2018

Correction: TTS put out two videos last year 2017

"The "UFO" video was shot off the East Coast in 2015. To the Stars Academy did not say how it obtained the declassified footage, but said others could obtain it through a Freedom of Information Act request.

Three videos showing similar incidents became public last year in reports of $22 million in Pentagon spending on UFO research."

UFO Sighting military encounter video 2015
Newly-released video of a mysterious object streaking over the Atlantic Ocean shows the Pentagon needs to take UFOs seriously, a researcher says.Military encounter with UFO revealed in 2015 footage   FOXNEWS.COM

Huge linear spot lights blinking on side of UFO Sighting Colorado City CO

Colorado City CO 3-1-18 Large UFO Lights

UFO Sighting seemed linear in shape, huge spot lights going down side, lights would appear then go off and re-appear in different area Colorado City CO 3/1/18. Very large UFO Sighting and no noise coming from if. It flew right over my house then hovered in the valley north of my house. It was almost stealth in motion. There was only one UFO.It was a full moon out and you could see the whole valley light in daytime, but could not actually see the UFO, I could only speculate it was linear because of way lights were going down side of it! I live in the country and big open space in backyard, we were in hot tub when my girlfriend saw it over neighbors house! The light were huge Amber color! There were posts all over community Face Book of what people saw, and also videos posted on Face Book. My girlfriend filmed it for 6 min on smart phone, people reported seeing same lights in Pueblo West, 25 miles north from me! source nuforc.org

15 amber colored UFO lights flew in formation Twin Falls Idaho

UFO Flying Orbs

After just turning eastbound on Idaho 74 from Mt. Olympus Way on March 6th 2018, I witnessed an awesome display of fourteen or fifteen diamond shaped "UFO" lights. The "UFO" lights were amber in color and were slowly rising into the night sky, climbing out over the fields, heading towards the southeast.These "UFO" Lights were grouped into a loose formation, several in front, a large group in the middle, followed by several in the rear. I watched the formation from the driver’s seat of the truck. They could not have been more than 3,000 feet in front of me, and 300 feet or less in altitude and climbing. I’d say they were all about the same size, fifteen or so feet in the middle and a little higher length-wise. Many of them were a translucent amber color in the midsection, tapering to a hazy brighter white color at the edges. In all my years driving 74, hauling scrap from the shop, I have never seen anything like them. Watching this UFO Sighting drift away, it was as if I had startled them. All of a sudden, they were just there, like they had just risen from the ground.

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))

UFO Highway the 37th Parallel

UFO Sightings Highway 37th Parallel
Brother and sister UFO Sightings hunter team discover 37th parallel Books have been written about it. Television shows and movies bring the lights and bright pictures to the…OMGNEWS.TODAY  Sibling UFO Hunters Discover The UFO Highway 37th Parallel - OMG News Today  credit Fabian Nirman

Government Documents Reveal Canadian Obsession with UFO Sightings

Canadian Government UFO Sightings Documents 1967

"A collection of Canadian UFO documents from 1967 found in the national archives give us a hint into just how seriously the government used to take UFO sightings.

The documents outline how the Canadian government investigated UFOs a process that most likely lasted for years afterwards and breaks down six cases that are “of interest” to the government in detail. The investigations include a man burned by a UFO in Manitoba, some incredibly weird radar sightings by the Department of Defense, an RCMP officer in Nova Scotia who watched a UFO Sighting dive below the water and disappear, and a crop circle found in Alberta that was the first investigated by a government. The UFO documents were found in the national archive by Chris Rutkowski a man that could probably be best described as Canada’s Fox Mulder and recently posted to his Ufology Blog. Rutowski routinely goes through Canada’s national archives looking for things like this and described the find as “a gem.” "What we do have in here is rather interesting reports from qualified personnel and qualified sources and investigated by qualified investigators and still there is no explanation," Rutkowski told VICE. "What that tells me is that the UFO Sightings phenomena was taking quite seriously by them indeed." While the government has some of  UFO research readily available on line in a database it is still relatively unknown especially among the general public—how they actually investigated cases and what the bureaucracy was like. This, Rutkowski says, might be “our best snapshot” into this process. "This is certainly an interesting snapshot because it does show what was happening before and how it was going to move forward and I think it set the stage for how the Canadian military and government were looking at UFOs from that point onward,” said Rutkowski." credit Stig Agermose

Apollo Luna Missions collected rocks and other geological samples

Apollo Luna Missions
"Samples were intentionally saved for a time when technology and instrumentation had advanced to the point that we could maximize the scientific return on these unique samples," said Ryan Zeigler, Apollo sample curator, and Manager of the Astro-materials Acquisition and Curation Office of the Astro-materials Research and Exploration Science (ARES) Division at the Johnson Space Center, one of the scientists advocating for the opening of the samples. "Given the recent renewed interest in the moon, and specifically about the volatile budget of Lunar Regolith, these sealed samples likely contain information that would be important in the design of future lunar missions." What's Inside NASA's Sealed Apollo-Mission Moon Boxes? --"May Solve NASA's Biggest Mysteries"In 1969, astronauts aboard the Apollo missions collected rocks and other geological samples from the surface of the moon, sealed them in special containers, and…DAILYGALAXY.COM..credit Frank Stalter

Mysterious UFO Sighting of a TR-3B video

Mysterious UFO Sighting of TR-3B

Moving from left to right, the UFO Sighting appears to be flying backwards. As the video zooms in on this UFO phenomenon, it seems to reveal a triangular-shaped craft "UFO", with three lights on each point. The footage was uploaded to YouTube channel UFO Today and has quickly gained popularity after only being posted ...https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/weird-news/686333/Alien-news-US-secret-project-TR-3B-Black-Manta-UFO-spotted-using-reverse-technology-video

How The Government Secretly Track's UFOs


UFO News March 2018:"According to unclassified UFO documents, the government quietly spent nearly $22 million over about four years on a project dubbed the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program (AATIP). Stuff  They Don't Want You To Know wanted to find out more and invited ufologist Jeremy Corbell in with them to chat on the pod-cast How the Government Secretly Tracked UFOs and also talk about what AATIP did and didn't find." credit Stig Agermose

UFO Sighting seemed to have been hovering in the dark 2/26/18 Glean Cove New York

purple light UFO sighting Glen Cove NY 2018

We were standing by my car in front of friend's house at 9 pm talking about getting together again. We began to face South West as we talked when this UFO suddenly turned on its light. It looked like a bright purple globe. It seemed to have been hovering at 1500 feet or more, then turned on its light and flew about two miles North at lightening speed. We wondered if it had been there spying on us. I felt a bit of an ache in my eyes and in my head as I stared at it. I am not sure why. The UFO sighting was spherical and had a bright purple glow. As soon as it's light turned on and became visible, it flew at lightning speed about 2 miles from South to North and then it shut its light off and vanished. UFO Sighting seemed to curl as if making a turn to go back South or go West, but once the lights were completely off we could not see if it was still there hovering. We were feeling shocked but not scared by what we saw and began to laugh a bit nervously. I asked my friend "Did you see that? She said Yes, I was going to ask you if it was a shooting star. I answered It was purple. The stars are white, and it was bigger than the stars and faster than a plane or helicopter. I think we saw a UFO she said that's what I saw too. I said to her, I am glad you saw it or I would have thought I was loosing my mind had I been alone. We knew it was not a shooting star, nor a plane or helicopter, because the UFO sighting moved a long distance at speed we have never seen air crafts fly in the air before. I live near JFK Airport and know the speed of a planes as they fly over our house. mufon cms# 90532

UFO News TR-3B has the ASTRA code name

Alleged TR3B Patent Application

This type of craft has been widely reported worldwide as a UFO for decades.

First appearing in the early Eighties during a UFO Sighting wave over Belgian Germany continuing to the present day. This alleged U.S. patent suggests that the Black Triangle UFO Sightings are not extraterrestrial but back engineered Military craft. TR-3B has the ASTRA code name. The first operational tactical recognition flight was in the early 1990s. The triangular aerospace nuclear platform was under the Top Secret and was developed in the AURORA Program money from the U.S. “Black Budget”. credit Chiriac Nicolae

The world of UFO Hunter J. Allen Hynek

AHAM RADIO NETWORK, UFO News February 26, 2018

"Join Supernatural Girlz for another NEW show with author Mark O’Connell as he brings us into the world of J. Allen Hynek. After years of debunking UFOs Hynek made a shocking statement: UFOs are real. Thirty years after his death, Hynek’s transformation from skeptic to true believer remains one of the great misunderstood stories of science. Author Mark O’Connell reveals how Hynek’s work as a celebrated astronomer and as the Air Force’s go-to UFO expert for 20 years stretched the boundaries of modern science, laid the groundwork for the possibility of UFOs and was the basis of the film, Close Encounters of the Third Kind." The Close Encounters Man: How One Man Made the World believe in UFOs Join Supernatural Girlz for another NEW show with author Mark O'Connell as he brings us into the world of J. Allen Hynek. After years of debunking UFOs Hynek…BLOGTALKRADIO.COM credit Stig Agermose

UFO News Nixon UFO Disclosure Discussion

Dark Journalist UFO ET Disscusion

UFO News Feb 25th 2018: Nothing has really happened since December 16. Elizondo has said several times that the American public will have to push its representatives in Washington if it wants more information released. That implies that it is a political decision, so at least a big part of TTS's material must be classified. Maybe their main agenda right now is political. NIXON UFO DISCLOSURE: HOLLOMAN & HALDEMAN MYSTERY! DARK JOURNALIST  This was streamed live on February 23: "In this Special Live Episode Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt will explore the strange connections between recent attempts at faux UFO Disclosure by Senator Harry Reid and covert intelligence assets juxtaposed to early efforts by the Nixon Administration to fund a documentary film by a friend of Nixon's Chief of Staff Bob Haldeman named Bob Emenegger about a mysterious craft landing at Holloman Air Force Base to bring the UFO issue to the public in the 1970s. Planet X- He also looks at the history of Planet X research that is being validated by NASA under the name 'Planet Nine' and the Nibiru theory popularized by Scholar Zechariah Sitchin. He also examines the latest Revelations of Nixon's ET Time Capsule at the White House will Rock the Official Story and Change History!"
credit Stig Agermose

UFO News Nixon's UFO ET Time Capsule

Coast to Coast UFO ET Archive
UFO News: Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe presents an in-depth discussion about a reported "time capsule" letter handwritten by President Richard Nixon disclosing a "message to the American people about UFOs and ETs..Nixon's ET Time Capsule - Shows - Coast to Coast AM  Robert Merritt, who worked with Nixon, is coping with an incurable cancer and wants to make sure the time capsule is revealed before his death. credit Stig Agermose

Cylinder Shape UFO Sighting reported 2/21/18 N.Chesterfield VA

North Chesterfield VA 2018 Cigar shape UFO Sighting reported

On the evening of February 21, 2018, I was standing on my apartment balcony, looking at the constellation, Cassiopeia. The sky was absolutely clear with no cloud cover. It was fairly dark with some moonlight. Very close in proximity to the area where the constellation is, I saw a translucent, very feint bluish white light that was shaped like a very narrow, cylindrical UFO Sighting moving extremely fast from south, over my apartment building, to North, until it disappears into the horizon. I could see it fly continuously in an absolute straight line, at a very constant speed,until It went so far that I couldn't see it anymore. It made no sound. Nothing odd, with electricity or animal behavior happened. It was maybe 15-20 seconds, from me seeing it, until it disappears into the horizon, on it's straight path. I was absolutely astounded at what I had seen, because it was unlike anything that I has seen before. The object, itself, looked almost like a bluish white Laser light. There was no physical structure seen but there was a perfect shape to the UFO itself. It was perfectly shaped like a very skinny cigar. It seemed to be fairly low because it wasn't at a high degree in the sky. I have a tree line, about 2 football fields in front of my building and it was, to my eyes, about 10-20 degrees above the tree line, when it disappears into the horizon. This UFO Sighting was so perfectly shaped, light, that It had to have been a planned or constructed UFO. It moved at one constant speed, with no variation and went dead straight. The color was such that if you hadn't been looking at the exact spot of where it was, you would have never seen it! It appeared to blend in with the sky, with the lightest translucent color that you could see. UFO Sighting was moving so fast that, again, unless you were looking, just a little off, you would have missed it or passed it off as a flash. I was fortunate enough to see it from my building and followed it with my eyes, until it went so far that I couldn't see it anymore. The size must have been pretty big, because it was much much longer than any plane in the sky or width of a nearby building, across from me. The night was super clear, so I'm not experienced at determining height in the sky. It did look to be 10-20 degrees above a tree line, but could have been quite high due to my inexperienced eye. What struck me so odd was the perfect shape of this translucent light it had a beginning and end. Also, the pathway that it was on was absolutely straight, fast and looked to be intentional versus a falling star that's a little imperfect. After my initial awe, I had the thought that whatever this was, blended in the night sky so we'll, that it was meant not to be seen, or was " blending in". It was moving so fast, on it's straight path, that it would certainly have been missed if you just glanced up. I was, unfortunate enough, to have caught site of a moving UFO in my site, and was able to follow it until it disappeared. I have seen many odd things in the skies above this area, but this was just plain bizarre. I did watch it until it disappeared and waited for 10-15 minutes to see if I could see another anomaly, or see if there would be anything in the area that could possibly explain this light anomaly. I saw nothing else unusual, that evening and ran immediately to tell my elderly mother what I had just seen" this time". I have two other very odd UFO sightings that I have not reported, because I thought there were so many things seen in my area, that I may not be taken seriously. I avoid my back porch, for this reason. It makes you feel a little scared, after so many odd occurrences. Quickly, I will add two more. One evening, about three months ago, I was watching a normal airplane go across the sky from north to south east, when the plane all of a sudden had a second identical plane, just behind and below it. I actually stood in amazement thinking I was seeing a rare phenomenon of the light bouncing off of the clouds and causing a mirror effect. I thought it was really cool looking! We had low cloud cover, that evening and the plane was below the clouds. I thought I was seeing a rare mirror effect of the planes lights on the mist in the air. I watched it until it disappears around the end of my building. I had watched this plane across the sky and this happened only near the end of the  UFO sighting. I ended the evening thinking I had seen something cool, until I told my ex what I had seen and he pointed out that if it was a mirror effect, that it would have been an opposite image of the plane and not an exact image. He also pointed out that it wouldn't have been behind the plane, but under or over it! I hadn't thought about that, but scientifically, it was true. I still don't know what I saw. One last quickie. I was changing my puppies, dog pads, on my back porch that's why I'm out there in the first place most of the time, because I try to avoid going out there when a very large triangular set of extremely bright red lights came directly down the center of the field where my back patio faces! It was 5 bright red lights, in a triangle pattern one light leading the UFO. It slowly and soundlessly went West to east, not way up in the sky. It made no sound, it was constant speed and kept going slowly until I could see only the back red lights of the UFO at a distance. I ran and got my elderly mother, who also saw the tale end of it. The lights were HUGE and you could see them from a good distance because they were so bright. This was about six months ago. I don't know what's going on, in my area but I'm not a nut case! These things are really happening and I'm not sure if our government is doing something in this area, that we don't know about or is there something more to be afraid of. For now, I will change my dogs pee pee pads, on the back balcony, with my eyes shut! I would love to know if others are seeing unexplained occurrences in the skies above the Chesterfield/ Richmond Virginia area. mufon cms# 90384

Two F-15's chased white cigar-shaped UFO 2/21/18 Arizona

cigar shape UFO Photos

At approximately 2:20 pm Arizona time on 2/21/2018 I witnessed the following UFO Sighting event. Two fighter jets that appeared to be F-15's flying at about 10 k-15 k feet approached Lake Havasu City from due west. I am not a military jet expert and can not definitively identify their models. Both jets left double-wide contrails. Although they both left contrails, there were maybe a dozen instances where they stopped leaving contrails for a few seconds, or left contrails in "Morse Code"-like patterns before steady contrails resumed. Both jets had swept wings. They made some very unusual sharp turns which caused me to notice and observe them. They zig-zag in unison over a wide swath over the area for about 10 minutes, then flew back in the direction from which they came. There was something up there with them. It was a long white UFO. Compared to the jets, it was maybe 3 to 4 times as long and from my vantage point seemed to be about as wide as the fuselage. It did not leave a contrail. The jets appeared to chasing it. I only saw the white UFO briefly. I did not notice it until well into the event at which point it was about 60 degrees above the horizon north east of my vantage point. I watched it for about 15-20 seconds then knocked on our front door to get the wife to come out and see it. When I looked back in the sky I had lost track of it. The jets continued to zig-zag across the sky for maybe 5 more minutes before flying in a straight line back in the direction from which they came. 
While the jets were making their departure I talked to one of my neighbors who also observed the UFO Sighting event, but she did not see the white UFO. mufon cms# 90354

UFO Sighting over Winston Park in Kendall FL

Flying Saucers UFO

Saw a UFO hovering over the area of Winston Park in Kendall FL. 2/13/18. UFO Sighting was about 36,00 feet but was no airplane. I saw it while I was driving east towards 147 Ave for about 10 seconds. The sun was reflecting off this UFO and made it shine. I pulled over to try and take a picture but in a blink it disappeared. There were no clouds around this UFO Sighting. source nuforc.org

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