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The Anatomy of the UFO Alien ET Cover-up Exposed

The Anatomy of the UFO Alien ET Cover-up Exposed
In a masterful 90-minute Power Point presentation UFO researcher and analyst Grant Cameron dissects the significance of the John Podesta email leaks. With Grant’s extensive knowledge of ways in which the cover-up has been managed, he is able to tell the complex story of the b…

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UFO Sighting Contact Channeling Remote Viewing Hallucinogenic Contact Human Consciousness

Q36 UFO Sightings non human experience
Q36 Do you believe that you possess information about advanced technology, advanced physics, or other scientific information that you have never read or learned in your normal environment? 925, or 42% of Experiencer's that have had UFO related Contact with Non-Human Intelligence sa…

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4 bright white tilted cigar/saucer shaped UFOs over NE Philadelphia followed by 3 jets

UFO Sighting Over Philadelphia PA 11_5_16

On Saturday, November 5th, 2016 roughly some time between 5:15-5:45 PM EST, myself (driving) and another male occupant (passenger) in a moving car traveling South on Route 1 in Northeast Philadelphia witnessed 4 UFOs in the sky that appeared to have either been being chased or observed by 3 mili…

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UFO Sighting bright light over ocean Encinitas California 10/30/16

night UFO Sighting over ocean

It was October 30th 2016, during the new moon. I was in the car with my father driving along the coast on PCH in Encitintas, CA. It was around 7:45 pm, very dark outside. We were on the way home from dinner. My father was driving, we were headed south, and I was in the passenger seat looking wes…

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Latest UFO Sighting reported over Portland Oregon 11/4/16

It was about 3:40 am and I was out front of my house having a cigarette and was watching an UFO that was a white orb with blue pulsing or blinking lights at random times and what looked to be a constant red light to my SE almost above the Centennial area of Gresham Oregon. This UFO was very high up …

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UFO appears in the Gulf of Mexico off of the beach road 11/20/86

Small round black UFO

Traveling from Galveston Texas to Port Arthur Texas down a closed beach road I observed a red glowing light out in the distance south of me in the Gulf of Mexico I was traveling two of my brothers I asked them if they could see the UFO both said no I continued to scan the horizon for the UFO and…

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The Vanishing 2016

Every year, thousands of people visit our National Forests and Parks and from which some of whom inexplicably never reemerge. Tragically, this group contains numbers of young children. Some are found, some are not. The U.S. Government claims to not keep records of these disappearances. Why not?


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Latest UFO Sighting reported over Euless Texas 11/2/16

latest UFO Orb Sightings Euless Texas 11216

So I was watching game 7 of the world series last night, when I stepped outside for a smoke break during the rain out in the 10th inning. Thats when I noticed a red light flying in my direction at a speed faster than a typical plane, I knew it wasn't an airplane because it had no flashing lights…

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