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Floating Egg Shape UFO Sightings over Tucson Arizona 31916

Egg Shape UFO Sightings Tucson Arizona

On Sunday MARCH-13-2016, Between 8 AM and 10 AM, (believe it was after 8 but it's my day off so wasn't really paying attention), went for a run on my neighborhood road which allows for unobstructed Northbound vision and travel (no big trees in line of sight) for about 300 hundred yards. There were n…

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Unexplained sheep attacks caused by Aliens in UFOs farmers claim 31916

Shropshire UK UFO Alien sightings over sheep

A series of bizarre incidents involving sheep in Shropshire UK have led to farmers’ claims that UFO Aliens are attacking their livestock. Farmers near Shrewsbury claim to have witnessed sheep being “laser” by unidentified light from UFOs. They have linked the unexplained incidents, wher…

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Close up UFO Sighting Encounter Santa Clarita CA 31878

UFO Sighting reported 81378 Santa Clarita

My wife and I had a very close up UFO Sighting experience while living in Santa Clarita Valley. This occurred in 1978 but the memory lives in our minds as it were last night. We feel highly appreciative for the experience and are not afraid to openly discuss it without any intentions of financia…

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Latest UFO Sightings reported 3/17/16 Santa Cruz CA

Latest UFO Sightings Santa Cruz CA

UFO Sighting witness reports Had just returned from dinner. Got out of the car and looked up to the sky for it was a beautiful clear night and the stars were out. I noticed two UFO objects in the North, moving in a Southerly direction. They caught my eye because I had never seen those kind of lights…

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50th Anniversary of Michigan UFO Sightings Mystery 31816

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) 50 years ago this week, Michigan was a hotbed of UFO Sightings activity. Hundreds of people claimed they saw strange aircraft and lights in the sky.The government blamed it all on swamp gas but to …

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Alien Views Sedition of the Light Part One 31716

Alien Views

Odd Observations #1 by Alfred Lehmberg For years now I've been making reference to sightings of anomalous objects. 

Part I

Especially true in our westernizing civilization, we humans complacently inhabit a thin skin of poorly perceived "re…

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UFOs and End Times beliefs of the Apocalyptic 31716

UFOs and the End Times

UFOs AND “END-TIME” BELIEFS OF APOCALYPTIC CHRISTIANS: One of the main characteristics of America’s so-called Fundamentalist, Evangelical Christians, is their total support of Israel through the belief that contempora…

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What's it's like to Hallucinate Tiny People in the night 31716

Alien Tiny people

Star reporter David Bateman learns he has a syndrome related to vision loss that explains why he sees imaginary wee people in his room. It is estimated that about 1 in 20 people have had an alien abduction experience and many more who claim to have seen "tiny people" in their bedrooms at n…

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Atlantean Lost UFO Alien Gods of the Cloud People Peru 31716

Atlantis UFO Alien Gods

Atlantean Lost UFO Alien Gods of Los Pinchudos is a vital link to this lost people. Researchers don’t know who was buried here but think the tombs relate to Chachapoya ruins nearby at Granajatén. Chachapoya, the Cloud People. Although they left no written language, they did leave scores of s…

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Area 51 Scientist Boyd Bushman UFO Alien Confession Video 31516

Boyd Bushman Area 51 Scientist UFO Alien confession

Scientist, Boyd Bushman, left a shocking death bed confession about the existence of UFOs and aliens at the New Mexico compound before passing away in early August. In the video confession, Bushman shows pictures he had taken of UFOs and aliens during his time at Area 51 and shed some light on…

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Latest UFO Sightings Reported Avondale Arizona 31416

UFO Sighting Avondale Az 3/12/16

We went to the NASCAR races at Phoenix International Raceway today, Saturday 3/12/16. But we were late. Races had ended. We got there about 2:40pm and all spectators were leaving in their cars. 

So we drove around for about 15 minutes then ended up on N Dysart Rd, a couple miles south of I10…

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UFO Alien hypothesis illusion the Road Ahead 31416

UFO Alien Saucer illusion

As far as the ET hypothesis goes there is an embarrassment of evidence that UFOs are real, that a corporate/government cover-up has been conducted for decades and that this topic is dealt with at the highest level of security. As part of the cover-up academia, the media and government and corpor…

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New light Shed on Australia's Westall UFO Sightings Incident 31316

Australia Westall UFO Sighting contact
On April 6,1966, 200 students and teachers reported sighting a UFO "flying saucer" descend into a field near two schools in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The witnesses said the flying saucer UFO then ascended into the sky towards a nearby residential area into a nearb…

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UFO Contact We Need To Think Outside The Box 31116

UFO Contact

Contactees Identified as “Primes” Are 
Just the Tip of the Iceberg. Joseph Burkes MD

July 1997: In a London working class neighborhood we met. I will call him “Joe,” a pseudonym. His appearance was not what I had expected. He was a big burly guy in his early twenties. Six f…

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Canadian Huge Blue Plasma UFO Sighting UFOogist interviews witness 31016

Blue Plasma UFO Sighting Canada

mufon case 74282 Canadian Huge Blue Plasma UFO Sighting ufologist interviews witness

A extremely credible Scientist that works with highly advanced technology who is also a contractor with the Department of Defense tells about a encounter with a large UFO while on a…

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Triangle Shaped UFO Sighting Reported 3/15/78 Marshall MO US

I am now 56 years old. In 1978, my friend and I (both 18) drove to the given location, parked and began to drink a beer before going to one of the final high school parties preceeding our senior graduation. We parked right beside the lighted water tower at the given location. Only a few moments afte…

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English Women Describes her 1954 UFO Sighting experience 3716

In 1954 this Lady saw 2 Human looking Beings that were inside a UFO ship via a large glass window. In fact, our FREE Experiencer Research Study, now with more than 3,000 participants, has informed us that Human looking beings, and not the Greys, are the largest type of UFO related contact Non Human …

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UFO Sightings Experience Can Exhibit Psychic Abilities 3616

UFO Sightings Psychic Abilities

J. Burkes MD

Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise 
The cleverly produced video faking psycho-kinesis reflects our culture’s superficial fascination with psychic phenomenon.


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Interesting UFO Sightings Video Feb.14 2016 over Denmark

This interesting UFO Sighting observation was reported by 37 years old man and worked as a ships electrician.The sighting took place when he was taking a trip by boat together with a friend. Most of the time the UFO's crafts do not seem to have a solid shape and mostly resembles glowing orbs or lig…

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UFO Alien Sightings Visitors Among Us 3516

UFO Alien Sightings

We have always wondered if we were alone. UFO Alien Sightings of "visitors" have been reported for thousands of years, and for most of the modern era, we have categorized these sightings amongst "aliens", "ghosts", "demons", and others. What if by categorizing them we isolate the evidence and m…

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