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This Amazing UFO Sighting took place over two nights Palm Harbor FL.

Cylinder UFO Sightings Palm Harbor FL 9-5-16

This UFO Sighting took place over two nights over Palm Harbor FL. First night 5 UFO's were seen, two different types. The second night 1 UFO Sighting night before and a different type. September 5th and 6th, 2016 Monday, September 5th, 2016 at approx 10:15 PM-EST Walking just out front of my hom…

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UFO Sighting reported perfectly round dark orange glow UFO slowly moving above my head deep rumbling

UFO Sighting Orange Ball over Cahokia IL US 10-73

UFO Sighting reported occurred on 10/1973 Cahokia IL US reads as follows: I know this was a long time ago but before my time is gone I need to share this with someone besides my wife.. I am not certain on the month only it was cold. When I was 18 I just pulled into my driveway after coming home …

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UFO Sighting acorn shape with a small dome on top Scottsdale AZ photo

Scottsdale Arizona UFO Sighting Disk Shape craft photo

UFO Sighting report reads as follows: Was at the Botanical Gardens in Scottsdale on May 21 2017. It was about 11:30 am. I was facing west. I had my 800 mm camera in hand, taking photos of desert flowers, not using the full zoom. Just happened to look up at a jet stream and the jet, flying southe…

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The Washington D.C. UFO Sightings Incident Video

Washington DC UFO Sightings

Project U.F.O. is a NBC television series which lasted two seasons, from 1978 to 1979. Based loosely on the real-life Project Blue Book, the show was created by Dragnet veteran Jack Webb, who pored through Air Force files looking for episode ideas. In retrospect, Project U.F.O. anticipated many …

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UFO Followed My Car Home Sunnyside Washington

A UFO followed my car

I had just gotten of work and was driving home. I take the back roads home and got on factory road outside of Sunnyside Washington. After about 3 minutes or so traveling down the road I notice an Orange light near two red lights in a triangular pattern. The orange light was blinking. I immediate…

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UFO Sighting was like an arrow initially and then changed to triangular shape

UFO Sighting Reported 5-26-17 Chennai Indiana

UFO Sighting reported over Chennai Indiana 5/26/17: I was in my balcony enjoying the cool breeze. Then casually I spotted a star in the sky. I was just enjoying the breeze when I realized that the it was supposed to rain so practically there shouldn't be any stars in the sky. So I again looked u…

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500 Year Old Chinese Manuscript Describes UFO Alien Abduction

UFO Alien Abduction Chinese writing

A Chinese manuscript uncovered in 2011 detailed a very unusual event: an UFO Alien abduction. According to the text, in 1528, a strange star "UFO" traversed the sky from east to west. The UFO Sighting descended and landed near a village in the mountains. Intrigued by the event, a stonemaso…

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Secret dossier on UFO sightings in Britain to be released after the election

British UK MOD UFO Sightings Files 2017

A dossier of Secret Government files believed to contain evidence of UFO Sightings and cover-ups, which has been kept secret for almost 50 years, is set to be released after June’s general election. According to German paranormal news website Grenzwissenschaft-aktuell, the documents will reveal …

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UFO Sighting Disk Shape Photo Toronto Ontario May 17 2017

A picture of an UFO was taken by accident when my mother in law was taking pictures of the buildings in Toronto Downtown My Mother in law was visiting Toronto Downtown with my wife. She took some pictures of the buildings on her way home. Next day she was showing pictures of downtown buildings t…

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Latest UFO Sighting Pulsating Disc Shaped UFO over Sandia Mountains Albuquerque

Pulsating disc shaped UFO over Sandia Mountains Albuquerque

Was hiking in Petroglyph National Monument outside Albuquerque, NM (Piedras Marcadas Canyon) on Saturday, May 20, 2017 At approximately 4:30 p.m. local time I was returning to the trail head when I had a UFO Sighting of a bright pulsating light (pulsating every 5-10 seconds) to the south of Sand…

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UFO Disk Shaped Sighting reported following alongside vehicle stopped at treetop level and hovered

1977 Mexico UFO Sighting  Disk Shaped followed our car

In the summer of 1977 my 10-yr old son and I were returning home after driving to a nearby town 30 miles away to see the movie "Chariots of the Gods". It was approx. between 9-10 pm CST at night as I was driving on a blacktop road rather than the highway since it was a shorter way to get home. A…

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1951 American Airline Pilot from St. Louis to Tulsa reports Cigar Shaped UFO Sighting

1950 American Airline Pilot has Cigar Shaped UFO Sighting

Sometime in 1951, I was a passenger on an American Airlines flight from St. Louis to Tulsa. About dusk while at cruising altitude, the pilot said for those of us on the right side of the plane look to the west at a very large vehicle flying with us. It was cigar shaped UFO and had some steady li…

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UFO Sighting report Disc Shaped UFO hovering over Houma LA

Houma LA Reported UFO Sighting Disk May 2017

Me and my son Chad was setting up a water slide for my grand daughter Anna's birthday party on May 19th 2017.The top hose was leaking bad. Chad climb up the slide to repair the leak.I remained on the ground while Chad was at the top of the slide I glanced up to my right and noticed a silver disc…

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Alien Grey UFO Sightings versus Pleiadian UFO Sightings Craft

Alien Gray UFO Sightings verses Pleidian UFO Sightings craft

If you ever have a UFO Sighting of a flying saucer that has a head, then it's more then likely to be of Pleiadian origins. Pleidians also have cigar-shaped mother-ships but are significantly shorter than Reptilian cigar-shaped mother-ships. (Reptilians and Ciakars from Alpha-Draconis)(Draconians…

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Latest UFO Sighting reported 12 Red Orange UFO Lights Malaga New Jersey

Latest UFO Sighting Orange Orbs Malaga New Jersey May 17 2017

Latest UFO Sightings reported May 17 2017.We observed 12 red orange UFO lights or orbs as they traveled in small groups they moved slowly across the sky to our south west to north east direction.we live close to Philly and there is constant air traffic As we observed these UFOs we noticed there …

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Latest UFO Sighting Long Black Tube Shaped Photo PA

Black Tube Shaped UFO Sighting over PA 5-17-17

I was driving down the road and noticed the strange UFO Sighting moving around , I pulled over and took pictures. Long Black Tube Shaped UFO, moving like a worm would had what looked like a front window. Personally I've never had a UFO Sighting in my life but the lights I see in the sky at night…

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Vietnam War UFO Sightings And Alien Encounters

Vietnam war UFO Sightings and Aliens
“You’d have an aircraft flying along, doing around 500 knots and a UFO comes alongside and does some barrel rolls around the aircraft and then flies off at three times the speed of one of the fastest jets we have in the Air Force. So, obviously, it has a technology far in a…

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UFO Sighting Reflective Silver Metallic Sphere seen passing 747 aircraft

Metallic UFO Sighting Tamworth G.B 83776

It was a clear dry sunny evening with good visibility, temperature +16c. I noticed a large aircraft contrail heading toward my location at high altitude. I used binoculars to view the overflying aircraft which was a 747. The aircraft was a confirmed on radar as a Cargolux 747 freighter, flight #…

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Invasion of the "Saucer Men" Pine Bush NY UFO Sightings Photos Videos

Exploring The Bizarre ( co-hosts Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz welcome to the microphone Dr Bruce Cornet and journalist Harold Egeln. The long time UFO experiencer's talk about the tremendous UFO Sightings flaps over the years in Pine Bush and Brewster, New York, that included the UFO Sig…

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Latest UFO Sighting Video Experienced over Texas, USA on May 13, 2017

Published on May 14, 2017

UFO Sighting witness Submitter Description: Hanging out with some friends, when one of them noticed an odd UFO Sighting in the sky. We walked into the street to see what was going on, when we noticed strange lights in the sky. I took pictures and video of the instance. T…

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