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Multicolored UFO light changing green red

February 17, 2018

UFO Saucer 2018

I live in a ten floor building in Nis Serbia. At the night of February 13, about 8:30 pm local time, I was reading in my working room when I spotted through a window a multicolored UFO flying (much faster than a police chopper or a sport plane) from north towards my building, i. e. to the south…

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Thirty Bright Shining UFOs flying in formation upwards Vyborg Russia

February 16, 2018

ufo alien invasion nyufo

I was drinking vodka with friends when we saw approx 30 bright shining UFOs flying upwards in the heaven in a formation. UFOs change direction and hover several time. We watched this UFO phenomena about 10 minutes then they faded and disappeared. We were surprised and nobody think of taking ph…

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Mena Arkansas Triangular Shape UFO Appears

February 12, 2018

black ufo triangle

On the night of February 8, 2018, I was with a group of 3 other people outdoors on the grounds of the Board Camp Crystal Mine in the community of Board Camp, near Mena, Arkansas. The group and I were investigating anomalies that have been occurring regularly at the site for nearly one year. This…

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Air Base UFO incident of February 3, 1979

February 11, 2018

Soesterberg AFB UFO Drawing 2_3_1979

I just received some new information about the Soesterberg (Netherlands) Air Base UFO incident of February 3, 1979. I have written in my book Unidentified - The UFO Phenomenon" about the incident of witness Josie Zwinenberg on February 2, 1979 who saw an object up close not far from this base, a…

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UFO Disclosure World leaders call for the veil of secrecy to be lifted! 2018

February 11, 2018

UFO Disclosure in the works. Leaders are asking for public info! The Real Question here is: how do they not know?! Our world leaders are preparing us for UFO disclosure ! Join Beth and Paul as we continue to search for the truth about UFOs, aliens, orbs, and other phenomena. 

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UFO Video of UFO landing in field behind house 2/10/18 France

February 10, 2018

Triangle Black UFO Sightings NYUFO

I looked out the window and saw a low-flying UFO, while I reached the camera, the UFO overcame about 500 meters at an altitude of about 30 meters and began to drop to a height of 10 meters. I will not describe what a UFO was in detail, in the face it could disappear and become invisible, such a…

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5-6 UFOs appeared 2/8/18 Eastvale CA

February 9, 2018

saucer ufo hover over trees blue skies nyufo

My mother and I went to take out the dogs and witnessed one UFO in front of our home. We would not have noticed it we weren't playing with a new flighttracker24 app. We live near Ontario airport and chino airport, so we were pointing it at the flight path to see where the planes were going. I th…

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Various close UFO Sightings of triangle craft 2/4/18 Windsor GB

February 8, 2018

Triangle shaped UFO Sighting reported 2/4/18 Windsor GB

UFO Sighting occurred on Feb.2,2018 It was around 6.30 pm, dark and I was traveling as a passenger in a car from Windsor towards maidenhead. I saw aircraft lights on my left, which were descending at around 1500 ft, landing west-East at Heathrow. I looked again and saw what I thought was another…

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Nearly 60,000 UFO sightings compiled since 1995 show correlation between sightings and military bases

February 6, 2018


UFO Map Last year, data analyst Adam Crahen took of one of the largest databases of alleged UFO Sightings encounters on line, maintained by the the aforementioned National UFO Reporting Center, and plotted all 58,828 UFO Sightings reports submitted between 1995 and 2014 on a map of the United St…

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Flat flying trapezoid UFO Sighting with markings resembling a bird NJ

February 4, 2018

Black Saucer shaped UFO Sightings photos nyufo

Retired law enforcement reporting. I have been witness to many Unidentified Aerial Phenomena events. On or about 12/29/17 at 1615 hours I was sitting outside on my porch when my peripheral vision observed an UFO up and to the right of me. I looked up towards the sky in the NE quadrant at an elevat…

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The Huge UFO Flying Saucer Military Buried Near Garrison Utah

February 4, 2018

UFO Crash Site Utah Map

UFO News: UFO was about 150 to 200 feet in diameter. It was far too big for even the “Blue Berets” to move so it was decided to bury it on the spot. Hundreds of soldiers with shovels began digging, days and weeks went by. Settling little by little they finally got the top of it about 50 feet bel…

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Organic Jelly Fish/Octopus looking UFO Sighting over Hudson River

February 3, 2018

Organic Jelly Fish looking UFO Sighting report NJ 2009

This was my very first UFO Sighting event, seeing one for myself made me a believer. It was a cold November 2009 evening, I was watching the Monday night football game with my buddies it was a pretty boring game and the Ravens were ahead by about 30 or so points,we decided to call it a night at …

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