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Ancient German Accounts of UFO Sightings Phenomena

The text of the Broadsheet reads as follows: "In the morning of April 14, 1561, at daybreak, between 4 and 5 a.m., a dreadful apparition occurred on the sun, and then this was seen in Nuremberg in the city, before the gates and in the country by many men and women. At first there appeared in the mid…

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The UFO Sightings Mystery Airship Wave of 1896-1897

The best-known of the mystery Airship UFO Sightings waves began in 1896.Afterwards, UFO Sighting reports and accounts of similar airships came from other areas, generally moving eastward across the country. Some accounts during this wave of airship reports claim that occupants were visible on some a…

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Former Lockheed Skunk-Works Director Reality of UFO Aliens

Ben Rich, director of Lockheed Martin Skunk-Works from 1975-1991. UFO News Today: Rich was the second director of Lockheed Skunk-Works from 1975-1991. He's been called the Father of Stealth, having overseen the development of the stealth fighter, the F-117-A nighthawk. Before his death, Rich m…

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Will we ever take UFO Sightings seriously?

moon monolith UFO Alien Structures

"The most significant analysis of UFOs can be said to be written by L. M. Chassin, a French Air Force general who has been a high ranking NATO officer. He argues that by any legal rules of evidence, there is now sufficient UFO sighting data amassed from reputable sources astronomers, pilots, rad…

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Photo's of Silver Shaped UFOs flying over Istanbul reported

Several Silver with white lights UFOs were photographed and reported crossing over Istanbul heading in an East/West direction over the sea. UFO Sighting occurred on April.29,2018 mufon.cms 93823

istanbul 4_29_18 large silver UFO Sighting reported               istanbul 4_29_18 large silver UFO Sighting reported_2              istanbul 4_29_18 large silver UFO Sighting reported_3

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UK A-5 UFO Sightings Encounters revealed

While in her early twenties in the mid-1960's, typist Diane Foulkes would witness two UFO sightings. Each occurred as she drove along the A-5 near her home in Shrewsbury, Shropshire in the United Kingdom. What's more, as would come to light later, another local resident had similar e…

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Dr.J.Vallee UFO Sightings Capable of Manipulating Space & Time

My personal contention is that this UFO phenomenon could be something much more interesting that the UFO phenomenon is the result of an intelligence, that is technologically directed by an intelligence, and that this intelligence is capable of manipulating space and time in ways that we don't unde…

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