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This is a video compilation of captured UFO Sightings footage The UFO Sightings caught on camera is proof of intelligent alien life visiting earth. The footage include eye witness encounters first hand accounts of fully visible space crafts, lights in the sky and strange occurrences. List of report…

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Navy UFO Sighting Dark Mass Swallows Torpedo

UFO Sightings News: Retired U.S. Navy pilot commander David Fravor claimed on Oct. 5 that a mystery “dark mass” emerged from the ocean depths and swallowed a torpedo whole. Fravor, who has publicly stated his account on a UFO sighting, said on Joe Rogan’s popular podcast that a pilot had a…

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National Archives UFO Sightings files Podcast

UFO News: "There is more to the Ministry of Defense UFO Sightings files than reports on strange sightings in the sky. They provide insight into the public’s perception of the Cold War and technological advances, as well as Alien extra-terrestrial life, through an increase in sci-fiction related te…

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UFO News: The northern entrance to the Blue Grass Army Depot (BGAD) installation near Richmond. Built in the 1940's, this U.S. Army facility serves as a storage depot for conventional munitions, chemical weapons and nerve agents. Weaponized Mustard, Sarin and V-X gases are stored here in some of the…

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Four Cigar Shaped UFOs over Winston Salem NC

UFOs changing from red to silver-like moving horizontal appearing and disappearing very slow. On October 3, 2019, between 6:55 p.m. and 7:20 p.m., myself and at least 4 other people observed 4 oblong or pod shape or pill shape or cigar shape flying UFOs. The UFO Sighting changed from bright red to …

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UFO Sighting Reported Brilliant white opaque circle visits our campsite

While enjoying our campfire at Gallia County Fairgrounds, listening to the coyotes in the valley, we both saw a UFO Sighting described as a small, dim, white light appear above the tree line to the south of our campsite. UFO began coming towards us, getting brighter and brighter as it approached. My…

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Direct Telepathic Communication with UFO Alien “ET”

UFO Alien News: A fellow contact activist recently described to me how that particular individual has achieved direct telepathic communication in an ongoing way with a non-human intelligence (NHI ) associated with "UFO" or UAPs. My guess is that so-called Alien implant technology might be playing a …

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UFO Sightings and Nukes The Secret Link Revealed

Here is our second film trailer, relating to the nearly unbelievable, still-Top Secret Big Sur UFO Sighting Incident. Two former U.S. Air Force officers Dr's. Robert Jacobs and Florenze Mansmann have publicly discussed the inadvertent and totally unexpected filming of a UFO Sighting shooting down a …

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