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Area 51 The Alien Interview Special Edition

Area 51: The Alien Interview" reveals mysterious footage that has left people to debate whether the Alien footage leaked from Area 51 is real or fake. The validity of this tape or the source is still unknown to this day. July 26, 1996: Offices of Rocket Pictures receive a phone call from a man named…

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Alien Grey Attack Survivor at Dulce Base Claims video

Did a Grey Alien really attack a group of military soldiers at a Top Secret Base in Dulce New Mexico? Survivor and whistles blower Phil Schnieder claims the war between humans and Aliens has been happening since the 1930's, and still continues today! Could this be true? Is there really a War going o…

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Cigar Shaped UFO Sighting over Stutensee Germany Video

Today we examine the "cigarette UFO Sighting" over Stutensee, Germany. The shooter thought they were looking at a tower to start with but as they got closer they realized it was an UFO near the tower, hovering in the air. Submitter description: We were on the way to a sport event (WWE Live in Stuttg…

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European Union May Disclose UFO Sightings Files

UFO News "As Speigel reports, in 1977 Prime Minister Eric Gairy of Grenada hoped to focus the attention of the United Nations on UFOs. Speigel had recently produced a documentary album about UFOs and offered his assistance to Gairy. Speigel writes, “Dreamer that I was, I wanted to bring something be…

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Circular UFO Sighting over Los Angeles County CA

A small bright, bluish dot came up over my house as I sat in my backyard hot tub. I stargaze out there almost every night so I am well accustomed to airplanes, helicopters, shooting stars, and satellites sightings. At first I thought this UFO Sighting was simply a bright satellite as it was tracking…

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Blue Green Cylindrical UFO Sighting reported NY

While looking out of our doors to the backyard (all glass) I observed a cylindrical shaped UFO flying through the backyard going north to south. Flying close to the ground. 
This UFO was flying extremely fast and I was only able to get a glance. UFO Sighting had a bright blue/green color. At the s…

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UFO Sighting of Clear Orb Above Roof Top

I was hanging laundry on my private roof top, reading a book waiting for my laundry to dry and look up to the next apartment over roof top and see a clear floating UFO just appear out of no where 5 feet above the roof top. I thought it was a balloon for a split second, and waited for it to blow away…

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Multiple Witnesses report hundreds of UFOs over North Carolina

I was in the swimming pool at Post Ballantyne when I had a UFO Sighting of a bright UFO like a star (but three times bigger) or a satellite (four times bigger), flying north at about 15,000/20,000 feet. I am always fascinated and very interested in flying objects, and I know that this UFO Sighting

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