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Alien Close Encounter Involving Physical Altercation

I live in a small town called new castle. new castle is about 3 hours west from the states capitol of Denver, Colorado. on Thursday, July 2nd, my girlfriend and I decided to go for a late in the night drive along a winding dirt road, miles away from any civilization, Buford road. found a private qui…

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Pascagoula Alien Abduction Audio Files

On the evening of October 11, 1973, co-workers 42-year-old Charles Hickson and 19-year-old Calvin Parker told the Jackson County Mississippi Sheriff's office they were fishing off a pier on the west bank of the Pascagoula River in Mississippi when they heard a whirring/whizzing sound they also saw t…

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UFO Alien Sighting Missing Time

I was staying overnight at my friends house were awakened early, told by friend's mother to go look for the dog, we went outside. it was a Sunday, no traffic, no one. bob went one way, I went the other way, walking down the center of the street, looked up and it was right there. UFO Sighting was a d…

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Latest UFO Alien Sighting Taos New Mexico

An adult male asserts that he and two hunting partners had been witness to two Alien creatures, an a UFO craft.


At 1816 hrs. (PDT) on Tuesday, September 03, 2019, our Hotline received a call from an adult male, who described himself as a bow hunter, hunt…

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Linda Napolitano 1989 Manhattan UFO Alien Abduction Encounter

Linda Napolitano (also know as Linda Cortile) awoke in her apartment in the early hours of the morning on November 30, 1989, to a strange feeling. She knew something wasn't quite right but couldn't put her finger on it right away. Slowly, memories began to surface of a being stood at the foot of…

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Looking For UFO Alien Sightings in the Arctic & Antarctic

UFO Aliens in the Artic

UFO News Today: With UFO sightings and temperatures on the rise, an artist discovers why the cold poles are hot spots for extraterrestrial life."We are the reason for the increase in UFO sightings. Cameras access previously hidden parts of the world, while the images they capt…

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Man Recalls UFO Sighting Abduction 4/28/18 Ipswich UK/England

UFO Sighting Abduction reported 4-28-18 Ipswich England

UFO Sighting Abduction reported 4/28/18: Last night I had a similar UFO Sighting event that I had on On the 04/04/2017.The weather was raining and I sleep with a small bedroom window open.I heard a dull humming sound coming from outside and got out of bed to look out of the window.Seeing some li…

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Alien Sighting Encounter I noticed them flying around and swooping up and down New Mexico

Las Cruses NM Alien Sighting Encounter 10-3-13

Alien Sighting Encounter occurred at Las Cruses New Mexico on Oct.3rd 2013: I was camping in the woods with a fire laying down looking up at the sky it was very Windy. When I noticed them flying around and swooping up and down that is when the wind started gusting around. Unpredictable directions as…

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UFO Alien Sighting Telepathic Musical Tone Communication Atascadero CA

Atascadero CA Blue UFO Orb Sighting Photo 7-24-17

I was 4 years old ( in 1966) when I began speaking about my imaginary friend, Tony Smithenhouser. Tony was very, very tall with long arms and was a conductor or engineer on the railroad. He wore a special suit for work and a hat. Our property had a RR easement through it. Everyone in my family k…

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Stopped to assist several "Alien Humanoid" entities on highway 6/12/17 Fortuna Arizona

Humaniod Alien Sighting Fortuna AZ

I'm not sure how this fits in but the experience has stayed with me; and I had to post something. I am a long haul driver and was traveling east on Interstate 8, just east of Fortuna, Arizona. Having checked the clock, it was 3:45 AM when I alerted my partner to the presence of three or four ind…

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500 Year Old Chinese Manuscript Describes UFO Alien Abduction

UFO Alien Abduction Chinese writing

A Chinese manuscript uncovered in 2011 detailed a very unusual event: an UFO Alien abduction. According to the text, in 1528, a strange star "UFO" traversed the sky from east to west. The UFO Sighting descended and landed near a village in the mountains. Intrigued by the event, a stonemaso…

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Alien Grey UFO Sightings versus Pleiadian UFO Sightings Craft

Alien Gray UFO Sightings verses Pleidian UFO Sightings craft

If you ever have a UFO Sighting of a flying saucer that has a head, then it's more then likely to be of Pleiadian origins. Pleidians also have cigar-shaped mother-ships but are significantly shorter than Reptilian cigar-shaped mother-ships. (Reptilians and Ciakars from Alpha-Draconis)(Draconians…

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New Secret Government Installation UFO Alien Sightings FOIA release

Salt River Canyon UFO Alien Sightings reported 2013

Subject: Secret govt installation being built in the Salt River Canyon area on the TNF: call-in report today at front desk Al l - David received a call this morning at the front desk from a male caller reporting the construction of a secret government installation upstream from the Salt River Ca…

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Man took photos of the UFO that abducted him

Amaury Rivera UFO Alien Sighting encounterHow did a guy from Puerto Rico who claimed he was abducted by aliens who knew about a New World Order in 1988? An UFO Alien abduction tale that included a post-Apocalyptic Earth one world government run by aliens living on an artificial island in the middle of a dark, dirty black sea. The video …

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Encounter With Grey Alien Being Who Materialized in Bedroom Laguna Hills CA 12/25/16

Laguna Hills CA Bedroom Alien Encounter 122516

UFO Alien Sightings:                    

On December 25, 2016, I went to bed between 9 pm - 10 pm PST. At approximately 3 am PST in the morning I was awoken by a commotion in my bedroom involving my wife and daughter. I didn't investigate the matter and tried to return to sleep; ho…

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Alien "gray monster" in my the kitchen Dania Beach Florida 12/23/16

Last night my son was watching TV in the living room while I was in the bedroom. He came and told me that he saw a Alien "gray monster" in the kitchen. The monster peeped through the bar area and looked at him as he sat on the couch. He was very afraid. He said the monster was gray in color and …

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"These Alien Beings Came Through The Walls" - My First ET Contact 2016

Lisa is a Intuitive Specialist and Transformational Coach with a busy practice in Idaho, USA, and internationally via Skype. Throughout her life Lisa recalls experiences with "Alien" Extraterrestrial beings on many different levels of contact. Some are of a physical, 3-Dimensional level, experienced…

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Alien UFOs are "watching us" 2016

searching ufo sightings nite sky 2016
Alien UFOs are ‘watching us and could arrive on Earth in the next 20 years’ Erich von Daniken, author of infamous book Chariots of the Gods, claims extraterrestrials UFO Aliens will arrive in the coming decades …Erich von Daniken, 82, sparked controversy when he published…

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Dimensional UFO Sightings Plasma Manifestations 2016

Published on September 29, 2016 by Martin Mikuas

Many people still doubt the existence of a flying saucers, but I tell you, just wait until they appear in large quantity. Around the entire planet will demonstrate their ability to fly, their appearance and disappearance. In a way that confuses peop…

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People Who Claim They Were Abducted by UFO Aliens Draw Their Experience

UFO Alien Abduction Picture
“For about a month, I had three dots on my right hand, spaced two centimeters apart in the form of a triangle. It hurt a lot for the first week – like a burn that would not heal.”Here are some of those drawings, coupled with brief interviews I conducted with the “UFO Alie…

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