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Looking For UFO Alien Sightings in the Arctic & Antarctic

UFO Aliens in the Artic

UFO News Today: With UFO sightings and temperatures on the rise, an artist discovers why the cold poles are hot spots for extraterrestrial life."We are the reason for the increase in UFO sightings. Cameras access previously hidden parts of the world, while the images they capture proliferate across media. The poles are the least explored edges of the Earth, but technology affords us an artificial proximity." Looking for Aliens in the Arctic and Antarctic  credit F.S

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If you read this article you will notice that it is not an article with ufologists in mind. It's actually a hit piece making fun of the research. It goes pretty far to discredit Secureteam10 and makes the whole research look bad as well. You may or may not like Secureteam, but you are not a friend of mine if you are going to put out lies just to make a researcher look bad. I just wanted to let people know that Vice is not a friend of UFO researchers. At least not this particular writer.