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DNA as Nanotech Design Darwin never met Aliens 32516

UFO Alien Abduction
God is responsible for the spiritual entities within our bodies, and more likely, aliens are the most likely candidates for the geniuses behind the amazing nanotech DNA which designs our life form physical bodies; there is …

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Unexplained sheep attacks caused by Aliens in UFOs farmers claim 31916

Shropshire UK UFO Alien sightings over sheep

A series of bizarre incidents involving sheep in Shropshire UK have led to farmers’ claims that UFO Aliens are attacking their livestock. Farmers near Shrewsbury claim to have witnessed sheep being “laser” by unidentified light from UFOs. They have linked the unexplained incidents, wher…

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Atlantean Lost UFO Alien Gods of the Cloud People Peru 31716

Atlantis UFO Alien Gods

Atlantean Lost UFO Alien Gods of Los Pinchudos is a vital link to this lost people. Researchers don’t know who was buried here but think the tombs relate to Chachapoya ruins nearby at Granajatén. Chachapoya, the Cloud People. Although they left no written language, they did leave scores of s…

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