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UFO UAP Sightings Evolution Fringe to Federal Probe Video

In March 2021, a former director of national intelligence John Ratcliffe offered some hints in a Fox News interview, saying it would describe UFO UAP events from all over the world, and that there are a lot more UFO sightings than have been made public.” As for what constitutes a sighting, Ratcliff…

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UFO Sightings Encounters & Pentagon UFO Secrets video

Governments around the world are disclosing secret files related to UFOs & UFO Sightings. The Pentagon recently released a press communique confirming that the videos from the pilots circulating on the internet are real. The information is released in small amounts (drop by drop), but we are still w…

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Military Intelligence Silent Over UFO Sighting Disclosure

John Ratcliffe, who served as director of national intelligence under former President Donald Trump, was asked on Fox News by host Maria Bartiromo what he knows about unidentified flying objects that have captured people's imaginations for generations. After saying that there have be…

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Official Pentagon UFO Sightings Task Force Established

The Department of Defense established the UAPTF "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force" to improve its understanding of, and gain insight into, the nature and origins of UAPs "UFO Sightings". The mission of the task force is to Detect, Analyze and catalog UFO Sightings that could potentially pose…

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Pentagon UFO Program Aliens Are Real

Could the US Navy revelations and Pentagon UFO videos be a smoke-screen for something even bigger?

It didn’t take long for Senator Harry Reid to again comment on the Pentagon’s official acknowledgement that videos of UFOs are real. The Senator appears to have specific insights into the reason…

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UFO Prelude to an official revelation

UFO News Today: Alien contact disclosure attempts The documentary about the extraterrestrial contact of Walt Disney “Walt Disney (1901–1966), the genius behind such endearing films as “Pinocchio” “Dumbo” or “Sleeping Beauty”, could have been chosen by the US government to publicly reveal the existen…

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We Live in an UFO Alien Playground

UFO News Today: There will never be a time in human history again where our collective world view had to change this much, this fast. But it is going to happen and has already started to happen with the UFO disclosure and declassification of the Pentagon UFO programs. I will share this article perio…

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Vatican Accesses UFO Archives

Hype or the dawn of UFO Disclosure? There's also something going on in March at the Vatican archives, greater access granted to researchers. It's being promoted by Vladimiro Bibolotti and Centro Ufologico Nazionale (CUN, the Italian group that presented that alleged helicopter UFO collision story to…

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Presidential Hopefuls Promise UFO Disclosure

Minnesota senator and presidential hopeful Amy Klobuchar revealed this week that she would be open to declassifying government documents regarding UFO Files if elected President. As a US senator she has the power now to seek & disclose the Governments knowledge and activity into the UFO phenomena. T…

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Massive trove of Government UFO Sightings reports uncovered

UFO News Today: "The UFO in the shape of a Saucer was so hot that it burned through his gloves when he touched it, the story goes." "UFO Sighting reportedly took place on May 20, 1967, when industrial mechanic Stefan Michalak was prospecting in the wilderness for quartz and silver and was startled…

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Project Blue Book UFO Sightings

UFO News Today: When All Else Fails Explain a UFO As the Star Capella The first strong Project Blue Book UFO case in the year 1956 occurred on May 6 near Oklahoma City and was reported by three highly intelligent witnesses. The USAF explained the UFO Sightings as the star Capella. (They would hav…

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Why U.S. Government Secretive over UFO Phenomena

The Government's Assessment though they won't admit it is that the UFO Sightings are popping up near the aircraft carriers due to those carriers being nuclear-powered. Note also that UFO Sightings also like to pop up near nuclear submarines and Air Force nuclear weapons bases. Now recognize that …

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UFO Sightings and Nukes The Secret Link Revealed

Here is our second film trailer, relating to the nearly unbelievable, still-Top Secret Big Sur UFO Sighting Incident. Two former U.S. Air Force officers Dr's. Robert Jacobs and Florenze Mansmann have publicly discussed the inadvertent and totally unexpected filming of a UFO Sighting shooting down a …

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"Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein transformed into the Cigarette Smoking Man from "The X-Files" on Tuesday when explaining why UFO enthusiasts should avoid storming the mythical Area 51 installation in Nevada.

"All joking aside, we're taking it very seriously," Goldfein told reporters…

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UFO Orb Physical Contact on Video

Physical Contact is spirit manifesting visibly upon request by an “agent” (Someone who takes an active role to produce a specific effect, often referred to as a medium or conduit for spirit) The most common physical spirit manifestation is an orb. It will be seen as a spherical ball of light with va…

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UFO Sightings No Longer Denied

Evidence continues to mount and patterns emerge, as a group of former U.S. government insiders seek the truth behind UFO Sightings. A shocking new encounter pulls them to another part of the U.S.A. where two more military eyewitnesses risk their career to recount what they saw, describing a mass Sig…

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UFO Sightings Contact and the Expansion of Consciousness

Enrique Villanueva is from Peru where he had his first sighting at the age of seven. Peru is known as a hot spot for UFO sightings where they can be seen frequently. Several years later he joined a group called Rahma or Rama, which was an organization founded by Sixto Paz Wells in the 1970's, who ha…

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Releasing Naval UFO Sightings Reports

Navy UFO Sighting Large Disk over water photo

A memo from Robert Low, administrator of the University of Colorado official government UFO study, advising investigators to wrap up their inquiries and begin report writing acknowledged that a number of areas were close to successful completion but had to be abandoned due to the scheduled final…

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7 Amazing UFO Projects U.S. Government has Researched

UFO Disclosure: Freedom of Information Act request reveals the U.S. Government looked into Invisibility Cloaking; Traversable Wormholes, Star-gates, and Negative Energy; Warp Drive, Dark Energy, and the Manipulation of Extra Dimensions all steaming from collective research the Government has been in…

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Beyond UFOs Video

UFO News Today: Joseph Burkes, MD, is a board certified specialist in internal medicine. He is coauthor of the chapter titled "Medical Healing's Reported by UAP Contact Experience: An Analysis of the FREE Data" in the anthology Beyond UFOs: The Science of Consciousness and Contact with Non Human Int…

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