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Academic Studies of UFO Sightings Given at Duke University

"Halperin’s 1996 course covered the abduction story of Barney and Betty Hill, a class assignment to read and discuss Whitley Strieber’s Communion, and student research and presentations on, among other topics, the “X-Files” TV series, alien contact and different aspects of the UFOs’ impact o…

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US Dept Defense allegedly cooperated in UFO Alien Documentary

Crazy Days and Nights (CDAN) is a well-known blog concerning the entertainment industry, centered on Hollywood. UFO News: The comment's on CDAN seem to have fixed on Steven Spielberg as the A++ list director in question, and his sister Anne Spielberg as the producer. The identity of the other fi…

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UFO Sightings are real US Military Admits

UFO News: “SIR Trevor McDonald is a guy you can trust. It’s his unique selling point natural authority crystallized by a rich vocal timbre voice…We’re here tonight not to decide if UFOs are real unidentified flying objects clearly are real,” he announced, steely-jawed, unblinking. “Something…

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Dublin as Ireland becomes UFO Alien hot spot

DUBLIN LIVE UFO News November  2018.

"The Sightings of UFOs over the coast by three sets of airline pilots has led to Ireland being seen as a hotbed of UFO Alien activity.

It has emerged the crews who reported an unidentified object "UFO" streaking through the skies over Co Kerry are not…

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Moth Man Saga Mystery at Point Pleasant

UFO News Today: The Nuts and Bolts type of UFO Investigators May Have Been Chasing Shadows For Decades
Joseph Burkes MD 2018

The Moth-man saga began when five grave-diggers working in a cemetery in the nearby town of Clendenin were shocked to see what they described as a "brown human shape w…

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The UFO Sightings Evidence NICAP

UFO NEWS TODAY:Dick Hall compiled The UFO Evidence published in 1963 with few official USAF reports and little of the information which would become available over the years. Hall had no access to 1. The Project Grudge/Blue Book Status Reports which were declassified years after they should have b…

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Will NASA's Parker Solar Probe encounter UFO activity during it's mission?

UFO News Today: NASA's Parker Solar Probe is now closer to the sun than any spacecraft has ever gotten. Will NASA finally report UFO activity in and around the sun?

 NASA probe now closer to sun than any spacecraft ever

NASAs Parker Solar Probe

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Dartmouth’s Round Hill UFO Sightings Paranormal activity

UFO News Today: That radio telescope, combined with the electrical experimentation at Round Hill, frequently drew UFOs to the site. They have been reported in the area going back into the 1930's, even before the real “flying saucer” buzz of the late 1940's through the 1950's. But multiple “flaps” of…

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Meta Material was alleged connection with UFO incidents


Some of the meta material was allegedly collected in connection with UFO incidents, which gives the whole endeavor an otherworldly glow. "A global scramble is underway to identify and perhaps replicate unidentified mystery materials that have been collected at …

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UFO News Today: Thought-provoking 

List of search terms used in response to requests for information on UFOs and paranormal events for which no responsive material has been located. "The following terms have been searched in response to requests for information on Unidentified Flying Objects (UF…

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UFO Sightings Threat Assessments US Congressional Subcommittee


The presentation is to the "threat assessments subcommittee" and will be a package of evidence from a recent UFO case that MUFON and NICAP have investigated."Chase [Kloetzke of MUFON] mentioned that she now lives in Washington, DC, and two years ago obtained…

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Why Don’t Astronomers Have UFO Sightings?

UFO News Today: As a NASA research scientist who worked for four years at NASA Ames Research Center in the Intelligent Systems Division, and now a professor of physics, Kevin Knuth attended the 2002 NASA Contact Conference, which focused on serious speculation about extraterrestrials. Professor of…

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The Little Remembered 1962 UFO Crash In Las Vegas

UFO News Today: Not only is the apparent UFO crash in the desert sands just outside of Las Vegas in April 1962 little remembered, at least until relatively recently, it was practically overlooked by researchers at the time. And in the years that followed. It would seem, in retrospect, unlike such…

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Here's a very short abstract: "The event...will serve as a platform to launch a worldwide UFO society. About 35 representatives from 35 different countries are in Moscow or arriving until tomorrow...1,000 people are expected, 200 of which are lin…

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Data on UFO Crash at San Augustin New Mexico

UFO Light

UFO News Today: The UFOs may use holograms to produce misty effects, shape shifting, and other means to camouflage their appearance. They appear to light up that may be part of an electronic shield or the propulsion system. Some UFOs leave radioactive effects and some leave burns on humans. This…

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Ralph Story And UFO Sightings Mania 1953

UFO News Today: "This particular show is interesting where he has as his guest the notorious UFO follower George Adamski, going to great lengths to explain his encounters with Extraterrestrials and his rock-steady belief that we aren't alone and weve been visited hundreds, if not thousands of time…

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The Area 51 of paranormal' Pentagon ran secret investigation into 'bizarre creatures'

DAILY STAR, October 5, 2018.

UFO News Today: Update on Skin Walker Ranch.

""The Pentagon's other and larger investigation delved into mysteries far more profound far more disturbing than alleged alien aircraft, Jeremy Corbell," from Extraordinary Beliefs told Daily Star Online exclusively.…

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Contact with Non Human Intelligence UFO Aliens

UFO News Today: If you want to get educated about the UFO related Contact with Non Human Intelligence Phenomenon, instead of repeating the bullshit you read on the Internet or Youtube, READ and DIGEST Chapter One from our new book. It is 120 pages and contains a summary of the world's FIRST and ON…

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Pine Bush New York's Secret UFO Sightings Encounter's

UFO News Today: We have examined before the mysterious and intriguing UFO sightings of the early 1980's in Hudson Valley, New York. And how these UFO sightings are still happening today. However, while Hudson Valley is perhaps one of the first places that might come to mind when thinking of UFOs a…

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UFO Orb Lights Gone Wild

UFO Orb Lights Gone Wild

Light without obvious mundane source pervades several facets of the paranormal. Meandering lights cruise our night skies. Wheels of light turn beneath our oceans. In dozens of places around our world, ghost lights rise up to haunt us. There are orbs of sizzling energy (not to be confused with th…

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