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Latest UFO Sighting reported 100+ UFOs over Georgetown Texas

My wife and I were in the middle of an early morning walk on June 15, 2018, in Georgetown, Texas (Old Historic District, near Annie Purl Elementary). As a former USAF T-38 instructor pilot, I'm sensitive to aircraft overhead. 

At 5:05 a.m., I noticed a solid light heading from the north-northeas…

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UFO Sighting witnessed 6/7/18 by India's Prime Minister Modi

"Special commissioner of police and Delhi police chief spokesperson Dependra Pathak confirmed the UFO Sighting but said details of the incident cannot be revealed. “The UFO Sighting was reported but nothing threatening was found. More details cannot be shared keeping security reasons in mind,” P…

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Strange double UFO sighting 6/3/18 near UNCA North Asheville NC

Was walking up the stairs to my apartment in North Asheville across from UNCA. Saw a small bright white light (like a bright star). Moved slowly from left of sky to right. Light was slowly and closely passed alongside by a small rectangular UFO looking almost like a small shuttle pod or craft of som…

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UFO Sighting formation of 10 bright orange lights hover turn white 6/3/18 Gary SD

10 bright orange UFOs sighted over Gary SD 6/3/18

My roommate shouted for me to come out on the deck and take a look at several UFO lights that were rising up into the sky. I live on a hilltop, and the alley slopes downward, toward a creek with woods, a park, an inn, and a campground. Venus was clearly visible low in the northwestern sky. This …

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Hovering and moving UFO Sighting over South Beach Miami

Hovering and moving UFO Sighting over South Beach, Miami

I was at South Beach Miami at the time of the event around 8:30 pm June 5th 2018. I was laying on my beach towel looking up at the sky when I saw an UFO moving in a strange way. At first I thought it may be a plane because I was close to the airport, but it was not moving like a plane. It would …

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Famous 1952 Washington UFO Sighting Photograph

Washington DC 1952 UFO Sighting Photo

During the dawn of Ufology in the United States, unidentified flying objects "UFOs" made themselves known to the leaders of the free world in 1952, buzzing over the White House, the Capitol building, and the Pentagon. Seemingly the unknown objects "UFOs' were defying the very governmental agenc…

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UFO Sighting 1954 Photo Australia

Australia 1954 UFO Sighting photograph

1954 Australia UFO Sighting photograph this very compelling photograph of a clearly defined round UFO with top and antenna was taken by sheep farmer W. C. Hall in 1954. If you look real closely, you might see another unknown UFO in the distance just above a mountain. An excellent photo, and for…

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Bright White light covered surface UFO moving very slowly towards northwest FL

At approximately 10 pm, 5/27/18, my wife and I departed a relative’s residence in San Antonio, FL, to return to our home 6 miles to the east in Dade City, FL. As I stepped out I noticed what I thought was a very bright star, brighter than any other stars in the night sky. I commented how bright it w…

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UFO Sightings On Two Consecutive Nights Multiple Witnesses Myrtle Beach SC.

North Myrtle Beach UFO Sightings 5_31_18

Bright fast moving UFO light off coast in alternating patterns on 5/31/18. Sitting on front porch of oceanfront beach house, three of us watched the same UFO ping across the sky and then horizon. UFO Sighting went dark for several minutes. Initially, thought it might be a flare, but was able to…

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UFO Sighting Formation over Toronto, Ontario, Canada Multiple Witnesses

UFO Sighting Formation reported by a couple with young child, videos were taken from two different I-phones. UFO Sighting occurred at 7:00 pm on May 13, 2018, right outside the Toronto Zoo in Toronto, Ontario, Canada during daylight.The couple and a young child had just enjoyed a nice day visiting t…

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Two Separate Cigar Shaped UFO Sightings reported 12 hrs apart

Cigar Shaped UFO Sightings reported 5/8/18

Two separate UFO Sightings of a Cigar Shaped UFO reported on 5/8/18: Warsaw Poland time 5:45 PM:Motionless cigar shaped UFO Sighting disappearing in 2 seconds.I observed today an unidentified object "UFO" in the sky - about 5:45 PM (GMT+1), returning from work by bicycle I noticed in the sky shi…

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Two Multicolored UFO Sightings reported 5/8/18 over Gloucester MA

two multicolored UFO sightings reported 5/8/18 Gloucester MA

Latest UFO Sighting reported 5/8/18 A bright UFO sphere appeared over Annisquam River and pulsed many colors in rapid succession. I was driving home to Gloucester, MA from Salem, MA, tonight, May 8th, about 8:15 pm on route 128 (highway). As I got to about exit 15, I noticed a very bright round

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UFO Sighting reported Green Sphere over Pilot Rock Oregon

Green UFO Sighting reported 4/30/18 Pilot Rock OR

Green UFO Sighting reported traveling west to east over Pilot Rock Oregon

My Husband and I had went into the backyard and my Husband asked me to look at an UFO in the sky. I saw a green sphere racing across the sky. Looking south the UFO Sighting was moving right to left approximately 40 degr…

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Multiple UFO Sightings on different days reported 5/3/18 Russellville AR

Multiple UFO Sightings reported 5/3/18 Russellville AR

Multiple UFO Sightings at least once a week for the past 5 months or so, usually hovering above the Skyline hills. I usually have these UFO Sightings on a smoke break at my job. One occurrence was a bright green UFO moving above the mountain, stopped, changed to a red light, then dipped down bel…

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Reflective UFOs At Low Altitude Over Johnson City Tennessee

UFO Sighting reported 4/29/18 Johnson City TN

UFO Sighting occurred on April 29,2018: My wife & kids and I were traveling roughly North on State of Franklin Road going toward Sam’s Club. My wife and I were sitting in the front of the vehicle, so we were the first to notice flashes of light (reflections) coming from 3 (possibly 4) UFOs t…

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Strange UFO Sighting caught on video Torrington CT

UFO Sighting occurred on April 23, 2018 over Torrington CT. I am an amateur Astronomer who takes photos out my window. I was trying to get some photos of Jupiter before I would have to leave for work at 9:30 pm. As I was setting up my scope, I saw a solid red UFO fly by from left to right (north t…

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Hugh Donut Shaped UFO Sighting reported 4/22/18 Naples FL

UFO Sighting Disk reported Naples FL 4_22_18

This UFO is currently visible in the night sky of Naples Florida, directly over the Rookery on Collier Blvd State Hwy 41 over the Gulf waters. UFO was first spotted on Tuesday the 17th to the north of the bright moon slice. The UFO is as bright as the moon. Two smaller UFOs shot out from below. …

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Hovering UFO Sighting moved very quite & fast Prestonsburg KY

Disk Shape UFO Sighting reported Prestonsburg KY 4/14/18

UFO Sighting occurred on April 14,2018 Prestonsburg KY. My son called me as I was coming home at approximately 10 pm eastern time. It was very dark and cloudy, Stars where not visible. My son was very distraught, yelling that he had seen something and I needed to get home. I informed him that I wa…

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Reddish Orange UFO over rural southern Manitoba 4/16/18

Cigar Shaped UFO Sighting reported 4/16/18 Canada

Traveling down a country road at night when we saw an reddish-orange light in the north east direction, hovering above the tree-line of a distant farm property, roughly 2 kilometers from our vehicle or our vantage point. I first thought the UFO Sighting was a helicopter but realized it appeared …

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UFO Sighting reported small white sphere that could descend to ground level in seconds

UFO Sighting reported 4/8/18 white disk Fort Collins

UFO Sighting occurred on 4/8/18 Fort Collins CO:  A small white sphere that could descend to ground level in seconds where at which time it would begin to glow red and not white. I was the only witness to this event and therefor can only give information about myself. I am thirty-nine years old …

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