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Peanut shaped UFO Sighting completely silent hovering over a corn field Magnolia DE.

I live near the Air Force base in Magnolia Delaware C-5 and many other forms of air craft fly over my house about every half hour. This was not a plane.
I was on my way home and I saw four lights that could've been no more than 50-60 yards above my local fire station. I could only tell that the UFO Sighting wasn't moving until I found myself on what looked like the left hand side of the air craft. With that being said this UFO Sighting was completely silent other than a very very low humming sound. One of the strangest things as well was that it almost seemed like there were fumes or distorted space coming out of the bottom. I don't really know how to properly explain that part. The UFO Sighting looked like a peanut that was cut in half with the top half being completely round and the bottom half completely flat and just hovering in place. I realized that what I was seeing was very strange and unlike anything I've ever seen. After coming to this conclusion I sped over to the parking lot! UFO was hovering above but very slowing moving towards a corn field that is only about ten yards from where it was above the fire station and literally in the time that it took me (about 15 seconds) to pull into this parking lot to take a video or picture it had just as silently but quickly flown about a mile and a half over the corn field and just above a tree line until it was gone.It was the single most incredible thing I have ever seen, I was shaking after being witness to what I saw. Wow. source nuforc.org

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