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Strange UFO Sighting Translucent Sphere With Thruster's England

UFO Sighting Translucent Orb Newton Abbot G.B 2017

It was a beautiful day and the sky was clear blue so I decided to go out sky watching. I set up my camera on a tripod and sat looking west. Before I knew it an hour had past. I just sat there scanning the sky for anything out of the ordinary when I noticed something strange and out of place very high up in the sky. I zoomed in with my Nikon P900 Camera and Sighted an UFO that was sphere shaped and translucent. The UFO had flames shooting out of Thruster nozzles that were situated on the top and bottom of the UFO. I was stunned. I started to take photographs and watched as the translucent sphere maneuvered around the sky like it was putting on some type of an show for me to photograph. After a while of the bizarre maneuvering the translucent sphere stopped and then suddenly flew off to the north until it was no longer visible. The UFO Sighting photograph were taken on the 19 of ‎April ‎2017, ‏‎12:23 PM GMT at Newton Abbot Devon England. mufon cms# 83355

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I want to share a link to an 8 minutes long UFO video from Moscow 2001, and amazingly it shows an object (a "soap-bubble") in the sky. In the video you can see how light on the surface of the object changes and moves. Pretty weird object that is difficult to understand what is.

Link: https://youtu.be/h9ucV_yQ81s