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Triangular Craft with Multiple Star-Like UFOs Reported

Watched the skies for a number of hours. I saw multiple star-like UFOs traveling swiftly across the sky, changing direction not shooting stars. The skies were very busy. I then saw a Triangular Domed UFO I initially believed to be a plane; but, the lights were oddly distributed and it was silent. Fi…

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Bright White Glowing Orb Produces Energy Beam

On August 2nd, 2020 at approximately 8 pm, we observed a UFO Sighting that was a white glowing orb with a clear energy beam used to manipulate the clearly identified UFO craft. The Object was stationary at first, but it began to move, changing directions using the energy exhaust/beam. It did it for …

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Two months after the Edwards AFB UFO Sighting, there occurs one of the most famous UFO Sightings in Blue Book History. On July 17, 1957 a RB-47 detects simultaneously visually and by radar an unknown while flying from eastern Louisiana into north Texas. The unknown UAP is also detected by ground rad…

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UFO Sightings Encounters And Physical Evidence

UFO News Today:  A Case Study

“While there are thousands and thousands of UFO sightings on record over the decades, many of which have been captured on film or in photographs, UFO Sightings incidents that leave behind physical evidence are, at least relatively speaking, a little rarer. https:/…

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UFO Sighting I froze and was captivated

I received an internal prompting to go outside. It was well past my normal bedtime. upon stepping outside, I immediately felt a presence and looked up to see an enormous UFO Sighting it was a Cigar Shaped ship! above the field by my house. I have never seen anything this large or this shape in the …

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UFO Sightings Data Revealed in UK

According to newly released UFO Sighting Documents complied from Britain's Air Traffic Control Employees, Pilots, Police Officer's and Journalists, UFO Sightings are a common place in the skies over England. These UFO Documents have been sealed and kept secret by the RAF for 61 years and are now co…

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RAF Boulmer Reports of UFO Sightings

UFO News Today: “Boulmer reports of UFO sightings were hushed up, July, 1977. THE X-Files came to RAF Boulmer as strange flying objects were spotted hovering over the North Sea by a fighter pilot at the base. In a case that would intrigue TV’s Mulder and Scully, bright objects were spotted by RAF …

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1976 Cannon Airforce Base UFO Incident

UFO Sighting incident took place in 1976 over and around the Cannon Air-force Base which is located a few miles outside of Clovis New Mexico and was witnessed by a student of Journalism.
Bruce, who works for a major media outlet, witnessed the UFOs, and the jet aircraft that pursued them, and who w…

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The 1950 UFO Sightings Wave

“While UFO activity certainly didn’t stop following the wave of sightings in the second half of 1947, it did slow down somewhat, even though 1948 had some of the most intriguing UFO encounters on record.

However, by the time the fifties were but days old, there was a sudden and dramatic inc…

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Soviet’s Shot Down 1989 UFO Sighting

An unsubstantiated UFO Sighting case comes to us from Russia. According to the reports, not far from the city of  Prohlandnyi at 1 AM, on August 10, 1989, Soviet military radar units picked up an unidentified flying object. An attempt was made to contact the craft, without success. The UFO Sighting

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Commander Bethune’s 1951 UFO Encounter

Commander Bethune revealed his Flight 124 in a R5D from Keflavik, Iceland was involved with a near miss of a UFO in 1951, about 300 miles outside of Argentina, Newfoundland, over the Atlantic Ocean; Flying a R5D aircraft. Grahams account of his UFO sighting, There were 31 passengers and we had two V…

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Phoenix Lights 1997 Mass UFO Sighting Incident

On March 13 is the 23rd anniversary of the Phoenix Lights UFO Sighting Incident. Scores of people were out to observe the Hale-Bopp comet as it crossed the skies over a span of a few days. During that evening, over 10,000 people across the state of Arizona witnessed extremely large crescent or trian…

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Strange UFO Sightings Create Multiple Mysteries

UFO News: A U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier Group on practice maneuvers encounters strange UFO Sightings . A number of active duty Navy personnel witness the unknowns "UFOs" that move erratically and accelerate at unbelievable speeds. Scrambled Navy jet fighters chase  and are chased by these unusual c…

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1989-1990 Belgian UFO Sighting wave

Black triangles are a class of unidentified flying objects with certain common anti-gravity and stealth technology features, believed by many to be a top secret covert black project at the highest levels of government. Black triangles have been first observed by witnesses starting around the late 19…

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Science of UFO Sightings

If any UFO Sightings proved to be extra-terrestrial it would be one of the most important events in human history. Yet there has long been a taboo in modern society on taking UFOs seriously, which has blocked any systematic science to try to determine what they are. Skeptics will say that is becaus…

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US Air Force pilot 1958 UFO Encounter

When I was a US Air Force pilot stationed in Nice France I did see a UFO in the sky, actual size was hard to determine due to size, due to distance and lack of reference points. It was just there for 10 to 15 min, then it simply took off at incredible speed, fast enough that I knew it was not one of…

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The Papua New Guinea 1959 UFO incident

According to renowned UFO investigator, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, one of the most well-documented "close encounters of the third kind" occurred in the Anglican mission village at Boianai, Papua, New Guinea, which was, at the time of the incident, still a territory of Australia. 

The Australian Angl…

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U.S Navy UFO Sightings Grave Threat to National Security

UFO News Today: The U.S Department of Defense has top-secret classified briefings and a classified video about UFO Sighting incidents. 2019 was the year that UFOs became real, with their existence even being officially acknowledged by the US Navy on multiple occasions. But in 2020, the Navy is sayi…

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Mysterious UFO Sightings reported Colorado Nebraska Video

In recent weeks there have been reports of strange mysterious drone like UFO Sightings occurring over the skies of both the state's of Colorado and Nebraska. Public officials are unable to explain these recent rash of sightings. Witnesses were able to capture some of these strange UFO Sightings on…

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UFOs travel through the Earth's Oceans Seas Lakes worldwide

Phenomena Magazine video on the numerous UFO and USO sightings between the Santa Catalina Island and the Southern California coast.

UFO Sightings News: "Proof UFO Aliens exist & can come from beneath the waves as well above ground. Unidentified Submerged Objects are being witnessed worldwide. Si…

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