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Navy UFO Sighting Radar Encounters 1979

Yet another Navy UFO Sighting encounter report which indicates that even when answering a FOIA request with documentation it is possible to evade providing much useful information on UFO Sighting incidents.
At 9:59 p. m. on November 30,1979 the Churchill County Sheriff’s Office received a call from…

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Air Force Reports UFO Sighting Contact 1952

A number of Navy cases exist in official records. New information recently released added to the understand of this incident. Brad Spark wrote an entry for Jerry Clark’s 3rd edition of the UFO Encyclopedia concerning this important Navy case during the Korean War. If this were an encounter with S…

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US Navy New UFO Sighting Guidelines 2019

You've probably seen mentions in the press of the news that the U.S. Navy is redefining how personnel should report UFO sightings. The story can be traced to an article published on the US news website POLITICO ( The article, written by Bryan Bender and published on the 23rd April (see…

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James McDonald explains UFO debunking

"James Edward McDonald (May 7, 1920 – June 13, 1971) was an American physicist. He is best known for his research regarding UFOs. McDonald was senior physicist at the Institute for Atmospheric Physics and professor in the Department of Meteorology, University of Arizona, Tucson.
McDonald campai…

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Biggest UFO Sighting Story of 2019 Video

UFO Sightings News Today: UFO SIGHTING Near Point Beach Nuclear Plant.  

This short film explores witness testimony and video evidence for possibly the biggest UFO Sighting story of 2019. Stunning enhanced HD UFO Sighting footage, 8-bit granular audio analysis, dramatic recreation and the voice…

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UFO Sighting Activities in Space Video

UFO Sighting News Today: As long as we have been in space, we have had UFO Sightings. As humanity inevitably moves more and more into this realm, space-based UFOs will only become more important to acknowledge and understand. Meanwhile, there is a tremendous amount of history in this arena to discus…

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Pentagon’s mysterious UFO Sightings program

UFO Sightings News: In December of 2017, The New York Times published a stunning front-page exposé about the Pentagon’s mysterious UFO Sightings program, the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). Featuring an interview with former military intelligence official and Special Age…

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The MADAR UFO Sighting Project

UFO News Today: The MADAR System was created by Fran Ridge over fifty years ago and until recently thanks to new technology it has become available for anyone interested in scientifically documenting the UFO Sighting phenomenon and taking part on the front lines of research. The new MADAR II…

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UFO Sighting Multiply Oval Shaped Craft reported Bothell WA

On 1/21/19&my daughter my grandson and I witnessed a Sighting of many type's of UFO aircraft. UFOs were like giant drones, with lights all around. The way these UFOs;were flying it was not a plane. Two of them were very close to land and stationary. It was very scary and they were many of them over …

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US Military Observed UFO Sightings activities and antennas transmitters on Moon

UFO Sightings News: Chinese spacecraft sends first ever pictures back to Earth taken on far side of moon Landing hailed as historic first in country's space program.
US Military spotted UFO Sightings activities and antennas transmitters on the dark side of the Moon ages ago!The probe, which has a l…

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Project Blue Book The Air Force’s covert UFO investigation is brought to TV

UFO News Today: "Before the service shut the project down, he reported that he believed UFO sightings deserved more rigorous scrutiny, and that the surplus of reliable witnesses, including pilots and high-ranking military personnel, indicated that there was more than what meets the eye when it came …

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Joseph Burkes MD 2015.

From the popular UFO literature and film productions the leading races of beings that play the role of the “heavies” are the so-called Grays and Reptilians.


We are forever pr…

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The Nimitz UFO Sighting Encounters New Information

UFO News Today: Witness: Air Force Confiscated Hard Drives Related To Tic Tac UFO  “First off, I did see something that transited very quickly by our E-2, and I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything like it. The “UFO” joined up with us briefly and all on board had a view for a matter of a…

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President Reagan Chased UFOs

On June 12, 1987, President Ronald Reagan spoke to the people of West Berlin at the base of the Brandenburg Gate near the Berlin wall stating,Mr. Gobachev Tear down this wall.The speech began the destruction of Soviet Communism. Ronald Reagan claimed to have seen UFOs on at least two occasions. Al…

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Astronaut and Research Pilot Joseph A Walker Filmed UFO Sightings

On May 11, 1962 NASA pilot Joseph Walker said that one of his tasks was to detect UFOs during his X-15 flights. He had filmed five or six UFO Sightings during his record breaking fifty-mile-high flight in April, 1962. It was the second time he had filmed UFO Sightings in flight. During a lecture at…

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UFO Sighting in Rendlesham Forest confirms location as the ‘UK’s ROSWELL’

UFO News Today: EXPRESS, October 2018.

Includes video: "Over the course of October 8 and 9, a group known as Ghostech Paranormal Investigations spent time in the Rendlesham Forest searching for alien activity. To their surprise what they believe was a UFO Sighting and even obtained footage. …

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Loch Raven Reservoir's forgotten UFO Sighting 60 years later


Sixty years ago, a glowing egg-shaped object was spotted above Loch Raven Reservoir. The case is still unsolved. In-depth article giving local perspectives on the famous UFO Sighting incident. "Oct. 26 this year will mark 60 years since Cohen and Small repor…

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Happy Halloween! UFOs over Lantana?

UFO News Today: “When young Bradford saw the strange craft hover in front of a melaleuca tree behind their house and settle in a patch of palmetto, he ran to his dad’s machine shop next door to the fire station, yelling for the senior Bradford and another man to come out and see,” Wiggins wrote. “…

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Strange Welsh night involving huge UFO lights explosions and the military

UFO Sightings News : Wales' 'Roswell' is still fascinating UFO hunters two years later "I will take a lie detector anywhere for anyone but what I witnessed will stay with me for the rest of my life. What is more, the military knew they were coming and had a spotter plane in the air for…

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Mystery Airship UFO Sightings, 1896 - 1897

UFO News Today: The flying saucer phenomenon appears to match the cultural expectations of each historic period across the centuries. This brief video describes the wave of airship sightings during the 1890's. Were these actual physical objects, or were they holographic like projections that created…

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