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UFO Chases AT-6 Fighter Plane Video

I was videotaping UFO Sightings on a regular basis from my back porch in Tilton NH. To practice catching UFOs on film I would often practice on airplanes. One I afternoon I saw a plane doing aerobatics so I filmed it. I did not realize until after I had watched the footage that I had also caught a

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Cylinder Shaped UFO Sighting Video Malden Mass.

Although this UFO Video footage was taken on December 8, 2019 it was uploaded Jan.6th 2020 This UFO Sighting footage was captured by John Baglio, who told me that on that Sunday around noon time the sky over Malden seem to be overwhelmed with Chemtrails that had been laid down. John Baglio went on t…

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Raw Video Footage UFO Sightings over Queens New York

UFO Sightings over the New York Metropolitan area have been reported for years. With two major airports,millions of people living & working within the Metro area & New York Cities skyscrapers one can only assume that these Unidentified Flying Objects "UFOs" are seen to be interested in surveillance,…

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Mystery Video Makes UFO News Florida

UFO News Today: Surprised thinking they also saw a missile or rocket launch WPTV news Channel fives Matt Sczesny live on Palm Beach after he spoke with a witness Matt yeah John and that witness is convinced he saw some sort of rocket or missile out on the beach earlier this morning a…

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Recent UFO Sighting over Texas Video

Another UFO Sighting over North West Houston 12/12/19. This one decided to come out before sundown and was flying pretty low. There's just no way these are satellites as these UFO Sightings are flying within our atmosphere. I do not know what these objects are but they are capable of light speed as …

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UFO Sightings The Hidden Interception Video

While filming twin jets flying overhead, an UFO came into frame. After further filming and analysis, it was discovered that there were several orbiting UFOs surrounding the original colorful UFO Sighting. They can be seen zooming into and out of frame at rapid speeds. Those orbiting UFOs have been …

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Real UFO Evidence Video

UFO News Today In this episode of #EdgeofWonder we present some of the most amazing pieces of evidence that UFOs are real along with a very startling video of a real life gray Alien at night that were all taken or compiled by Peter Maxwell Slattery who seems to have UFOs follow him where ever he …

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UFO Sightings caught on Video over Manhattan during Manhattan Explosion

Was UFOs the cause of the Con Edison electric explosion? Something really incredible happened, millions of people saw how the night sky of New York turned bright blue. The mysterious incident turned night into day on Thursday about 9:20 pm local time in just a few seconds, which caused panic among N…

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Black UFO Sighting Videotaped over Utica, New York

MUFON submitter 96854 has uploaded a UFO Sighting video which might be of interest to our readers. The UFO Sighting video was taken in Utica, New York on December 6, 2018. It is a short clip, but worth a look. We see what appears to be a black UFO Sighting in an oval form moving from right to left.…

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F-15 pilot chasing UFO audio (2008)

In 2008 a F-15 pilot tracked and actively chased a UFO at high altitude. The following is the genuine audio recording of the UFO Sighting incident. Live ATC website: I recommend you pay a visit to their website for more great content. See UFO Sighting Video Here

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Ohio Miami Valley UFO Video

Published on Sep 30, 2018 UFO News
Audio transferred from old sound tapes that were once the property of the US Air Force. They were part of the investigation tools used by Project Blue Book. Several years ago I received them as well as other items from a former officer assigned to …

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UFO Related Contact Experiences Video

Alberto is a retired DEA Federal Agent. He has a history of UFO sightings, numerous contact experiences with different types of Non-Human Intelligence (NHI), a Near Death Experiences, has had various OBEs. In addition, Human Looking "Masters" also taught him over many years about various lessons, in…

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The Bendigo UFO Sighting Wave 1983 collection of UFO news reports

During the evenings of late May 1983 many people estimated to be in the hundreds witnessed unusual UFO lights and unconventional UFO Sightings in the skies over Bendigo and the surrounding regions. According to meteorology reports the weather during these evenings were considered still, cool and cle…

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Melbourne Australia April 6 1966 Rare audio UFO Sightings Encounter

The Westall UFO Sighting encounter an event for more than 20 minutes 200 students and teachers at two schools allegedly witnessed an unexplained flying object which descended into a nearby open wild grass field. The paddock was adjacent to a grove of pine trees in an area known as The Grange. Accord…

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Latest UFO Sighting Video 7/13/18 over Las Vegas

Reports have been circulating for years of Morphing UFO Sightings. UFOs changing shape in flight. Is this phenomena real or just the imagination or perception of the viewer of such events? I find this question to be complex as too the over all understanding of the UFO Sightings phenomena. Within my …

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UFO Alien Abduction caught on video

The original version of this 1997 UFO Alien Lake County abduction video which first aired on National Television station UPN  has been reproduced several times creating different versions and scenario's from it's original tape. After careful frame by frame analyze of the original McPherson UF…

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UFO Sightings Direct Contact Video

UFO Sightings are captured on video from six different locations across the United States in the month of July 2018. 

UFO Sightings CE-5 6/21/18 contact Video

In this UFO Sightings Video a CE-5 was being conducted during the Summer Solstice. Brian & Jimmy who produced this video comments I am very happy to share this "UFO" video montage which was produced on the day of the Summer Solstice. Infinite gratitude to my dear Cosmic Friend Brian L. whom partner…

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Cylinder UFO Video captured over Germany must see!

Latest UFO Sighting of a large Cylinder UFO captured on video over Germany. 


Latest UFO Sighting Video May 27 2018 over Melbourne Australia

UFO Sighting Video May 27th 2018 Melbourne Australia filmed by Peter Maxwell Slattery. Peter's experiences with Extra-terrestrials has led him to help people and groups make ET contact themselves, along with healing and tapping into their own abilities. He is also the co-founder of ECETI (Enli…

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