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Oval Shaped UFO Sighting splits into two San Gabriel Mountains CA

January 22, 2018

San Gabriel Mountains UFO Sighting reported

UFO Sighting occurred on Jan.13th 2018. A Small Oval Like UFO Sighting Splits Into Two and Zips Back and Forth from in Under 3/12 Minutes Over San Gabriel Mountains. During the evening while sitting around our fire pit my family and I noticed a small yellow/orange oval-shaped UFO zipping across…

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International UFO Congress 2018

January 22, 2018

International UFO Congress 2018

Episode 40 is now available! This week we get an exclusive sneak peek at the 2018 International UFO Congress with the master of ceremonies himself, Alejandro Rojas! He also announces some very exciting news about a special presentation that will take place. (Hint: Pentagon UFO Program) Listen on a…

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UFO Sighting Event Fort Ord California April 1966

January 21, 2018

Fort Ord 1st Platoon May 1966 UFO Sighting Event reported

I was a member of an infantry training platoon at Fort Ord California in April 1966. We were on a night land navigation exercise on a hillside on Fort Ord federal lands and to the south below us was the road going east over to Salinas and across the canyon was an adjacent mountainside that was a…

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Two Cylinder Shaped UFO Sightings reported 1-19-18 Mammoth Lake CA

January 20, 2018

Cylinder Shaped UFOs Sighted over Mammoth Lake CA 1-19-18

Latest UFO Sighting occurred on Jan.19th 2018. We were driving north on 395 towards Mammoth Lakes CA almost near the Mammoth exit. I was looking at a plane above noting how remarkable the contrail looked with the colors in the sky the plane heads West over mountains. Suddenly a Cylindrical UFO …

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Large Dark Triangular UFO hovered over our house Arizona 2016

January 20, 2018

Black Triangle UFO Sighting reported 7-14-17 Surprise Az

UFO Sighting occurred over Surprise Arizona. My name is David C. Sitzman and I testify this account is true and accurate. No drug use or alcohol plays any part of this instance. On the night of July 14th, 2016 around 11:45 pm I was tossing garbage out, then decided to lookup at a beautifully sta…

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Dark Triangle UFO Sighting in Cloud Cover on I-287 Near Morristown NJ

January 18, 2018

The UFO Sighting event occurred traveling northbound on interstate 287 between Basking Ridge and Morristown New Jersey. Visibility was good at street level but the sky was opaque with low lying cloud cover.

At approximate 7:30 am EST on Jan.11th 2018 a Dark Triangle UFO was Sighted moving through…

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Iran 2004 UFO Sighting Reports Revealed

January 18, 2018

Iran UFO Sightings Reports Revealed

"The UFO incident involving the F-14A occurred on October 28, 2004, when the interceptor was on a combat air patrol (CAP) over the Arank heavy water reactor near Khondab. The glowing UFO Sighting was seen at night and was judged to be collecting data from the reactor according to the report." Ir…

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Sliver Shaped UFO Sighting captured in view of moon see photo

January 15, 2018

Cornwall Ontario Ca UFO Photo over Moon 2016

UFO Sighting occurred on 6/16/2016 over Cornwall Ontario CA. reads I was out shooting images with my kids on the side of my house, just randomly shooting the moon and clouds. I captured the days images using a Canon SX60HS which has zoom capabilities allowing you to zoom in on the moons craters.…

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Many UFO Sightings Reported in Lawndale NC

January 13, 2018

Many UFO Sightings reported Lawndale NC

Starting in February 2017 I moved to a rural town of about 500 people. I lived in a house in one of the most rural area. There were maybe 6 other houses in a mile radius and woods surrounding everything for Miles. Although I have also witnessed things in Shelby NC which is the closest town. I saw …

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UFO Alien Modalities the Pentagon's Secret Program

January 10, 2018

UFO Alien Modalities 2018

In light of disclosure and release into the mainstream news of the Pentagon's secret multi million dollar UFO program, here are words written by Valum Votan in a document entitled, Who are the "Alien" Extraterrestrials? Are They Already Among Us?

"Any consideration of UFOs raises serious ques…

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Multicolored UFO Sightings over Austria must see photo

January 9, 2018

Multicolored UFOs fly over Austria 2014

Formation of bright multi-colored UFO Sightings over Austria - July 15, 2014
Dozens of people witnessed a fleet of multi-colored UFOs in Austria this week and one couple snapped a picture before the fast moving UFOs disappeared. According to the Austrian Times, about 50 to 100 UFOs were spot…

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High Speed UFO Sighting 1-05-18 over New Gloucester Florida

January 8, 2018

Fast Light UFO Sighted over Ocean New Gloucester Florida 1518

Latest UFO Sighting occurred on Jan.5th 2018 over New Gloucester Florida While standing on the balcony of my hotel room on the 4th floor looking east onto the ocean I noticed quite a large white/silver non flashing solid spherical UFO just above the horizon approximately 500-1000 ft altitude and m…

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Fluorescent Green Black Triangle UFO Sighting 1-06-18 Darlington GB

January 6, 2018

Black Triangle UFO Sighting with green lights Darlington GB 1-06-18

Latest UFO Sighting occurred on 1/06/17 over Darlington GB, I was watching TV when I noticed a black UFO in the sky flying left to right out my window. I watched it and it suddenly came clear it was a triangle. I grabbed my phone to start recording and noticed a highly unusual fluorescent green a…

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Two Large Winged UFO Sightings Reported Cambria Paso RO.CA

January 4, 2018

UFO Sighting drawing Cambria Paso RO.CA 122717

NOTE: I saw same craft on two nights.
Date of first UFO Sighting: 12/27/2017
Number of UFOs: 2
Location: California, Hwy 46, Central Coast/San Luis Obispo County
I was driving eastward from from Coast Hwy 1/Hwy 46 junction in Cambria, CA, headed inland on Hwy 46 toward Hwy 101 junction in Pa…

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Daughter and I witnessed UFO Sighting descending ejection of smaller UFO Fort Myers Florida

January 1, 2018

UFO Sighting occurred on Jan 1,2018 over Fort Myers Florida. My daughter and I just finished lighting a couple of fireworks off after the new year ball drop on TV. Once finished, my daughter said, daddy look at that plane it looks weird. After looking at the object, I could tell right away this was …

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Shiny Cylinder UFO Sighting shot off in front of us on the highway 12-29-17 PA

December 30, 2017

Latest UFO Sighting occurred at around 1 to 1:30 pm Eastern time I was on the highway from Perry county to Lancaster in my car driving with my girlfriend we have to pass through Harrisburg PA. area to get there. On the way through on the highway not far from TMI we saw shiny Cylinder UFO directly ov…

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UFO Sighting Flying Web of Orbs Norris TN. 21 August 2016

December 29, 2017

UFO Sighting occurred over Norris TN. 21 August 2016 during the evening I observed a number of Unidentified Flying Objects "UFOs". In total four of them appearing as two pairs. The time was about 2100 LST. At first two UFOs appeared in the northern sky (bearing about 30 deg) and moved to the south a…

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Large Bright UFO Sighting Maneuvering At Low Altitude Photo

December 28, 2017

UFO Light sighting Photo 112217 Naperville IL

It was about 7:34-:38 pm when I was coming back home from the grocery store with my father. As we turned the corner of Red Start and Warbler to get home I noticed something out of the ordinary a large pulsating bright white "UFO" light. There is quite a bit of air traffic in our area but th…

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Latest UFO Sighting 12/22/17 Steel like color with rings around surface of Craft

December 26, 2017

UFO Sighting report occurred on 12/22/17 over Goleta CA.I was coming back from San Francisco and I arrived to the North side of Santa Barbara, after passing the tunnels at the Gaviota State Park area when I said to my friend ( who I was speaking on the phone for the last 40 minutes) what is that. I …

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Weird UFO Sighting reported over Phoenix AZ

December 25, 2017

Today, (Sunday, December 24th, 2017) at 4:54 PM MST my husband and I were out on our patio when we spotted an odd thing sparkling in the sky. It was moving west across the sky at a steady pace. We were not sure if it was just a plane we were seeing at an odd angle, causing an optical illusion due to…

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