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UFO Non Human Encounters

UFO News: Many experience people say that when they are in the presence of some Non Human Entities they feel intense emotions: deep love and affection (with some human-like ETs), or terrifying fear and disgust (with some reptilians), or even abject indifference and uncaring attitudes (with some smal…

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Sen.H.Reid believes UFO Sightings Files be made public

UFO News Today: "The I-Team has confirmed, beyond any question, that the study put together a huge UFO Sighting database with materials and evidence from all over the world. So, what else is in the files? Sen. Harry Reid: "I didn't read all of it. My staff did and I spent a lot of time with my staff…

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UFO Sightings Databases

UFO News: Massive catalogs of The UFO Sightings Phenomenon have been created by the government.

If they become public it would change everything. TTSA is currently working on their own.


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CIA's Role in the Study of UFO Sightings 1947-90

UFO News: During the years of 1940 thru the early years of 1990's the Central Intelligence Agency of the U.S was actively collecting UFO Sighting reported data from Foreign and Domestic News Press releases and cataloging their findings in a data base. Most of these documents can be found on the C.I.…

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Peruvian Airport Officials Reports Two UFOs Hovering

Airport Staff Jorge Chavez has issued an official report regarding the UFO Sightings on their facilities in the town of Callao near Lima in Peru on Feb.27th 2019. The UFO Sighting report mentions that two unidentified flying objects were observed and recorded in image and video about the airport. Th…

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UFO Sighting Disk Shape following my car reported

A huge saucer/droid type UFO Sighting with lots of lights blinking and floating low and no noise seemed to be following my car late at night .

I was driving home and it is country atmosphere, there was no other cars in roads at this time near me. I was coming to my intersection off main road and …

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Bright blue oval shaped UFO Sighting in fast descent

At approximately 21:00 hours on February 26, 2019, my husband and I were on the way home from dinner in the nearby town of Farmville. We were driving southbound on route 696 (Green Bay Road) when we Sighted a large oval shaped, bright blue UFO in the sky. In a matter of seconds, the UFO Sighting des…

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Fireball extinguishes itself metallic UFO emerges from smoke

I have had two UFO sightings in my lifetime. Being a former Law Enforcement Intelligence Analyst,  The latest incident just recently took place, so I will give this information first. The second UFO sighting took place in the 90’s within a quarter of a mile from this latest one. 
February 8, 20…

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Trump Signs Space Force Directive

CNN, February 19, 2019.

"President Donald Trump signed a new policy directive Tuesday laying out his administration's long-awaited plans for establishing a Space Force.

"With today's action we will ensure that our people are secure, our interests are protected and our power continues to be unmatch…

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Circular UFOs with colorful lights moving erratically high in the sky

Tonight and on many different occasions one to three colorful disc shaped UFOs have been sighted hovering high in the sky.One UFO is always in the center moving slowly side to side and up and down, its seems to be larger than the others. Sometimes this UFO is alone, but on most occasions it is acco…

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Jamesville New York midnight UFO sighting

As I was driving home from work I drive home the same way every day I was coming down the hill next to the Jamesville Prison, and I see this UFO what I thought was an airplane, but was going way too slow across the sky to be a plane. UFO Sighting had lot of lights on it, white, red, green, blue.As I…

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Recent UFO Sighting secluded shoreline over Everglades National Park FL.

UFO sighting was slowly ascending over Everglades National Park at East Cape in the Florida Bay 2-1-19: I was with a friend in a small motor boat at about 10:00 in the morning. We left the Flamingo Marina at around 9:30 am and were heading out to explore the Florida Bay, which is part of Everglades …

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Recent Sighting Cigar Shaped UFO reported Sandpoint Idaho

Between hours of roughly 5:30 pm and 6:30 pm PST on Feb 2, 2019, we were sitting in our hot tub. It was dark night conditions with clouds and no stars visible. Suddenly a yellow oblong shape UFO Sighting tracked across the sky in a North - North North East route. UFO Sighting would have been below t…

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Latest UFO Sighting Several Hovering Craft over Chili WI

We were headed South on Y towards Hwy H in Chili WI. It was almost 7:pm on 2/13/19. As we were driving my son noticed something to the west of the vehicle. He stated there were five aircraft with blinking lights and stated that it was weird as how could they all be together hovering like that. I pul…

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108 UFO Sightings in Connecticut in 2018

UFO News Today: According the National UFO Reporting Center there were 108 UFO Sightings in Connecticut in 2018. Your neighbors and friends calling in sightings in West Hartford, Newington, Danbury, Burlington and Bristol to name a few.

The 80-plus UFO Sightings encounters from 2017 came from pla…

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Multiple UFOs witnessed over Corte Madera CA

Multiple bright luminous UFO Sightings mostly in groups of two hovering side by side over hillside tops.I had a witness step out onto the road to observe 2 brightly lit UFOs about a mile in front of us toward the south east horizon. One UFO was distinctly bluish white and the other UFO was golden y…

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History Channel orders 2nd season of Project Blue Book

We are believers in Project Blue Book and so is our audience who has sparked a conversation about the hundreds of unsolved UFO Sightings cases and our nation’s military response to UFO Sightings that have remained relatively secret until now,” said Eli Lehrer, Executive Vice President and Head of …

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UFO Sighting Red & White Lights through Bedroom Window

Bright flash that illuminated my room. looked out window spotted red & white lights on a circular UFO

I woke up earlier than usual and was sitting up in bed when the window completely illuminated the room with a bright flash of light that lasted about 5 seconds. It gave me a strong feeling of fe…

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Year 1957 the UFO Sighting craze in America

MAESTROVIEJO  February 6, 2019. One thing is for sure. He didn't do it for the money. It all began on May 11, 1957.

"Aho experienced other telepathic messages warning him of nuclear Armageddon while visiting the Hawaii island of Maui. He claimed to have been interviewed by the CIA for over two …

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UFO Sighting dimmed and disappeared as aircraft approached Aptos, CA

MY wife (a skeptic) and I were walking the dog a little after 10 pm and I was looking up at the stars, as I always do, and I saw a small light in the sky. I called out the UFO Sighting pointing at it to my wife. I always do this with what is obviously planes which amuses her, and I actually did thin…

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