Stanton Friedman Retires 50 yrs UFOlogy

Stanton Friedman Retires UFOlogy 2018

Open Minds UFO Radio: After more than 50 years of researching and publicly speaking about UFOs, former nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman is doing his victory lap. After a historic career conducting over 700 lectures, writing six books, and countless media interviews, Stanton is retiring from Ufology. To honor Stanton’s work and learn from his unique experience, Open minds UFO Radio will conduct several interviews with him over the next few months. In this interview, we talk about how Stanton got started becoming the face of ufology. 

UFO Sightings Documenting The Evidence Military Police UFO encounter

UFOs Documenting The Evidence

A little-known 1973 UFO Sighting case involving the US Army. This UFO Sighting encounter occurred near Savannah, Georgia, at the big old Hunter Army Airfield. The 298th Military Police Company were guarding the base (which was almost inactive) at the time. On September the 8th two MP's (MP Bart Burns and Randy MP Shade) appear to have endured a long-duration, close-up-and-personal UFO Sighting encounter while patrolling the base runways. Weather was cloudy. Other witnesses, in the local community, also reported unknown aerial activity to local police stations. There were two local police officers from Chatham County Police Dept who were witnesses as well, which verified the incoming calls.At Hunter, the two MP's regathered themselves and filed a Military Police Report (MPR) with the local Provost Marshall's Office. Then they filed a more robust Serious Incident Report to Army Headquarters in Washington DC, with an Info-Only copy sent to Army Forces Command at Fort McPherson. Newspaper reporters managed to interview the MP's soon after the event, which is vital, as we know.Freedom of Information (FOI) aggressor Robert Todd saw that a copy of the Serious Incident Report was released to him by the Army in 1975. This type of Army report is yet another channel that has been used to report UFOs by the US military. I have now learned that dozens of unknown, unseen Serious Incident Reports have been filed after significant UFO Sightings events over the years.
UFO Dives at Military Police Officers, and a US Army "Serious Incident Report During the early hours...UFOs - Documenting The Evidence

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