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Saturn Shaped UFO Sighting Photographed over Milan Italy must see photo

September 23, 2017

Milan Italy UFO Sighting Large Bright Ball Ringed Light 9-22-17

This UFO Sighting Photo dated 9/22/17 was submitted to MUFON with a description saying "I Do Not Fear" this photo was allegedly taken over the city of Milan Italy. There has been UFO Sightings reports over the years of Saturn Shaped UFOs hovering in the sky. This can possibility be of these crafts? mufon cms#86858

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Oblong Shape UFO Sighting bright as sun slowly drifts then accelerates

September 22, 2017

New York UFO Sauce Shape UFO Photo

UFO Sighting occurred on September 22 2017 over Medina Ohio: Sitting at table, noticed bright UFO Sighting against blue sky moving very slowly, in the north west, probably moving west. Size of aspirin at arm's length. Quickly got 7x35 binoculars and observed extremely bright oblong shape, airplane like UFO with two bu…

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