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Strange UFO Sighting reported while waiting at the drive thru Moorpark CA

June 26, 2017

waiting at the drive thru UFO Sighting reported June 2017

UFO Sighting reported 6/25/17 over Moorpark CA: Sitting in drive thru line, just appeared in my sight line, Looking right at it, my eyes hurt to look at it, it is using some kind of neural confusion it was like trying to look at a needle coming at your eye. It gave off some type of electrical interference, and seemed to rotate radially even though it was stationary. It looked big enough to hold one or two people. I could see very clearly on the tail stabilizer USAF 003 in white paint, there were bright silver fixtures and they had solid beacon lights that were white.The tail moved independent of the fuselage, there was a cockpit windscreen/canopy, it was non reflective silver material, that had very odd indentation, it looked like a cookie sheet with a larger section around it to extend it, like a top hat. The Electrical interference seemed to pick up, it disturbed another one just like it in formation next to it and I could see an illusion effect and then nothing as the cloak reengaged and they were gone. There was an inaudible pulse like concussion as well I said "holy $#!+" and it went over the microphone to the drive thru guy and he said "hold on" and It definitely changed the electromagnetism around us something felt off, the air was empty. It felt like a rug had been pulled out from underneath the air, it's hard to explain. they were about 400 feet above the 118 overpass in Moorpark California, I swear by this statement and its truth. The Metal looked old, and was matte like, it did not pick up light like high gloss paint. I've been going through books since I came home. It's good to know it's us that has this stuff. mufon cms# 84601

Mystic Island NJ 6-21-17 Multiple UFO Sightings Reported

June 25, 2017

Multiple UFO Sightings Over Mystic Island NJ 6-21-17

Zig-Zag Flying UFOs over Mystic Island New Jersey. This has become a regular occurrence over the Mystic Island section of Little Egg Harbor Township. Almost every night there are either small circular UFOs extremely far away moving across the sky or there will be multiple circular UFOs anywhere between 3-8 UFOs standing still. There are also on occasion such as last night a bright red UFO Sighting that moves in short bursts sort of like a zig zag motion and is almost always in the same location. Although we are close to Atlantic City Airport and do have military air traffic, these are not ANYTHING of the sort. 
It would be extremely interesting to have this filmed with a good camera. These UFO Sightings are so far away and move so quickly I can't catch them with my cell phone. Also, these UFO Sightings are not shooting stars as they do not burn out and move in ways planes can't move. source

Blue Red UFO Sighting San Diego CA 6-21-17

June 25, 2017

Blue Red UFO Sighting San Diego CA 6-21-17

UFO Sighting of a Disk-surrounded with red/blue lights doing amazing acrobatic maneuvers in night sky. When I went out tonight to collect my mail, I witnessed a disk/flat shaped UFO craft surrounded with bright/deep blue lights, and also red lights. They appeared to be 1/2 and 1/2. The UFO Sighting was below the very high cloud cover and was in the West sky. As I watched this UFO, it darted at a rapid speed, shooting back/forth, up/down. A neighbor came outdoors to take her trash out, and I pointed to the UFO, telling her what I had observed. She looked up at it, stating she knew, as she had been watching it from her apartment balcony but didn't know what it was. 
As we both stood watching this UFO do racing/darting acrobatics, it suddenly shot straight up...then raced at a very high rate of speed to the North, out of sight. The speed and ability to maneuver as it did made it impossible for it to have been any typical aircraft. We heard no noise. source

UFO Was Intelligently Aware I was Watching it Willits California

June 25, 2017

Orange ball UFO Sighting reported over california June 2017

My husband and I were sitting outside together on our back porch on June 24th 2017 when I turned around and saw a an Orange Fireball like UFO in the sky originally I thought it looked like a Super Nova (a star exploding in the sky) so I jumped up and grabbed my Nikon dsl 3300 and snapped a photo of the fireball and as soon as I did the UFO started to move from the west (where I first sighted it) to the east (moving closer overhead) and then I asked my husband what it was because a start wouldn't move that way. Once I said something the UFO ball looked like a slow moving exploding fireball and then the lights were just out. But we could still see the UFO over head. It then cot closer and closers (northeast) that's when I could see what the bottom of the UFO looked like. It was a Dull Grey Sphere with Dark Rings starting from the middle and getting bigger towards the outside of the UFO. (I also filled as much as I can but the UFO was too dark at this time but you can here what was said and a single orange flash from the UFO and one photograph that just turned out like an orange blob) and as I said that it was for sure a ufo it stopped hovering above us and it's lights went back on and it went over the trees towards the north east. As soon as I saw the UFO I called my mom because I thought she would be the only one to believe me and I called her at 10:33 pm Saturday June 24, 2017. It's 11:37 and I just went to upload the images from my camera to the computer and my whole card has been corrected. I have no evidence.. even AFTER I showed my husband the video AND the images. 
Of this UFO Sighting. I will say I feel VERY uncomfortable right now as I am submitting this UFO Sighting report. mufon cms# 84588 UFO Sighting occurred over Willits California June 6/24/17

UFO News: New UK UFO Files Release Not Accessible On Line

June 24, 2017

UK National Archives UFO Files Released

UFO News:

Nick Pope as promised, I wanted to make a statement about yesterday’s release of UK government UFO files. I’ve been tied up in discussions with the media and The National Archives about this, so apologize for not having commented earlier.

First, the good news. 15 of the 18 remaining Ministry of Defence UFO files have now been released. This is, as I said in many of the media interviews that I did to announce this release, a good news story in terms of open government and freedom of information. I stand by those remarks.

Now, the bad news. As anybody who has tried to access the files will have discovered, they haven’t been digitized and they aren’t available online. People will either have to order them, pay whatever price The National Archives quote, and then wait a few weeks for them to arrive. Alternatively, people will have to go in person to The National Archives in Kew, where the files can be accessed in the onsite reading room. In further bad news, three files have still to be released, though it’s my hope that these can be made available later this year, possibly as early as next month, after the July meeting of the Advisory Council on National Records and Archives, which needs to formally approve the transfer of these records.

I’m disappointed that none of these final 18 files will be digitized and made available for download. This is what happened with all previous batches of these files, which were made available free of charge for the first month. Clearly this raised expectations that this would happen with the final 18 files, and as I said in many of my media interviews, the fact that these last 18 files are more difficult (and expensive) to get hold of has inevitably raised suspicions that the government is making these files hard to get. For the record, this was not my decision, and doing it this way would not have been my choice.

Notwithstanding the above, the nine year project to declassify and release the MoD’s archive of UFO files is nearly complete, and we’re further forward now than we were two days ago. I’m sure plenty of people will have been in The National Archives reading room today and I’m sure it won’t be long before people start posting copies of the material on various websites – though I can’t encourage anyone to break laws concerning Crown Copyright.

As I said in some of my media interviews, 24 June is the 70th anniversary of Kenneth Arnold’s ‘flying saucer’ sighting that marked the beginning of the modern UFO mystery. 70 years on, the interest in the release of these real-life X-Files shows that interest in the UFO phenomenon is still strong. credit Nick Pope

Kenneth Arnold's 24 June 1947 UFO Sighting Encounter

June 24, 2017

Kenneth Arnold UFO Sighting 70th Birthday

Happy 70th birthday to the UFO phenomenon. Kenneth Arnold's 24 June 1947 sighting of nine strange UFOs over the Cascade Mountains in Washington State gave rise to the term "flying saucer". While people have seen strange things in the sky throughout human history, Arnold's sighting marked the genesis of the modern UFO mystery. 70 years on, the mystery remains unsolved, despite some die-hard debunkers claiming that the phenomenon is dead, and despite some true believers stating that the extraterrestrial hypothesis is proven. Neither group are correct. The UFO phenomenon remains unsolved, and perhaps unsolvable (and I say this as someone who had responsibility for the subject for the British government). It can be occasionally frustrating, sometimes fun, and always intriguing. So, once again, happy 70th birthday to UFOs! credit Nick Pope

Symmetrical Shape UFO round globe on the top grey/metallic in color reported NJ.

June 23, 2017

East Orange Disk Shape UFO Sighting reported June 19 2017

I was relaxing in my yard on my back steps looking up at the sky. It was going to rain later so the sky had rain clouds below the white clouds. As I was laying there looking up I noticed an UFO moving fast above the white clouds to my left. At first I thought it was a bird soaring in the sky. Then it slowed down the moment I said that is not a bird. I jumped up to get a closer look at it. It was not a bird. The UFO then stopped and hoovered. The UFO slowly descended downwards toward me with no sound then it picked up speed. Before I could blink my eyes it was directly in my view. I did not know rather to run or not, so I just stood there in amazement but scared at the same time. This UFO came down low enough for me to get a brief description of it. I was only viewing what seems like a side view of the UFO. The UFO Sighting was symmetrical in shape with a round globe on top. It was gray/metallic in color. The UFO did not glow or pulsate. There were no lights or sound emitting from it. There no visible signs of propulsion. Then it started picking up speed and continued the same flight path as it entered into the rain clouds. After the UFO disappeared I told a few of my family members and drew a picture of what I saw. I will always question why did it show itself to me instead of continuing its path. I will never forget what I saw. mufon cms# 84558 UFO Sighting occurred on June 19 2017 over East Orange New Jersey

Bird-like UFOs disappeared and reappeared over Dayton WA U.S.

June 23, 2017

Bird like UFO Sightings June 2017

I was driving my daughter from Dayton, WA towards Waitsburg, WA on 12. I saw what at first looked like a flock of six white birds. However, their flight pattern was not bird-like and their wings were not flapping. Usually, birds fly in a V shaped formation, but these UFOs were flying in a box formation. Then I noticed that they were not actually white, but a very shiny silver and flashing a white light. At that point, I said to my daughter, "What is that?" As I said it, all six UFOs disappeared from sight. My daughter looked and said, "What's what?" At this point, I decided to say, "Nevermind" because I thought I was just seeing things. Before I could say it, as my daughter and I were still looking at the skyline, the UFOs rematerialized before our eyes. This was a clear day with zero cloud cover; thus, it wasn't that they had been behind a cloud. During my viewing these UFOs disappeared three times and reappeared twice. When they disappeared, they were invisible for more than just a few seconds. We eventually lost sight of these UFOs because after their final disappearance. The experience just left me feeling unsettled with many questions running through my head and hoping that other people saw it too. mufon cms# 84554 UFO Sighting reported occurred on June 22 2017 Dayton WA U.S.

Silver Transparent Sphere UFO Sighting followed by chopper and airplane 6/18/17 PA

June 22, 2017

Red Lion PA 6-18-17 UFO Orb reported

I was standing in my backyard watching the field for deer and noticed a UFO silver but mostly transparent sphere floating in the sky about 300-400 feet in the air. The UFO floated without sound, or light. I pulled my phone from my pocket and switched to video mode but would not pick up the UFO; it blended perfectly with backdrop in media, but clear as day in the sky with the human eye. The UFO after 10-15 seconds shot off out of site, followed directly after by a helicopter and a non commercial plane at the same low altitude and coarse. A second after that a loud boom was heard. mufon cms# 84536 UFO Orb Sighting reported June 18th 2017 Red Lion PA

A Light Orb UFO shot up from the tree reported 6/21/17 WA U.S.

June 22, 2017

UFO Sighting WA U.S. 62117

Was laying in bed looking out the window when a light UFO orb shot up from the tree. I've been observing the tree because of strange activity. Leaves this luminous appearance and move's when there's no wind in it's ways that contradict wind flow. I first noticed the UFO because it was so bright in comparison to the night .The UFO shot straight up from the trees. I was astonished and I realized it was unknown/ unexplained. I tried to rationalize what it might be but every conclusion I came to was that it was an UFO. mufon cms# 84536 UFO Sighting reported 6/21/17 WA. U.S.


June 20, 2017

PRG International MAJESTIC12 NEW UFO ALIEN Documents

A set of briefing documents related to the alleged Majestic 12 Group has been electronically delivered to the host of Art Bell's Midnight in the Desert, Heather Wade." The documents were provided by sources known to Ms. Wade who wish to remain anonymous at this time. 

They are new and not previously seen by any researchers in the field. They appear to PRG to be basic briefing materials for persons being indoctrinated into an ET/Alien UFO related USAP or the Majestic 12 group itself. credit Joseph Burkes

UFO Alien Resources Q&A

June 20, 2017

Alien UFO Abduction

Have you been ABDUCTED by UFO ALIENS?
Take this test: 52 indicators of UFO encounters or abduction by aliens…Alien Abduction Resources Secrets of UFO Alien Abductions - Resources for abductees..BLUE-PLANET-PROJECT.COM/credit Gil Carlson

Large reddish-orange orb/sphere glowing UFO Sighting Photo report

June 20, 2017

Vergennes Vermont Large Orange UFO Orb Sighting 62814

A group of us was sitting outside camping at the Maritime Museum in Vergennes,Vermont. One of our group said, “I wonder what that is?” 

We looked up and saw a large reddish-orange orb/sphere UFO moving toward us (east to west). It was glowing like it was lit from inside. The colors appeared to be moving, with even a hint of blue visible much like a fire. The UFO was perfectly round and the edges appeared crisp no blurring. When I saw it, I knew immediately that I was viewing a UFO Sighting there just was no doubt in my mind. The UFO did not make any sound whatsoever. The UFO was maybe about 800 feet up and from where we stood it looked about the size of a dinner plate if I was holding it in my hand pretty large  that's the best I can describe the size of the UFO. 

The UFO continued to move toward us. It definitely was not a plane, helicopter, weather balloon, hot air balloon, flare, Chinese lantern, or anything else of the sort. It stopped almost over us (probably about 200 feet from the shore of the lake). The UFO stayed there hovering for a short while. I'm not sure how long and then suddenly shot straight up, very fast. It kept going up in a straight line until it looked like one of the many stars (it was a clear night). We kept watching and then the UFO appeared to become smaller than one of the stars until we could no longer see it. 

There was never a sound from this UFO. There was no sensation on the ground when it shot straight up. There was no change in the sphere whatsoever except for the fact that the reds and oranges moved sort of like a bubble's colors do; however it stayed perfectly round. I was in awe of seeing this sphere and felt sort of disappointed when it went away. I was never afraid. mufon cms# 84502 UFO Sighting occurred on June 28th 2014.

Three UFOs Sighted one in vertical direction descended more than 500 ft 90 deg reported

June 18, 2017

UFO Sighting Reported Humacaco PR 61717

I was in my home in Humacaco PR on June 17th 2017 and decided to go to a hill very close to my home to take pictures to the south-east. I noticed the UFOs right at the same place when reviewing them on my camera. I thought the UFOs were some kind of flying saucers since I noticed it has shape. One UFO Sighted with unknown shape flew in less than one second from above 500 ft to below 500 ft in 90 degrees vertical. Another metallic sharp-end at the top and bottom shaped UFO was below the unknown fast-moving UFO in less than one second in one of the sequence of photos. I felt this is the first time I got clear-pictures of Unknown UFOs moving so fast to be ours. The UFOs left the sight of my camera. I included more photos of other UFOs that happened to be very close to this event. mufon cms# 84458 UFO Photos were to small to show.

UFO Sighting appeared to change shape could of been rotating photo United Kingdom

June 18, 2017

Bury ST Edmunds GB UFO Sighting reported

UFO sighting occurred at 6:am on June 17th 2017 over United Kingdom Suffolk. Had a camera handy so took photos,was unlike anything I have ever seen in the sky. Thought I would report this. mufon cms# 84466

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