Latest recent UFO Sighting Black Craft Kalamazoo MI 3/23/17

March 23, 2017

UFO Sighting Black craft Kalamazoo MI 2017

So this happened last night. I had just saw a movie with a friend and didn't feel like going home so I headed to a local city overlook to enjoy the view and smoke a couple cigarettes. I was only there for a few minutes before I started looking at the stars. It was a very clear night and even with the large amount of light pollution, they were quite bright. Just then, something blocked out one of the stars in my immediate view. I quickly caught sighting of a Black, boxy, angular UFO moving completely silently across the sky. No lights, no exhaust, no noise. The only reason I was able to see it was because of the light pollution making the sky brighter than the black UFO. It is difficult to speculate on the size and altitude as there were no markers, but if I had to guess, I would say the UFO sighting was cruising at about 250-350 ft and was maybe 2-3 times the size of an average helicopter. Where I saw it wasn't straight above me, but instead out in front and up. The UFO was moving pretty quickly and I only saw it for maybe 1.5 seconds. mufon cms# 82790

Latest UFO Sighting Shiny Oval or Cigar Shaped Object moving swiftly over Plympton MA

March 23, 2017

Latest UFO Sighting Shinny Disk Shape craft over Plympton MA March 22 2017

The time was about 9-9:30 a.m, it was a cool, clear, sunny March morning with magnificent blue skies and good long-distance visibility. I was sitting at my kitchen table on the computer in the relatively open dining room/kitchen area with the bright skies lighting up the room. I heard a low-flying jet aircraft likely an airliner entering or exiting the pattern at Boston-Logan International Airport (about 40 miles to the North of my house), it seemed slightly louder and more high-pitched than most of the usual modern airliners with high-bypass turbofan engines or acoustic liners and more like the older low-bypass turbofan engines on aircraft such as the MD-80 series (or historically the Boeing 727), the aircraft sounded lower too than usual, noting the high-pitched sound I suspected that it may not have been an airliner but possibly a Air Force Reserve C-5A Galaxy of the 439th Airlift Wing at Westover Air Force Reserve Base out on a training sortie, as the last of the older C-5A models (all based at Westover as this report was written) is due for decommissioning the before the end of 2017 my interest was peaked and I jumped to the window to get a glimpse of the aircraft. I Looked into the bright blue skies but realized the airplane I heard had already passed out of view over my house, instead my eyes caught sight of something else much higher. The UFO Sighting appeared to be a shiny silver or gray metallic color but I am unsure if this was its actual color or just the sunlight reflecting off of it, the UFO had the color and glint of an airliner at cruising altitude but unlike an aircraft I could clearly not see any wings or tail plane/horizontal stabilizers on the UFO and it produced no contrail, the UFO was an oval, oblate, or rounded cigar shape to it with no visible appendages. I rushed out to my front porch to continue watching the UFO, it continued a very constant and swift path towards the south or southwest at an altitude I could not accurately determine but would guess to be in the realm of 30-35,000 feet maybe 40,000 or more depending on the size of the objects, I could not determine the size of the UFO due to the lack of a reference point or any surrounding objects and its sheer distance, its speed also seemed faster than that of a wide body airliner at cruising altitude (slightly). The UFO produced no sound however It could have been drown out by the sound of the low-flying airliner (which i could see/hear had departed to the east and I believe was most likely an airliner in the MD-80 series or potentially an Airbus A-320 with the Rolls-Royce Turbofans) I continued to watch the UFO as it continued farther from my field of view still shiny and reflective and fast, I could not photograph the UFO accurately because I did not have an advanced lens camera at my disposal, only an iphone 5 which takes notoriously blurry and indistinguishable photos of far away objects. I considered running back into the house to look for my binoculars but at the rate the UFO was moving out of sight it was apparent that it would most likely be out of sight by the time I came back outside with the binoculars. The ordeal lasted no more than 2 and a half minutes as the shiny, wingless, featureless oval continued out of sight before being obscured by trees and the horizon. As an avid aviation enthusiast with solid eyesight who frequently watches the skies for civilian and military aircraft and is skilled with identifying aircraft I can say that this did not resemble a conventional aircraft as it had no visible external features (wings, engines, Horizontal Stabilizers, Vertical Stabilizers or other aircraft parts that are clearly visible on large commercial airliners and military aircraft at cruising altitude) and also the UFO sighting did not produce a contrail at all although its reflection from the sun was similar to that on aircraft at similar altitudes. I don't know if the UFO could have been a satellite as its trajectory was similar to one however as far as I know satellites in orbit or space stations are not visible during daylight hours (let alone in the bright sunlit late morning sky) It appeared to be too large and high-altitude to be a normal drone of some sort and the crafts identity and origin is still puzzling to me. In the years of watching the skies I have very rarely seen something I cannot identify or explain although there have been a few occasions in and around the area of Plympton Ma and surrounding towns I have noticed very High, small, silver or shiny objects during bright cloudless days on at least 3-4 occasions before this, they usually appear to be at an incredible altitude with an indefinable shape due to the distance and are either entirely stationary or moving at a relatively slow pace in its position, This UFO was similar to those instances in its reflective nature but appeared to be moving at a more rapid and constant pace with more of a definable shape and if I were to guess it appeared to be somewhat lower. I will continue scanning the local skies, now with good binoculars at hand and will continue to report further UFO Sightings if they are to occur and try to get photo/video the next time around. mufon cms# 82791

Dr. J. Allen Hynek & Peter Gersten UFO Sightings Phenomenon

March 22, 2017

Latest UFO Sightings Saucer Photo

Tom Snyder's interview from the early 1980s, with J. Allen Hynek and attorney Peter Gersten, covers government cover-up(s) and details of some intriguing UFO sightings. Dr. Hynek explains what UFO researchers needed to do to explain the UFO phenomenon. J. Allen Hynek tells Snyder what researchers needed to do to ultimately explain the UFO phenomenon but all these years later his astute advice is still being ignored. 

Dr. Josef Allen Hynek was an American astronomer and ufologist most famous for his research on UFOs (unidentified flying objects). He had served as scientific adviser to the UFO studies which were undertaken by the U.S. Air Force after which he became involved in his own independent study of the UFOs. Eventually he developed a system of describing UFO sightings into six categories based on factors like distance of sighting, appearances, and special features. This system, known as the Close Encounter classification system, established him as one of the foremost authorities on this subject. Hynek acted as scientific advisor to UFO studies undertaken by the U.S. Air Force under three consecutive projects: Project Sign (1947–1949), Project Grudge (1949–1952), and Project Blue Book (1952–1969). Lawyer Peter Gersten has been a well-known figure in UFOlogy at least since the 1970s. He filed suit against the CIA in U.S. District Court in 1977 for release of documents concerning UFOs. This resulted in over 900 pages of documents being released, although there was little in them that wasn't already known. There were 57 pages that were held back due to "national security" concerns. UFOlogists made a big stink about this, claiming it's proof of a government cover-up. The Center for UFO Studies was started by Dr. J. Allen Hynek in 1973, who was a professor of astronomy at Ohio State University, and later, chairman of the astronomy department at Northwestern University. The Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) has two principal activities. First, it maintains a library and archives of UFO-related materials. These materials include books, articles, documents, and sighting reports. Second, the Center supports investigators with research materials. Of course, the Center for UFO Studies continues to investigate UFO sightings and to collect and evaluate UFO reports from around the world.

Found this UFO Photo when deleting some pictures on my cellphone Wilsonville OR

March 21, 2017

Wilsonville Oregon Black Green UFO Sighting photo

Me and my kid stopped to have lunch at a restaurant never did see this UFO until I looked at the pictures I was deleting what I thought was a random picture of my shoe but in the upper left corner is this hat with a green beach ball under it. mufon cms# 82740

UFO Investigative Global Government Agencies view video

March 21, 2017

This presentation is from the December 2016 meeting of the Arizona chapter of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

Governments around the world have felt compelled to act on credible UFO sightings. The United States, Great Britain and France have had official UFO investigation departments, and have released thousands of files. What many do not know is that France and several South American countries currently have active official government and/or military UFO research organizations. We will examine these organizations, past and present, and the amazing UFO cases that have prompted their creation.

Alejandro Rojas is Director of Operations for Open Minds Production, the host for Open Minds UFO Radio, editor and contributing writer for Open Minds .tv, and emcee for the International UFO Congress. He is also a Blogger for the Huffington Post. For several years Alejandro was the official spokesperson for the Mutual UFO Network as the Director of Public Education. As a UFO/Paranormal researcher and journalist, Alejandro has spent many hours in the field investigating anomalous phenomena up close and personal. Alejandro has been interviewed by media organizations around the world, including the largest cable and network news agencies with regular appearances on Coast to Coast AM. He has been featured on the Travel Channel, Syfy, National Geographic, and E!.

Michigan UFO Sightings craze of 1966 video

March 20, 2017

Michigan UFO Sightings craze of 1966

"We got to about 500 yards of the UFO thing,” Manor told interviewers. “This UFO was sort of shaped like a pyramid, with a blue-green light on the right-hand side and on the left, a white light. I did not see no antenna or porthole. The body of the UFO was like a yellowish coral rock and looked like it had holes in it sort of like if you took a piece of cardboard box and split it open. You could not see it too good because it was surrounded with heat waves, like you see on the desert. The white light turned to a blood red as we got close to it and Ron said, ‘Look at that horrible thing.’ credit Frank Stalter

Michigan UFO Sightings craze of 1966 video

UFO Sightings on Radar Shuts Down Airport 2017

March 19, 2017

UFO Sighting shuts down Peruvian airport 2017

A fleet of 12 UFO Sighting on radar caused chaos in Peru, causing flights to be suspended at the Jorge Chávez Airport in Lima in February 2017. According to reports, multiple eyewitnesses saw a large fleet of Unidentified Flying Objects flying in the skies close to the airport, causing the Peruvian Airports and Commercial Aviation Corporation (CORPAC) to officially document the UFO Sightings. Air traffic was grounded for at least 3 hours, as officials used special night vision technology to record the mysterious UFOs. According to eyewitnesses, the UFOs were barely visible to the naked eye. According to Zegarra, the radar tower was engaged in communications with pilots diverting them to another airport due to unusual radar activity. Zegarra stated, The Jorge Chavez airport radar captured 12 unidentified echoes on its screen. Each identified with code 0000, which means a UFO. Zegarra states that he heard recordings of the conversations between the control tower and the pilots, but those have yet to be released to the public. During the UFO incident, a second Ufologist, Joshue Cornejo, captured the image below in the same area as the airport using an infrared video camera. He and Zegarra claim that these twelve UFOs are the same ones that showed up on the airport’s radar system, and are responsible for the suspension of outgoing and incoming flights. According to Cornejo, the objects were not easily visible to the naked eye. While this may be strange, the leaked documents also contained information regarding a second UFO incident on February 7th 2017 which also temporarily shut down the airport at 9:40 pm local time. According to the February 7th incident, the radar identified a large unknown UFOs passing over the airport’s airspace. Perhaps one of the most famous airport UFO Sightings incidents occurred over O’Hare International Airport in 2006. Personnel in the radar tower, ground crews, pilots and passengers all reported seeing a large disk shaped UFO silently hovering over Gate C-17. The initial UFO sighting was made by a ramp operator who contacted the tower and the crew of a United Airlines Flight 446. A dozen employees reported the UFO Sighting to their superiors, while many others also allegedly saw the UFO. Regardless of one’s personal belief towards the UFO question, these two incidents over Peru ultimately caused significant inconvenience for the passengers who had to wait for the airport to resume flights. Furthermore, airports are busy with dozens of flights either ready to take off or land within minutes of each other, and the slightest misstep on the part of the radar crew, pilots, or ground crew can lead to tragic consequences. credit Maurice X Ferreira Jr.

UFO Sighting Military Activity reported over Chandler & Tempe Arizona

March 19, 2017

Arizona Map UFO Sighting reported

Chandler AZ 3/16/17 I saw 3 bright red lights flying in a triangular formation very low to the ground and in complete silence. The UFOs were very low to the ground and heading west over Chandler. The Red UFOs would move closer to one another and then further apart while maintaining a triangular pattern varying from equilateral, to isosceles, to scalene, in nature. The frequency at which these lights were blinking were mutually exclusive. They all seemed to make up part of a whole, but they were emanating light on their own accord with complete autonomy. I immediately ruled out radar on a commercial aircraft because of the nature of the blinking of these UFOs. After a minute, they disappeared out of my line of vision. Shortly after, 2 helicopters appeared to give chase to whatever this thing was.

Tempe AZ 3/16/17 Unusual military helicopter activity over east Phoenix, AZ, valley. 3-16-17. 8:12 pm. Two military helicopters flying rectangular paths around the East Valley of Phoenix AZ. Lead aircraft was a Cobra with lots of armor looking items hanging off each side of the aircraft. Second helicopter was a military type, id unknown, passenger type. Both aircraft were painted in a light gray color.

Project Stargate - CIA Remote Viewing of Ancient UFO Aliens Video

March 18, 2017

UFO Project Stargate

View Video Below: On May 22, 1984, Central Intelligence Agency undertook a sanctioned remote viewing of ancient Mars. As a result of an FOIA lawsuit, a document was recently uncovered and placed on line in which CIA pursued the remote viewing of a number of Martian coordinates - and what they found was both bizarre and astounding. This now declassified report discloses the remote viewing of an ancient Martian civilization suffering under a geological and environmental catastrophe - and the subject even communicates with one of the entities. 

The subject reported pyramids, structures, and spindly entities who possessed a philosophical stance to their impending destruction. Why was CIA conducting this kind of research into ancient Mars and ancient civilizations? Who requested the investigation to begin with? And how did that person know the coordinates and the time period to search?

The implications of the answers to those questions are disturbing. CIA committed a project to remote view specific locations in a specific time period and search for ancient intelligence - do elements of the corptocracy have access to ancient knowledge of extraterrestrial life not privy to the general public?

Latest UFO Sighting reported Tacoma Washington

March 18, 2017

Tacoma Washington UFO Sightings Orbs report March 12 2017

Strange white silent hovering UFO lights near Commencement Bay We were walking down Borough Road by Garfield Park to our car. My daughter saw 3 hovering UFO lights, white with red and blue and thought it was an airplane but wondered why these UFOs were silent and hovering so low, plus too small to be full sized airplanes, but very bright lights. The group of 3 UFOs were in a tighter formation at first. There were more bright white UFO lights hovering lower on the horizon by the water, Commencement Bay Puget Sound. We sighted 9 UFO lights and actually noticed 11 in one photo, almost as though they were meeting at the spot we saw the first 3, making a formation of some kind. I got my phone to get pictures. The UFOs stayed bright white and spread out, then disappeared, most moved upward into the clouds, a few sideways, probably hovering for close to ten minutes. This was about 7:45 PM, Sunday, March 12th in Tacoma, WA.. We have no idea what these were. I'm glad we got photos.Latest UFO Sighting reported Tacoma Washington

More Human then Alien Researching the UFO Sighting enigma

March 18, 2017

Roswell Daily Record 1947 UFO Sighting

"The preliminary results of the research I have conducted confirm my earlier hypothesis that the Cold War played a critically formative role in the creation and sustainability of the UFO and Alien sightings contact phenomenon. Archival research in particular demonstrates that the technological innovations, cultural values, political anxieties, and institutional methods characteristic of Cold War societies helped fuel interest in UFOs and extraterrestrials." At least he openly admits his confirmation bias. credit Frank Stalter  More Human then Alien Researching the UFO Sighting enigma 

The Government's UFO Disclosure Plan with Grant Cameron 2017

March 17, 2017

UFO Alien Government Disclosure 2017

Grant Cameron presents an overview of the 50 odd stories that show the government has been doing a gradual disclosure for 70 years.

He will briefly talk about the 64 reasons the government may have that prevent a move to full disclosure and will speak on the 14 Magicians whose job it was to provide the UFO leaks and the 5 Messiahs who believed it was their role to bring UFO disclosure to the public.

View more revolutionary webinars at

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Latest UFO Sighting we communicated with two Saucer Shaped UFOs Conway WA

March 15, 2017

On Monday, March 13, 2017 at 8:30 pm, my friends and I were at the western most end of Rawlings Rd in Conway WA, when out of nowhere, a UFO light appeared just above the horizon, over Camano Island. After a minute or so, another bright UFO light appeared next to it. It was the same pattern as our previous UFO Sightings in the same area, so we instantly knew what we were seeing. We had brought along a camera, as the UFOs had previously shown up as soon as we arrived at the area. We took multiple long exposure shots of the UFO Sightings in flight, and it was revealed that whilst traveling at faster speeds, the UFO would cloak itself, and could only be seen on camera. We photographed the flight path of both UFOs departing the area, and it was truly amazing. About 10 minutes after they had left, the UFOs returned in the same spot, or another 2 UFO lights with similar characteristics appeared there. This UFO Sighting did relatively the same things, hovering and pulsating in odd fashions. They would disappear for minutes at a time, then suddenly reappear, then dart away after some time in the area. The 3rd time we saw this, one of us decided to flash a phone flashlight at it. Upon doing this, to our surprise, the UFO abruptly turned towards us, in a frantic manner. It had 3 lights in the front that appeared to scan us. After that, it quickly darted in another direction and assumed a southwest bound flight path. It was during its departure of the area that we noticed a Saucer Shape to it. The entire UFO was lit up with a large number of lights, pulsating in an intelligent manner. During the departure, we flashed lights again, and this time, it began to fly in a manner similar to an insect, going up and down, and left to right. The we realized that we had just communicated with a potential extra terrestrial, and that our lives would be forever changed. The event lasted 3 hours. mufon cms# 82641

Lt. Colonel Charles I. Halt UFO Sighting Testimony

March 14, 2017

Colonel Halt UFO Incident

Charles I. Halt (Born 1939) is a retired United States Air Force colonel and the former base commander of RAF Bentwaters, near Woodbridge, Suffolk. After serving in Vietnam, Japan and Korea, he was assigned to Bentwaters as deputy commander. The Rendlesham Forest UFO Sighting incident of late December 1980 occurred shortly afterwards, and he was an important witness to events on the second night of this UFO Sightings. In the late hours of December 27, and early December 28, 1980 then Lieutenant Colonel Halt led a patrol to investigate an alleged UFO landing site near the eastern edge of Rendlesham Forest. During this investigation they witnessed several UFO lights, most prominent of them being a bright flashing light in the direction of Orford Ness UK. In January 1981 Halt composed an official Air Force memorandum listing details of the UFO Sighting events. The memo was then dispatched to the Ministry of Defense. Halt also made an audio tape recording of the incident.

UFO Sightings Occurred Fifty Years ago over Galesburg 1967

March 14, 2017

Galesburg UFO Sightings

"Courson was considered a credible witness, as he had long worked in police and security fields and was also a pilot. He described the UFO Sighting as about "30 to 40 feet in diameter, circular with a hazy red light coming from the bottom." He also said a white light around the UFO would grow brighter and the red light would begin to pulsate. The UFO Sighting was also said to be surrounded by a blue haze. He was not the only UFO witness, as about 15 people at the Colonial Inn Motel and others in Galesburg reported seeing the UFOs, too." Have you ever looked into the night sky and seen something you can't explain? A twinkling light or a moving shape, or perhaps a line of lights moving. credit Frank Stalter

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