Here we have a list of  our UFO Website link partners and Government UFO Research

Portals that can be of use for anyone interested in researching the UFO Phenomena. If you have a

UFO related website link that you would like to have listed here please feel free to forward us the link

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UFO Research Organizations Internet Site Links :


ICAR - International Community for Alien Research -

MUFON - Mutual UFO Network -

ACERN - Australian Close Encounter Research Network -

AUFORN - Australian UFO Research Network -

CUFOS - The J.Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies -

CSETI - Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence -

NICAP - National Investigation Committee on Areal Phenomina -

NARCAP - National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena -

FUFORG - Fareham UFO Research Group -

Archives for UFO Research -

Alien Enigma -

Alien Scalpel -

NUFORC - The National UFO Reporting Center -

BUFORA - British UFO Research Association - -

Alien Research Group

UFO Magazine -


The Canadian UFO Survey -

International UFO Museum and Research Center -

The Alien Jigsaw - -

UFO Digest -

UFO Blogger -

Extraterrestrial Contact -

UFO Casebook -

The Majestic Documents - Evidence that we are not alone -

Institute of Frontier Science -

Aliens The Truth -

The National UFO Reporting Center -

IF - Intruders Foundation; Bud Hopkins' UFO Abduction Research Organisation -

ParaResearchers -

Alien UFO Sightings Video - - -

UFO's and Alien Phenomina - - -

Nebula UFO's and Aliens -

B.U.F.O.D. Space Above and Beyond -

A.A.S. R.A. - Archeoligy, Astronotics and SETI Research Association -

The OZ Files - Bill Chalkers' The OZ Files Australia's UFO History - - Worldwide UFO sightings -

NOUFORS - Northern Ontario UFO Research and Study -

Sightings - 24/7 UFO Headline News and Report Center -

Disclose.t.v.  Truth Revealed -

Supernatural -

Roswell Rods -

Paranormal News - UFO's -

UFO & abduction reports (a.o.) from North Wales, U.K. -

Paranormal Old Pueblo - Paranormal News and Opinion, latest UFO News, supernatural and unexplained phenomena -

Missouri Investigators Group - UFO investigation and research -

Crowded Skies -

UFO Area - UFO Area's news, articles & features with Ellen Lloyd -

National UFO Center -

JAR - Journal of Abduction-Encounter Research - -

ARUFON - Amateur Radio UFO Net -

LUFON - Libertarian UFO Network -

RUFORS - Russian UFO Research Station -

Down to Earth Magazine - -

The UFO Chronicles -

The Pine Bush Phenomenon -

Paranormal Palace Radio -

Paranormal Utopia - UFO's and Aliens -

Les Mystères des Ovnis - (French)

Search engines :

UFO Seek - -

UFO Disclosure -

ALIEN.DE -  (German)

Best UFO Resources -

Database only:

New Sightings -

The Best Evidence -

FBI Records: The Vault - Unexplained Phenomenon -

Newly released UFO files from the U.K. government -

IFO - Identified Flying Object Database -

Ian Ridpath's UFO skeptic pages -

Canada's UFOs: The Search for the Unknown - - The Australian Focus on Police UFO Disclosure -

Orbwatch -

The Presidents UFO Website -

Project 1947 -

The Mu Meson Archives - Flying Saucers Magazine -

Their Maybe Broken Links We Apologize


       Deep Blue Dreams              

NYUFO LINKS | NY UFO Latest UFO Sightings|UFO News


North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD):UFO Documents

Readers researchers people are saying they haven’t been easily able to find UFO documents. Here are some Blog-based reports on government (military, intelligence community and civilian agency) and the UFO matter compiled by Paul Dean. Listed below are some of the more powerful information based UFO Documents Credit Paul Dean

North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD):…/nora……/nora……/nora……/nora……/nora……/nora……/nora……/nora……/nora…

2) The US Air Force and CIRVIS Reporting:…/unit…

3) Malmstrom AFB Missile Shut Down New Finds:…/admi…

4) The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA):…/the-…

5) The Mansfield, Ohio Helicopter Encounter:…/mid-…

6) The Brig. Gen. Bolender Memo:…/the-…

7) The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF):…/gett……/more……/the-……/obta…

8) John Callahan and the JAL 1628 Alaska UFO Event:…/john……/john…

9) Operational Report 3 (Serious Incident/Serious Events) And UFO’s:…/opre……/opre……/opre…