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Strange UFO Sighting Reported Black Helicopters Chasing UFOs New York

At approximately 10:30 pm I felt the entire house start to vibrate initially I thought it was a tractor trailer because we live next to a main highway but as the vibrating intensified. I stood up and ran out my front door and had a UFO Sighting of Two Circle Shaped Flying Objects with extremely bri…

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Mysterious Pyramid Craft Reported Over New Braunfels Texas

UFO News: I was in the back yard area of my apartment complex with only my dog when I saw what I thought was a drone. One Solid Black UFO Object that appeared to be a Pentagonal Pyramid flying slowly through the air. It looked to be about the size of a small car and less than 1000 feet or so from t…

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UFO News Multiple Swarm Like UFOs Reported Utah

My wife's friend posted on his social media that he was witnessing an unexplainable phenomenon in the sky above his house in the sandy/ draper area starting at about 11 pm my wife and I live in South Salt Lake. We decided to drive down to Sandy/Draper to see if we could observe it. We drove south on…

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