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Three UFO Sighting Cases of Close Alien Encounters

Most UFO encounters are simple sightings. Sometimes, however, UFO Sightings get very close. In these cases, what starts out as a UFO sighting transforms into face-to-face contact with the unknown. Accounts like these provide far more information than just a sighting. This video presents three cases …

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UFO Sightings Encounters & Pentagon UFO Secrets video

Governments around the world are disclosing secret files related to UFOs & UFO Sightings. The Pentagon recently released a press communique confirming that the videos from the pilots circulating on the internet are real. The information is released in small amounts (drop by drop), but we are still w…

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UFO Photo Analysis verses UFO Contact Activism 3216

UFO Photo analysis is a major theme in Ufology but UFO contact activism is about some things more important.
J. Burkes MD

Contact work as I imagine it is about a relationship. Pictures are nice, UFO sightings too but having the UFO contact experience is so much more. Unfortunately the UFO

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