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UFO Alien ET Contact Project 2017

From Certified Clinical Hypno-therapist Mary Barr


Meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli I in the Constellation Reticulum. Contact has been made. Many interviews have been held with them. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between Hypnotherapist Mary Barr and Zetas (Han, Zestra, and Gen) by using a deeply-induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit. Full transcripts of these many sessions are recorded verbatim in two books: Aliens Answer and Aliens Answer II.

Steve was inducted and given some therapy. The therapist invited the being known as Han to step forward. After a long silent pause, the therapist adjusted Steves vibration and then waited a few minutes for Han to make adjustments. Then another invitation was extended.

Therapist: We invite Han to meet your vibration and to work with us. Steve, go ahead and describe what you see. (Han creates an interesting setting for our meeting.)

Steve: I see forest. The air is filled with insects and Han has somehow created a means to hold them back from him and from us. I think we are in Russia in the Tunguska area. It is isolated. I think he likes it because of the astronomical event that occurred here. We are sitting in a meadow and the ground is curiously soft, like a thick carpet. The ground moss creates a soft mat that gives slightly under your feet. The three of us are together in a kind of triangle of three, or perhaps four. There might be another entity somewhere in the distance. There are trees and intensely blue skies with huge, fluffy clouds. It is summertime.

Therapist: Is there water nearby?

Steve: Oh, not a river, but a sense of water everywhere, in the ground, in marshes. Yes, now I see a very active stream at a distance, like from a spring melt. It is warm, but not unpleasant. It could be as if we were camping, but it is in an area where there is a lot of new growth. You can also see trees knocked down by the blast from the event in 1908, the explosion in the sky. The trees have all fallen the same way as far as the eye can see. Only the old trees are the ones that are down. There are new trees and fresh vibrant growth and vitality. It is the middle of nowhere, but we feel safe.

Therapist: It is a wonderful example of destruction and rebirth. I am speaking now to Han. If he is available, please ask him to step forward.

Steve: He (Han) is here and he looks forward to talking with Mary.

Therapist: Han, you have selected this place that we both know about. Scientists are telling us that it was probably a meteorite conglomeration enclosed in a comet-like covering of ice that exploded above the ground. Is this correct or was it something else?

Han, The Zeta: I chose this place to show the renewal of life, an example of how humans can also change. This place shows Earths great ability to regenerate itself. From this destruction comes new life and new possibilities. Also, I chose it because it is isolated and we will not be disturbed. Your scientists are correct. It was an extinct comet about 100 meters wide. Though extinct, it still contained considerable frozen water, with its remaining stony core, permitting penetration into this planet’s lower atmosphere. These comet elements violently exploded when it entered this planets atmosphere. This is not uncommon on planets with little or no atmosphere and many craters. This one could have been a cataclysmic event, but it was not.

Therapist: Is that because it exploded above the Earth instead of impacting it with full force?

Zetas: Yes. This is correct. This is not unusual for the conditions present, a thick atmosphere combined with the right proportional mass of water and stony material. Some come through with most of their physical properties still intact, surviving the atmosphere. This one obviously exploded and scattered in a wide area. Eventually, Earth scientists and their many theories developed an accurate conclusion. It was a comet-like object that approached the Earth. It had some elements of ice, but it was predominantly of rock. If it were a full-fledged comet it would have likely been noticed before its final approach. There are thousands of these orbiting objects in your planetary system.

Therapist: We were wondering what you could tell us about hummingbirds, in particular, whether they originated on this planet or are from somewhere else?

Zetas: There is a combination of both. They originated on Earth, and some, due to planetary conditions, were transported to other planets to complement their existing ecology. Often, these birds, as a species, will diminish in numbers. Sometimes extraterrestrial adaptations are re-transplanted back to originating sources to enrich the species again.

Therapist: We are so glad to hear that because it is one species we really enjoy having around.

Zetas: They do exist elsewhere and are sometimes reintroduced here to reinvigorate the genetic strain and to increase their population numbers here and elsewhere. They have an important role to perform in the pollination of plants and in the spreading of spores to increase plant growth. Reciprocally, the plants provide sugars for these animals in a symbiotic relationship.

Therapist: Are you aware of the illness that has befallen many of the bats?

Zetas: We have noticed this to some degree. We are more concerned with the mass extinction of the insects you refer to as bees. They seem to be dying at a sudden rate. Part of this is the natural restarting of life. Perhaps the reason why we are in this setting is to note this restarting of life. However, the Earth is changing and insects are often the early indicators of these changes. It is of concern to us and it should be a concern to humans, too, especially in how their habitat is changing form, due to climate and the human influence on its environment. It occurs in ways that often go unnoticed by many.

Therapist: Many of us are concerned, but there seems to be differing opinions as to the cause of their decline. Do you have any idea what some of the major factors are?

Zetas: Some of them are genetic strains that have weakened their genetic strength through overpopulation and now require infusion of genetic material to invigorate their species. This is partly due to the way insects reproduce so quickly. Predominantly, it is due to environmental changes in temperature and in the use of chemicals in controlling so-called pests to subordinate the species to allow humans to grow their food. These insects are also accidentally sprayed.

Therapist: Are these new chemicals, from the last ten years?

Zetas: Yes.

Therapist: Lets hope the manufacturers take responsibility and figure that out quickly.

Zetas: Often, in the urgency of farmers to create a cure for certain pests, they did not foresee other consequences that were not intended. Soon they will have to be adapted if their continued harvest, of which insects such as bees are an essential part, is to be sustained.

9/2017 REVIEW THE DATA from the world's first comprehensive academic research study on UFO related Contact Experiencers. We have had over 5,000 responses, from 115 different countries, in 4 major languages. THESE FINDINGS CONTRADICT MUCH OF THE BS THAT IS CIRCULATING IN THE FIELD OF UFOLOGY. Here is the link to review all of the data.…/Initial-Research-Data-Summary-source Reinerio Hernandez

Fatima UFO Sighting

I do not have a good explanation for the question of why the technology seems to appear in a form that uses images from our own unconscious. Id be kidding if I said that I understand that. There are cases of repeated observations where the phenomenon begins by being amorphous and then starts matching the expectations of the witnesses. There are two ways to deal intellectually with that: One is to say its a phenomenon of the brain which is very good at reading recognizable images in amorphous things like clouds and ink blots. So, perhaps the witnesses are getting used to this phenomenon and are starting to read things into it. But thats not the only explanation. It may be that the phenomenon itself is using our reactions to it in order to turn into something that we expect or understand. We may be carrying a matrix of imagery that it somehow picks up. A good example of that is Fatima. The apparitions witnessed at Fatima did not start in 1917. They started two years before. Some of the same kids were involved, and there were also other witnesses. What they saw was a globe of light. Then they saw a globe of light with some type of being inside. Then they started calling the being an angel, and then the angel started communicating with them and gave them a prayer. It developed in stages, and culminated in 1917, but even then the virgin Mary was not seen by everyone who was present.

In contemporary UFO cases, you also have objects that are seen by part of the crowd but not by others. I was doing a radio program about a year ago, and somebody called from Sacramento and gave me exactly that type of report. He had been near a lake with his family, and he witnessed an object come over the lake and there were people around him that saw it, and there were people that just could not see it. What were dealing with is a very interesting phenomenon that has both psychic aspects and physical aspects.Jacques Vallee


Alien Modality Reinerio Hernandez 2017

An Angelic Experience that we have heard hundreds of times in our FREE Experiencer Research Study. "The morning after me first NDE , I was on life support barely hanging on, paralyzed , and coming in and out out of consciousness . 3 doctors , 1 female 2 male , walked into the room. They appeared to have a glow about them , and I did not recognize them . (My mother was there and also said they were unfamiliar, and appeared to shine or glow). They did not speak audibly , but as they approached the bedside , it was like I could sense they were communicating. Their odd presence was somehow calming . The female directed her attention towards me , which brought a soothing feeling . Then she laid her hands upon my abdomen , one over the other on my solar plexus , and I was filled with light that seemed to displace the pain that was throughout my body . In a moment , all of the life support machines were giving healthy stable readings . The 3 "doctors', with calm smiles, said nothing and left the room. My mother , after a moment of being stunned , left the room and tried to find the doctors . No one on the hospital floor had seen them , nor did anyone recognize their description. Moments later I was taken off life supports , while all of the medical professionals seemed bewildered that I was was suddenly doing so well . I have interacted with other possible "angels" , both in and out of consciousness , but this incident was the most profound ." source Reinerio Hernandez

ORB RESEARCH from the Dr. Edgar Mitchell Experiencer Research Study.

credit Reinerio Hernandez:
Our FREE Experiencer Research Study has documented 934 individuals have physically seen with their own 2 eyes what we commonly call an "ORB".
 66% were seen inside the house and 36% were seen outside the house but in their property.
 Color of the ORB: 46% White; 24% Blue; 16% Yellow; 17% Orange; 15% Red; 11% Purple; 14% Green; 20% other. Colors add to more than 100% because folks have seen more than one colored ORB.
 46% of these 934 individuals saw an ORB go through a wall. 
 82% of Experiencers believe that the ORBS they have seen are "CONSCIOUS LIVING BEINGS". 
 Finally, over 750 individuals have seen "UNUSUAL LIGHTS IN THEIR HOUSE which should not be there.

If UFO Intelligence communicates with crop circles, could cloud formations” be next?
J. Burkes MD

One sunny afternoon in August of 2009 I was driving south through the spectacular Sonoma County wine country on Highway 101. The four-lane roadway was practically empty. There was not a cloud in the sky. I was moving in the kind of hypnotic state that long car trips can bring on.


Not surprising given what was about to ensue, I was driving to what I imagined was an important UFO meeting. It was to be held at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) located near Petaluma California. IONS was co-founded in 1973 by former astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, one of six men that walked on the Moon.

Noetics is the branch of philosophy that explores human consciousness. Thus my destination seemed to be part of a message that I was about to receive from an unseen, non-human intelligence.


The temperature outside my car was over ninety. With the windows rolled up and the AC on, I was in a kind of bubble flying down the highway. The radio was turned off. The monotonous drone of the engine and the bright sunlight reflecting off the glistening grape vines brought me to a timeless moment without thought. It is an altered state of consciousness that I understand can serve as a kind of meditation equivalent and facilitates contact with UFO intelligence.


As the car rolled around a hillside I saw two small rectangular shaped clouds in the sky. They were directly in front of me. Besides their unusual shape, they were peculiar in that they were the only clouds visible as far as the eye could see. This strange visual display was located at about thirty degrees up from a horizon that was formed by rolling hills covered with lush purple fruit.

The two rectangular clouds were lying lengthwise, floated motionlessly and were so close that the sharp right angle corner of one cloud was touching the other. This weird configuration of two cloud rectangles covered only a tiny section of the sky. I estimated that they were about two palms’ width when arms are fully extended.

The clouds were like a pair of children's toy blocks painted white. The road, straight as an arrow, was heading directly under the weird configuration.


I am aware of the unusual ways in which UFO
Intelligence can mentally interact with the consciousness of recurrent UFO experiencer. Not taking myself very seriously, I “sent out to the universe the following thought message,

OK whoever you are, you have got my attention now. Yeah I can see the funny looking clouds right in front of me.”

And then I added, But if you really want to get my attention show me a flying disc.”

My car picked up speed as I went downhill. I gazed at the beautiful scenery moving by. For a minute I lost sight of the white rectangular clouds that were the only ones visible in the broad expense of blue sky.

When I looked up again to my chagrin those strange clouds had merged to create an image of a flying disc. It was pointing upwards to the right as if it were taking off. The left side of the disc looked as if a small piece of white cloud had been broken off and had formed tiny tufts of white in a straight line that trailed out from the back of the “saucer.” It was as if a child had drawn a saucer in take off mode with puffs of small white clouds forming an exhaust trail.


Could it be merely a coincidence that the clouds formed a disc shape just after my unusual request? Perhaps my interpretation that this represented genuine communication was just another case of contactee wishful thinking. There is of course no way I can prove this is an example of the consciousness connection that in my judgment is central to the UFO contact experience.

My assessment was then and still is now that this strange cloud formation truly represented a kind of mental communication with UFO intelligence. This notion filled me with both excitement and disappointment. Excitement in that I hungered for another close encounter and that the anomalous clouds seemed to confirm a mental link with what I suspected might be the intelligence associated with flying saucers.


I was disappointed because after nearly twenty years of contact work, in what I imagined was a grand crusade promoting “interspecies’ communication,” I was left with such equivocal results. Was this experience evidence of a consciousness link or simply a silly mind game?

After all my efforts, writing scores of articles, conducting dozens of fieldwork sessions, and giving many public lectures about what I call the “Contact Underground,” all that I had earned was the “privilege” of viewing a fleeting image in the sky that looked like a child’s drawing of a flying saucer.


UFO intelligence in my judgment has extraordinary physical and psi capabilities that allow it to communicate with humans in a multitude of unconventional ways. They offer experience opportunities to test the mental connection by staging interactions that are often highly ambiguous and are sometimes quite playful as well. In my opinion flying saucer intelligence repeatedly challenges us to distinguish wishful thinking from genuine interaction.

This high strangeness event reinforced the notion that perhaps UFO intelligence isn’t here just “to visit” our planet. But instead manifests its presence by primarily engaging us mentally. Perhaps in the process they are transforming human consciousness itself.


For the time being cloud formations that seem to communicate a message are restricted to a select group of UFO aficionados that have repeated sightings. Clouds that appear to show hearts or ET faces are reported to me sporadically. I sometimes wonder what might be the reaction of the Earths peoples if this phenomenon became increasingly common. What a creative and relatively non-threatening way this could be to alert us to their presence!

However what might be the reaction of the establishment to such a radical occurrence of meaningful cloud formations appearing in the skies all over the planet? What would the so-called “control groups,” those that imagine it’s their job to keep a lid on the situation, do in response. Perhaps they might hire ultra-light pilots to hoax “cloud formations?”

Something similar was rumored to have occurred in the crop circle region of England back in the 1990s. It was when crop circle hoaxers held contests to decide who could hoax the best crop circle. Operating clandestinely at night some of the hoaxers reportedly hoped to fool and then later ridicule people like Colin Andrews and other experts that recognized the truly anomalous nature of the “ciphers in the fields.”


Perhaps “UFO Central Intelligence” is waiting for human capabilities to arise that would allow the control groups to fake cloud formations. Thus giving the control groups another fig leaf permitting them to deny an ET presence. In this way the so-called ETs might consider it safe to employ clouds to communicate an “alien” presence in a gradual fashion. By creating more cloud formations slowly they might be able to prevent a precipitous disclosure that could conceivably destabilize the mass consciousness and lead to panic.

My guess is that hoaxing cloud formations today would be technologically challenging and be an expensive way of preventing “the natives from becoming restless if an ET intelligence chose to interact with us in this way. Perhaps soon drones might be fitted with devices to produce cloud formations. This just might be the technological development that UFO intelligence is waiting for to signal them that it is safe to increase the number of cloud formations.

Thus our masters would not be excessively alarmed and the contact drama could continue to unfold in its usual fashion of high strangeness mixed with a heavy dose of vexing ambiguity. The ambiguity allows terrestrial elites to deny the importance of UFOs, while at the same time the Earth’s peoples are gradually becoming accustomed to what is a probably an extraterrestrial presence.

Till then I suppose we will simply have to keep watching the skies and take note of any highly anomalous cloud displays that might appear in the future.

About the author: Dr Burkes volunteered as a Working Group Coordinator for the CE-5 Initiative from 1992 till 1998. He has continued to study the flying saucer phenomenon working with MUFON and the Peruvian contact network now called Rahma. Joseph Burkes MD is co-author of the book “Paths to Contact” edited by Jeff Becker. Dr Burkes retired from the Southern California Pemanente Group after thirty years service in 2008. He is a board certified internal medicine physician and is licensed to practice in California.

Interview with ELieLjíl the Extraterrestrial

In 1993 Ilona made contact with an Extraterrestrial named ELieLjíl. This is her personal human experience. Ilona along with her sister Ivana who lives in Telč part of the Czech Republic. The area in itself is fascinating because it’s near the Danube River with a rich history that goes all the way back to the Vinca culture. This is the story of ten thousand years of contact. The Vinca culture was the oldest civilization of east Europe and was very expansive into ancient Illyria. The Vincan art and writing directly shows that something happened back then. Maria Orsich was also a very talented psychic who was in contact with these beings as well as other Nordic beings from Aldeberan. Curious enough, She was also in contact with an ancient race of Earth beings who lived beneath the Earth or the underworld as it was called by the Pelagian’s from ancient Dacia. The Dacians called this Earth based race Pelage or first man. In North America there are many Native American stories of these early inner Earth dwellers called the Ant People who helped them when ever there was a major global cataclysm. As we can see there is a rich history of beings who were already here before man arrived on the planet whether humans were created from genetic material, came here from space, or in spirit form, is any ones guess, but both in both cases from these "Alien" ET contacts with humans, it concludes that the material that makes up our composition was created or manipulated. I for one am a believer in human experience as there is nothing lost or gained by simply believing. The automatic writing in both cases from the Vril Girls and the Czech girls is similar in the fact that EBE chose to communicate in their ancient language. Maria Orsich’s handwriting was analyzed and first thought to be Sumerian but that is not accurate. The writing was in fact ancient Illyrian an older form of Albanian. This would mean that Ilona and Ivana Automatic Writing session makes sense knowing those writing characters originated from the ancient Vinca culture along the Danube river where all of these girls were born. The people with these ancient roots and from that particular area in the world seem to be favored for many reasons, one being genetic memory. Ilona has transcribed many communications with this being from another world, and I am helping them transcribe them in unbroken English. The entity talks about various subjects from human origin - biological manipulation - Area 51 - Reptilians, and other subjects pertaining to "Alien" ET experiments, and the environment. credit ~ Bret C. Sheppard ~


1. Link:
2.LINK: EBE- Informacion....

Ilona Podhrázská: English,Czech Subtitles- Ouija - telepathic communication with humanoid Alien EBE , 12 dimensions . Communication with Ebe has been running...

TYPES OF Non-Human Intelligence: What are the different types of "Non Human Intelligence", NHI, seen by Experiencers? Which one is seen the most? How many times have they seen each of them? For each type of NHI, did they see their experiences as Positive, Negative, Neutral, or Both? SHARE THE RESEARCH DATA: The World’s first comprehensive ACADEMIC multi-lingual research study on UFO related Contact with Non-Human Intelligence -- The FREE Experiencer Research Study. All of the FREE research data can be reviewed at our website:
Our FREE Experiencer Research Study has received for Phase 1 over 3,600 responses to our English language survey. For Phase 2, we have received almost 2,200 responses. Here are the responses to these Phase 1 survey questions as of August 1, 2016. 
The # 1 type of being seen was the Energy Being at 55%.
# 2 was the human looking being at 54%. 
# 3 was the Short Grey at 51%. 
# 4 was the Spirit Form/Ghost-like being at 47%. 
# 5 was the Tall Grey at 32%, 
# 6 was the Hybrid at 26%,
# 7 was the Reptilian at 26%, 
# 8 was the Insectoid/Mantis type, 
# 9 was the Small Animal type at 15% and 
# 10 was the Large Animal type of 13%. 
Now let’s discuss from the approximately 1,800 Experiencers who have physically seen these entities up close as of our December 1st date. How many viewed them as Positive, Negative, Neutral or Both. Let's focus on the response of "MAINLY NEGATIVE". 
Human Looking: 5%;
Spirit Form/Ghost Like: 6.4%. 
Short Greys: 11.5%; 
Tall Greys: 11%; 
Hybrid: 6%; 
Insectoid/Mantis: 10%; 
Reptilian: 22.4%; 
Once again, this is the first comprehensive academic research statistical study on individuals that have had UFO related contact experiences with non-human intelligence. Our findings, from more than 600 questions, does not reflect the disinformation being spread by Hollywood and the Internet. The TRUTH needs to get out.

FREE'S 1st ACADEMIC RESEARCH PAPER TITLED: "Contact with Non-Human Intelligence and the Quantum Hologram Theory of Consciousness: Toward an Integration of the Contact Modalities." Please download and read this article written by the following individuals: Rey Hernandez, Dr. Rudy Schild, Dr. Bob Davis, Dr. Jon Klimo, Dr. Claude Swanson. This article will be PINNED for a few weeks on this FB Board.

Complete December 1, 2016 Initial Research Findings of the Dr. Edgar Mitchell FREE EXPERIENCER RESEARCH STUDY. All of the FREE data findings can be reviewed at our website:

The Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE) is a not for profit co-founded by the late Dr. Edgar Mitchell (Apollo 14 Astronaut), Dr. Rudy Schild (Emeritus Professor of Astrophysics at Harvard University), Australian researcher Mary Rodwell and Rey Hernandez, a US federal tax attorney and Experiencer. The Executive Director of FREE is Dr. Rudy Schild. Before his death, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, in a video recording, expressly gave his permission to allow FREE to be named for his legacy.
FREE has a 12 member Board of Directors comprised of Ph.D. Physicists, Ph.D. Scientists, Ph.D. Psychologists, Ph.D. Neuroscientists and lay researchers. FREE is researching “What is Consciousness”, what is the nature of our multi-dimensional reality, by undertaking the world’s first comprehensive multi-lingual academic research study on individuals that have had UFO related contact experiences with non-human intelligent beings (NHIB) and its associated paranormal activity, from a grounded and rigorous scientific foundation. 
Eventually, we want to compare this UFO related contact group with individuals that have had other types of paranormal contact experiences through the following “Contact Modalities”: Near Death Experience contact, Out of Body Experience contact, Shamanic Hallucinogenic contact, Mystical Meditation contact, Channeling, Lucid Dreaming Contact, Remote Viewing contact, and other types of human encounters with non-human intelligence, and related paranormal contact experiences.
The majority of our FREE Board of Directors, including the late Dr. Edgar Mitchell, one of the world’s leading experts on “The Physics of Consciousness”, Dr. Rudy Schild, a Harvard University Professor and Editor of the Journal of Cosmology, and Dr. Claude Swanson, a Ph.D. in Physics from Princeton University and author of The Synthronized Universe”, Dr. Bob Davis, a retired professor of Neuroscience, and Dr. Jon Klimo, a retired professor of Psychology and one of the worlds leading academic experts on the “paranormal hypothesize that all of these diverse "Paranormal Contact Modalities" (NDEs, OBEs, UFO visitations, Remote Viewing, ESP, Channeling, Spirit Interactions, etc) might be interconnected through an advanced physics theory, the Quantum Hologram Theory of Physics and Consciousness, as developed by the late Dr. Edgar Mitchell and Harvard Astrophysicist Dr. Rudy Schild. All of these so-called “paranormal contact phenomenon should not be studied separately but as one whole interrelated phenomena. Unfortunately, today, almost all researchers are studying these contact modalities and separate and distinct from each other.
FREE is undertaking the WORLD'S FIRST COMPREHENSIVE ACADEMIC RESEARCH STUDY on Individuals having UFO related Contact with Non Human Intelligent Beings (NHIBs)-- The FREE Experiencer Research Study. The Co-Chairs of this research study are Dr. Jon Klimo, a retired Professor of Psychology and one of the worlds leading academics on the “Paranormal”. The other Co-Chair is Dr. Bob Davis, a retired Professor of Neuro science at the State University of New York. Our primarily focus will be on scientific investigation, through 3 lengthy surveys and a formal interview, of individuals who have had UFO related contact experiences with NHIBs. 
METHODOLOGY: Our research study involves two comprehensive quantitative surveys, Phase 1 and Phase 2, totalling more than 600 questions. We also have two qualitative research instruments, Phase 3 and 4. Phase 3 is a qualitative instrument involving written responses to 70 open ended questions. Phase 3 is meant for major experiencers with multiple contact events. Phase 4 involves a multi-day formal structured interview that will be orally recorded and transcribed. We expect to interview 200 of the major experience from the more than 3,000 that have participated in our surveys. All 4 phases will be completely anonymous and based solely on conscious explicit memories and not lucid dreams or hypnotic regressions.
OUTREACH: The FREE Board engaged in extensive publicity for our surveys. We gave over 100 interviews in the major radio stations focused on science issues, Ufology, the Paranormal, and other related topics. We made weekly postings in over 500 Facebook sites in the following areas: MUFON sites, numerous Ufology and Paranormal sites, New Age, Energy Healing, CE-5, Consciousness Studies, Near Death Experiences, Out of Body Experiences, and many others. We also send out monthly mailings to over 2,500 individuals and organizations involved in the fields of Ufology and the Paranormal. 
RESPONSES: As of December 1, 2016, FREE has received the following responses to its English language surveys Phase 1: 2,900; Phase 2: 1,700; Phase 3: 1,070. For the Spanish surveys, we have received 650 responses for Phase 1 and over 200 responses for Phase 2. Our German Survey was recently launched and we have received over 220 responses. We hope to have surveys in other languages in the near future. We have also received responses from over 105 countries. 
OVERVIEW OF INITIAL FINDINGS: Many of our initial findings totally contradict what is being circulated in the field of Ufology. Many of the findings we discovered are rarely or never openly discussed in the field of Ufology. What we found is that the vast majority of individuals that have had UFO related “Contact” with NHIBs view their experiences as “Positive” and are having a multitude of paranormal experiences-- paranormal contact experiences that provide support towards the hypothesis that we live in a multi-dimensional reality which suggest that humans are both physical and spiritual beings and that the NHIBs that are interacting with us might indeed be multi-dimensional beings interacting who might exist on multiple dimensions of reality which many of our FREE Ph.D. physicists and scientists call The Quantum Hologram Theory of Consciousness
The following are some of the data findings from Phase 1 and 2 of our English language surveys as of December 1, 2016:
SIGHTINGS OF UFOS: 2,010 have seen a UFO. 63% of these individuals had a witness to a UFO sighting. We also collected numerous data about what the UFOs looked like, how they moved, size and dimensions, etc. 54% have deliberately called down a UFO craft. 58% have deliberately called to see a NHIB.
VISUAL CONTACT WITH NHIBs: 1,390 individuals have physically seen a NHIB. 63% said they had a witnesses who also saw this Being. 72% have interacted with these beings; 85% of these individuals have interacted with these beings more than once. 54% have seen them more than 10 times. 
55% saw Energy Beings: 6.7% were mainly negative experiences;
52% saw Human Looking Beings: 5.2% were mainly negative experiences;
50% saw Small Grey: 11.5% were mainly negative experiences;
47% saw Spirit Beings: 7.4% were mainly negative experiences;
33.5% saw Tall Greys: 12.4% were mainly negative experiences;
26% saw Hybrid Beings: 6.3% were mainly negative experiences; 
25% saw Reptilians: 23% were mainly negative experiences;
21% saw Insectoid/Mantid Beings: 9.5% were mainly negative experiences;
14% saw Small Animal Being: 5.8% were mainly negative experiences;
13% saw Tall Animal Being: 9.6% were mainly negative experiences;
POSITIVE/NEGATIVE/NEUTRAL: Overall, 85% have stated their contact with NHIBs have been “Positive”; 84% do not want their Contact experiences with the NHIBs to stop. 9.7% believe the NHIBs are Bad or Malevalent. 62% have stated that the NHIB have tried to help them. 71% feel Expanded Consciousness in the presence of the NHIBs. 66% have felt Love from these NHIBs. 
HOW DID ET CONTACT CHANGE YOUR LIFE: 4.3% Highly Negative Effect on changing your life; 6.7% Slightly Negative; 16.5% Neutral; 21.7% Slightly Positive; 50.9% Highly Positive Effect on changing your life. 
HOW WOULD YOU CHARACTERIZE YOUR LAST FEW CONTACT EXPERIENCES WITH NHIBs: 8.31%, It was a case of abduction of the most negative kind; 13.56%, It was a case of abduction but of a milder kind, a slightly more caring kind; 8.62%, It was still a case of abduction but where seeking permission, more humane compassionate treatment; 35.12%, You are not an Abductee but a “contactee” where you are being treated with respect and understanding; 34.38%, It is a case of being a “Conscious Contactee”, an egalitarian and equal relationship.
RELOCATION/ABDUCTION: 68% have had Contact with NHIB but have no recollection of ever being Abducted (taken against your will to another location). 605 individuals have been taken or relocated to another location. How many times taken: once (31%), twice (13%), 3-5 (19.4%), 5-10 (13%), 10+ (23.4%). 475 stated that they were taken to another Planet and of these the vast majority that brought them there were Human Looking Beings. 12%, or 146 individuals, have stated that they have participated in a MILAB (where Humans abducted them).
TELEPATHIC MESSAGES: 1,636 have received telepathic messages, or though transferences from a NHIB. Of these, 1010 have been downloads of advanced science, physics, and technology. 53% of these telepathic messages contained a vision, a video, or picture. Of these 1,010 have been downloads of advanced science, physics, and technology. 75% of these communications were in the Experience native language. 60% have received telepathic messages on more than 5 occasions. Nature of telepathic messages: 68% contained personally relevant information for the individual; 51% pertained to Spiritual or Religious nature; 51% were philosophical or metaphysical; 34.6% were scientific or technical in nature; 33.7% were social-political in nature; 45% concerned human behavior; 47% were other types of information; 26% concerned advanced physics; 
MISING TIME: 1,345 have had “Missing Time” (time progressed much more rapidly than expected or time that was lost). 830 have had Extra Time” (arriving much sooner than expected)
PARANORMAL EXPERIENCES: 1,700 have had paranormal experiences in their home. 1,950 or 81% who took our Phase 1 survey had an Out of Body Experiences. 37% who took our Phase 2 survey had a Near Death Experience. 76% have seen a Ghost or Spirit. 67% have had a Past Life Memory. 47% have met and conversed with a deceased person. 29% have Channeled a Non Human Intelligence. 49% have seen their body out in space leaving the planet Earth. 45% have memories of visiting what is commonly called The Spirit World”. 941 individuals have physically seen an Orb and 66% were seen in their home. The orbs were seen in all different colors. 46% saw an orb go through an object such as a wall. 82% believe these Orbs are conscious living beings. 47% have seen what can be considered Shadow People in their homes, beings that look cloudy human like. 60% have repeatedly experienced objects moving in their home without any explanation.
MEDICAL HEALING: 51% of Phase 2 respondents stated that a NHIB has performed a Medical Healing on them or a member of their family. 16.5% were specifically told by NHIBs that they were medically healed by them. 
ON BOARD A UFO CRAFT: 667 individuals have had conscious memories of being on board a UFO craft. 7% walked onto the craft; 31% were dematerialized and traveled through physical objects; 62% said Other. 57% had contact with Non Human Intelligence on the craft. 48% said the contact with a Human Looking Being; 44.6% with a Small Grey; 33.7% with a Tall Grey; 20% Hybrid; 14% Insectoid/Mantid; 12.7% Reptilian; 9% Spirit Form; 31% said “Other”. 163 individuals have stated they have operated a craft. 19% said they know what Powers a craft. Over 75% said they saw more than 3 Entities on the Craft. The majority have been on board a craft more than 4 times. 195 individuals were taken on a Tour of the craft. 212 were allowed to roam the craft without supervision. 41% stated they have been on a craft as a child. 48% stated that the craft Was Alive-- the craft was living entity. 44% know why they were taken aboard the craft. 19% recall seeing other humans on the craft.
CONTACT IN A MATRIX-LIKE REALITY: 659 individuals have had contact with a NHIB in a matrix-like reality, a reality with no boundaries, similar like you are in the middle of outer space. 584 saw these types of entities: 45% Human Looking; 38.3% Other Type; 35.6% Spirit Looking; 21% Short Grey; 15.4% Tall Grey. 60.5% said this Experience occurred while they were physically in their human body. 66.6% said their “Consciousness was separated from their bodies”. 56% that their “Thoughts were Sped Up”. 75% stated that their Senses were more vivid than usual”. 49% stated that in this reality that “Time Stopped or was Slowed Down”. 54.5% stated that they Felt United or One with the world”. 38% stated that they “suddenly seemed to understand everything about the Universe”. 83% stated that this experience was very real, “As real or normal as speaking with a family member next to you”. 393 individuals had an experience with a “Council of different Non Human Intelligence. 198 were actually brought to this “Council Meeting”. 
NATURE OF THE BEINGS: 35% know when a NHIB will appear before they arrive. 739 individuals stated being paralyzed by a NHIB. 332 stated the beings used a light instrument. 464 individuals have seen a NHIB with a Uniform (51% were Human Looking; 24% were Other; 24% were Short Greys; 22% were Tall Greys; 15% were Hybrids; 14% were Reptilians; 7% were Insectoid/Mantid). 423 have seen a NHIB with a Monks Robe. 627 have woken up and have seen a NHIB in their living room. 673 have had a NHIB touch them. 30% have stated that they have reached an “Agreement with NHIB for a future act. 77.8% stated that the NHIBs have a Personality. 44.6% state that the NHIBs have been Playful with them; 56% believe that NHIBS are with them most of the time; 47% believe that if called, a NHIB will appear to them; 82% believe that the NHIBs can travel to the Past and the Future; 97% believe that NHIBs can travel to Other Dimensions
WHAT THE NHIB TOLD YOU: 25% stated that the NHIB told them their Mission on Earth; 25% were shown how to do energy work; 21% were told that their DNA was unique; 45% have reached an Agreement with NHIB; 30% agreed to be taken aboard a UFO craft; 19% agreed to participate in an Alien Breeding program; 28% stated that the NHIBs told them where they are from; 41% were told by NHIBs to share the information they were given; 55% were given a message of Love or Oneness; 26% were given a message about Reincarnation; 31% were given a message about GOD; 19% were told that the NHIBS created Humans; 25.6% were told that NHIBs are upgrading our Human DNA; 30.2% were told by the NHIBS about the Death Process and the “Spirit World”; 39% were given an environmental message about planet Earth; 34% were told about a future natural catastrophe; 26% were told that they were an actual NHIB or part NHIBs; 15.8% were told about Soul Swapping 24% were told by NHIBS that they interacted with them in a Past Life; 30% were told by the NHIBS about the concept of Time 30% were told by the NHIBS about the concept of “Parallel Universes 16.5% were specifically told by NHIBs that they were medically healed by them;
ALIEN BREEDING PROGRAM: 530 individuals believe they are involved in an Alien Breeding Program. What type of being as involved in the Alien Breeding Program: 48.3% Short Grey; 39.3% Human Looking Being; 34.5% Tall Grey; 31.7% Hybrid; 21.7% Other; 15% Reptilian; 14.2% Insectoid/Mantid Being. 31% know the purpose for the Alien Breeding Program. 399 believe they have a Hybrid child. 194 were presented with a Hybrid child by these NHIBs. 117 individuals know that a fetus has been taken from them. 18.6% recall having sex with a NHIB and 67.5% stated it was consensual sex. Of these 98 stated the sex was with a Human Looking Being; 50 were with a Reptilian; 40% with a Hybrid; 30 with a Spirit and 60 stated “Other”. 
MEDICAL EXAMS & IMPLANTS: 34% consciously recall lying on a table and being medically examined by a NHIB; 20% consciously recall receiving an operation by a NHIB; 51% believe than NHIBs placed an Implant in their body; 22% believe the implant is in their sinus area; 34% stated elsewhere in their head; 9% in their neck; 11% in their arms; 9% in their legs. 366 individuals know the type of NHIBs that placed he implant: 41% Short Greys; 25.4% Tall Greys; 21% Other; 18% Human Looking; 10.4% Insectoid/Mantid Being; 5.7% Reptilian. 53% have had Scoop Marks or Puncture Wounds;
SPIRITUALITY & SPIRIT WORLD: 82.5% believe there is a connection between NHIBs and the Spirit World”; 89% believe there is a connection between NHIBs and the Paranormal; 75.4% believe there is a connection between NHIBs and Reincarnation; 26% were given a message about Reincarnation; 31% were given a message about GOD; 30.2% were told by the NHIBS about the Death Process and the “Spirit World 25% were told by NHIBs that they at one time were a NHIBs; 58% believe that they have interacted with NHIBs in their past life; 24% were told by NHIBS that they interacted with them in a Past Life; 38% believe that NHIBs are Modern Angels 82% believe that the NHIBs can travel to the Past and the Future; 97% believe that NHIBs can travel to Other Dimensions 91% believe that there is some sort of a grand plan in motion that Experiencers are all a part of?
CHILDHOOD EXPERIENCES: As a child: 46% had Out of Body Experiences; 35% stated that a Physical NHIB appeared to them; 44% stated that a non-physical NHIB appeared to them; 22% stated that this physical NHIB taught them things; 19.4% stated that this physical NHIB played with them; 56% believed that a Guardian Angel or Spirit watched over them as a child; a physical NHIB told them as a child that they had a special purpose in life; 56% had Pre-cognition skills; 41% were conscious of other dimensions, other realities; 84% had very vivid dreams; 27% had pre-birth memories; 34% believed that they had lived before; 20% believe that they had a Near Death Experience; 50% believe that they were very psychic.
PSYCHO-PHYSICAL CHANGES: After my Experiences Began-- 68% became more sensitive to other realities; 56% became more psychic; 50% began to feel energy in their hands; 48% said their ability to learn increased; 46% experienced a flooding of information that they could not process; 57% became aware of energy discharges or currents flowing through their body; 61% became more telepathic with others; 60% stated their susceptibility to illness decreased; 57% became more able to absorb complex information; 47% believe they can heal individuals by touching them; 62% have experienced flashes of “Cosmic Consciousness”-- knowing everything; 61% became more aware of the presence of NHIBs; 55% believe that their mind became tremendously expanded; 64% began having Pre-Cognition abilities (knowing events before they happened); 50% stated that electrical devices malfunctioned in their presence.
PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE CHANGES: Strongly Increased: My concern with Spiritual matters; My desire to help others; my compassion for others; my appreciation of the ordinary things in life; my ability to love others; my tolerance of others; my insight into the problems of others; my concern with the welfare of planet Earth; my understanding of what life is all about; my concern with ecological matters; my conviction that there is life after death;
Strong Decreased: My concern with material things in life; my interest in organized Religion; my fear of death; my desire to become a well know person;
OPINIONS: 93.5% agree that NHIBs from other planets or dimensions, are already among us; 86.4% agree that there are higher-order intelligences that have a concern with the welfare of our planet; 79% agree that we are already in or at least on the verge of a New Age and that NHIBs have a role in this; 78% believe that the changes they have undergone since becoming interested in UFO experiences are part of an evolutionary unfolding of humanity; 74% believe that evolutionary forces are already at work which will transform humanity at large into a more self-aware, spiritually sensitive species and that the NHIBs have a role in this; 72% believe that we are now living through a time of greatly accelerated spiritual evolution; 69% believe that their UFO experiences were "arranged" or "designed" by a higher intelligence and that the NHIBs have a role in this; 68% believe that unless the human race changes significantly for the better, there will be massively destructive geophysical disturbances very shortly; 65% believe that humanity may be the object of biological experimentation by NHIBs.

Below are several findings from the WORLD’S FIRST COMPREHENSIVE ACADEMIC RESEARCH STUDY ON INDIVIDUALS THAT HAVE HAD UFO RELATED CONTACT EXPERIENCES WITH NON-HUMAN INTELLIGENCE! Our Executive Director is Harvard Astrophysicist Dr. Rudy Schild. Our Research Committee Co-Chairs are 2 retired academic professors-- Dr. Bob Davis (Neuroscientist) & Dr. Jon Klimo (Transpersonal Psychology). All of our Phase 1 & Phase 2 research data and our research methodology is available in our FREE Website:

Our initial survey findings, based upon 600 questions and almost 3,300 survey responses, totally contradict what is being circulated in the Internet and in the field of Ufology. 
• Over 3,300 participants from over 100 countries
• Surveys conducted in 4 languages: English, Spanish, French and German
• Memories only from CONSCIOUS EXPLICIT MEMORIES NOT from Hypnotic Regressions, 
• The following data is only from the ENGLISH LANGUAGE SURVEY
• 1,700 individuals have seen one or more UFOs
• 65%, or 1,024 of these individuals have had a witness to the UFO sighting
• 1,072 have physically seen a Non-Human Intelligent Being
• 1,320 have had telepathic communications with a non-human intelligence
• Over 75% of individuals have viewed their physical contact experiences as “Positive”
• Only 15% have viewed their contact experiences as “Negative”
• The “Energy Beings” (55%) and “Human Looking Being” (54%) is the most common type of being seen by Experiencers and not the Short or Tall Greys; 
• 593 individuals have seen an “Energy Being” 
• 5% view the Energy Being as Mainly Negative
• 570 individuals have seen a Human Looking Being
• 5.5% view the Human Looking Being as Mainly Negative
• 542 individuals have seen Small Grey Being
• 11.72% view the Small Grey Being as Mainly Negative
• 498 individuals have seen Ghost/Spirit Being
• 6.6% view the Ghost/Spirit Being as Mainly Negative
• 346 individuals have seen Tall Grey Being
• 10.5% view the Tall Grey Being as Mainly Negative
• 270 individuals have seen a Reptilian Being
• 23% view the Reptilian Being as ;Mainly Negative
• 238 individuals have seen a Praying Mantis Type Being
• 9.44% view the Praying Mantis Type Being as Mainly Negative
• 1,092 individuals stated they saw Other Types of Beings;
• 8.8% view the Other Types of Beings as Mainly Negative
• 85% have undergone major transformations for the POSITIVE per 75 Life Style Changes Questions (more spiritual, less egotistical, more concern for the environment, less concern for monetary values, etc);
• 50% have reported a medical healing by a non-human intelligent being;
• 80%, or 1,570 have had an Out of Body Experience (OBE);
• 35% have had a Near Death Experience;
• 32% of those that have had BOTH UFO Contact AND Contact with a Non-Human Intelligence have had an Abduction
• 71% state that they are "CONTACTEES" and NOT ABDUCTEES.
• 84% do NOT want their ET contact to stop;
• 450 individuals have had “conscious memories of being aboard a craft;
• 55% have had “missing time
• 79% state the ETs have a personality;
• 66% have received telepathic messages; 
• the majority of Experience have seen non-human intelligent being (NHIB) more than 10 times;
• 395 individuals have stated that they believe that they have been involved in what is commonly called an Alien Breeding Program
• 100 individuals have stated they had a MILAB Abduction
• 83% of Experience believe that the non-human intelligent beings (NHIBs) are somehow related to the Spirit World
• 95% of Experience have had some type of paranormal experience;
• 826 have received information about advanced science or technology
• Only 15% have RH Negative blood-- the national average
• Finally, there appears to be a very strong relationship between NDEs and UFO related Contact (OBEs, Telepathic Communication with Human Looking Beings, both groups experience numerous physical and psychic changes such as increased ESP skills, ability to see energy fields, effects on electrical devices, medical healing, Spirit World connections, and many other similarities)
All of our Phase 1 and Phase 2 research data and our research methodology is available to the public under the Menu Section titled, “Experience Research in our FREE Website:

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