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Telepathy Random Sightings and The God Hypothesis.
Joseph Burkes MD 2018

In my Notes from Contact Underground I have promoted the idea that there is no such thing as a random sighting. Dr Jacques Vallee and others have asserted that sightings are staged events.If this is true then such a mechanism has profound implications.

People who assert that they have ongoing telepathic communications with the intelligence associated with UFOs often exhibit a missionary zeal and believe that they serve a higher purpose.I am no exception to this rule. I imagine that part of my "mission" as a contactee is to decipher the mechanisms of contact. By spending time among those who believe that they are in communication with UFO intelligence there is much of interest to be learned.

According to the bad boy of UFOlogy John Keel, flying saucers are all about the creation of belief. In my judgment, his view is correct and the so-called aliens have been in that belief business probably forever.

I know that I am playing with fire here but I am not alone. Dr Jacques Valle has described how the early sacred events of some religions might have been mediated by a kind of super-intelligence that is associated with UFOs. In important ways organized religion, which is the social glue that holds our not so modern world together, might, have its origins in a relationship between UFO intelligence and ancient peoples.

Despite the popularity of scientific materialism among the intelligencia, old fashion religion is not likely going away anytime soon. The sudden realization that our major faiths could have been created by flying saucer intelligence might be terribly demoralizing for hundreds of millions of people. Thus, UFOs are potentially extremely destabilizing to the status quo. This topic has been described as the God Hypothesis.

Twenty-six years ago, when I joined CSETI, Dr. Greer suggested that ET Intelligence could probably access the consciousness of humans as readily as we can access light by simply turning on a wall switch. Telepathic communication with so-called aliens by contactees has been described by critics as praying to ET.Given the possibility that our major faiths have a connection with flying saucers, praying to ET

may have been going on for centuries.

What if “Flying Saucer Central Intelligence is targeting a much greater number of humans than abductees and contactees? Estimates for the number of people having sightings ranges from as low as one to as high as ten percent of the population. If true flying saucer sightings are not random events but instead are staged by UFO Intelligence, then perhaps hundreds of millions of people have a subliminal mental link with non-human intelligence. If their advanced psi capabilities were sufficiently strong then perhaps they are able establish a consciousness link with every single human being on our planet. Or is this too scary to even consider?

Quanta Magazine UFO Alien Communication

The Final Revelation: The Sun Project

What is The Final Revelation:The Sun Project All About?

Just how much does the US Government really know about UFOs and Extraterrestrial life? The Final Revelation:The Sun Project provides a peek into the real X-Files. After observing a UFO conference, a group of former military and intelligence officers decided it was time to tell their side of the story in a book that is both controversial and enlightening.UFOs and intelligent extraterrestrial life (ET) exist! But, what is the real story about Extra Terrestrial's on Earth and why have they come here? What was their role in the creation of humankind and how does it affect our future on this planet?

In the book, The Final Revelation; The Sun Project, a group of former military and intelligence analysts break the code of silence and share their knowledge of what could be the most closely guarded secret in the history of mankind. And while some people may dismiss these claims, the evidence mounts every day supporting their assertions that intelligent extraterrestrial life exists and has visited Earth based on almost daily feedback from the fleet of space probes NASA has scattered throughout the solar system. In fact, NASA estimates there are conservatively 14 billion earth-like planets within our Milky Way galaxy alone.

These highly regarded sources address some of the most popular topics concerning the UFO phenomenon including recently discovered Roswell Base Logs and Reports, what is real and what is not regarding some of the most infamous UFO Reports like the Hudson Valley sightings and the flying triangles as well as classified reports concerning UFO Abduction Cases such as Betty and Barney Hill and Travis Walton, the Apollo 13 mystery, the government sponsored archaeological Search for Extraterrestrial Artifacts (SETA) and the secret SETI missions assigned to every space probe, the government's weapon's initiatives for Managing an ET Threat including the Inspiration for the HAARP Project, the Church's Long-Standing Involvement in the UFO Phenomena and association with the notorious Men in Black, secret programs for achieving Global Dominance using the ET Advantage, and perhaps the most disturbing, Evidence of ET Involvement in Human Evolution & the Ecosystem.

For UFO believers and skeptics alike, the information presented will challenge the reader's sense of reality and change the way in which one views the world. Everything we have been taught tells us this is not possible. Even true believers will question their convictions and struggle to accept the reality presented here. Not everyone will agree with the the information presented, but these are the facts based on our sources exposure to top secret projects and classified files. And, admittedly some of this information raises more questions than it answers. But, as we are learning more about the Universe the real question has become, "Why not?" The people who shared their experience were quite sure no one would believe it. Regardless, after reading this story, believe it or not, you will never view a sunset in the same way.

In the way of an update, there have been a number of recent scientific announcements that corroborate statements made in the book. For example, NASA's recent discovery of an Exoplanet "Solar System" within the Milky Way Galaxy, DARPA's new project to study Electromagnetic Communications Between Bio-systems, Caltech's confirmation of a Ninth Planet on an Elliptical Orbit Past Neptune, the University of Bristol's development of Nuclear Powered Diamond Batteries, NASA's discovery that Starlight Fuels the Essence of Life in the Universe, Harvard Medical School's Creation of Biological Nano-Robots, NASA's announcement that Gravitational Waves Exist and can Propel Objects, and, "Superman" Memory Crystals to name just a few. Please note that all the above announcements were made subsequent to the publishing of this book, yet these topics were addressed by the military and intelligence people in the book.

Extraterrestrials and the Bat Phone?

When I was working on Cyber-security authentication and intrusion detection systems, I heard stories about something called the Non-Terrestrial Communications Encryption Protocol (NTCEP-7X). We all just assumed it had something to do with satellite and space probe communications. However, I later learned from military and intelligence officers that communications with an intelligent extraterrestrial life form (ET) has existed since the 1940s. From 1947 to the late 1960s communications with the Extra Terrestrial's was quite primitive by today's standards. Extra Terrestrials communicate using Light-energy based transmissions that we are just beginning to understand even today. The Extra Terrestrials solution was to link with our then existing technology. So, initial communication was achieved using old teletypewriters attached to a black box approximately 6x9x3 inches provided by the Extra Terrestrials. The box appeared solid with no seams and no wires. The box was not magnetic but attached directly to the teletype. How the boxes interfaced with the teletypes was unknown, but given the Extra Terrestrials technological savvy not surprising. Late in the 1960s operators started referring to the teletype as the Bat phone, no doubt due to the popularity of the Batman TV show.

The men I spoke with also explained that today we use a special computer system dedicated to what is referred to as Exchanges with the Extra Terrestrials. Over the years the technology has progressed to where that computer system converts our speech to a special encrypted digital format (NTCEP-7X?) and the Extra Terrestrials digital response to text, but it is still processed through the same black box. Our sources contend that although the Extra Terrestrials can understand and communicate in any language, they have insisted on this form for general communications. They think it is because of the Extra Terrestrials apparent policy not to share certain technology and avoid direct general contact. The black box has not changed but subsequent analysis shows it is solid ceramic of some type with a crystal core. The core appears to vibrate when communicating. Critics may scoff at this seemingly unsophisticated means of communication with a technologically advanced race, but how is it any different from our own ubiquitous use of email and instant messaging?

This is not to say that the digital Exchanges are the only official communication with the Extra Terrestrials. Apparently, face to face meetings have and do occur, but are extremely rare and often for a specific and vital purpose. Obviously, the where and when of these meetings are the most closely guarded secrets within the US Government known only to a very select few. And, believe it or not, this select few may not include Presidents or other elected officials. The reason is that elected political leaders are often transient, serving for only a limited time. And, that during their tenure will not likely have to deal with an ET-related issue, so therefore, have no need to know. Not to mention that many military and intelligence resources believe that politicians cannot be trusted with the information. Even longer term career politicians are not given any special consideration. Accordingly, as one high-ranking military officer (who served in J-2, the Joint Chiefs intelligence directorate) commented to me, Regardless of their tenure and what committees they serve on, we tell them [politicians] only what they need to know, but we don't tell them everything because they ca not be trusted!credit RJ Teles.

The Government's UFO Alien Disclosure Plan: 

Many think the government is about to disclose what it knows about UFOs. Others believe the government is doing everything in its power to keep the UFO reality a secret. The truth is that those who control the UFO secret are doing neither. The secret-keepers are gradually disclosing this information via an acclimatization process, based on advice given by military think tanks that have looked at the issue. At this talk, the reader will learn how long this disclosure effort has been going on and how this covert plan is being carried out. Learn about the 14 Magicians in charge of managing UFO secrecy. Find out who the 5 Messiahs are, the ones chosen to deliver the disclosure message. Learn the 64 reasons why United States presidents have kept almost all UFO information secret. Discover what Wiki-Leaks has revealed about UFOs. Learn more about To The Stars, rocker Tom DeLonge’s disclosure effort. Hear which U.S. president had an abduction experience. Understand the story of "Trump the Aliens." Gain insight on President Trump's UFO briefing. Learn about the eight possible disclosure efforts currently underway, including the disclosure of a portal. Cameron is the author or co-author of six books on the UFO subject. In 1975, he had several personal sightings of a UFO-type object known as “Charlie Red Star.” During much of his career, he has focused on U.S. Presidents and the history of their involvement with UFOs and issues related to secrecy & disclosure. He has lectured internationally and received the prestigious “UFO Congress Researcher of the Year Award.” See Grant Cameron's Video Lecture Video Here 


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