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Anti-Ageing Part 4 0f 100 - St.Germaine, Power Rings and DNA

Anti-Ageing Health and Beauty Part 4 of 100. St.Germaine World, Power Ring World and DNA World. Sublime Good Building in 3-space. Entry gained via our Super Soldier Service. (This has nothing to do with the T.I. Super Soldiers). This is far future technology, human evolution at the cutting edge. In this episode we cover St.Germaine, light workers, energy body, ascending, sublime good building, healing, chaos, i360 british airways, miley cyrus, ariana grande, super soldier, grail state, metatronic state, the force, sex, sexual energy, magic human, iron rod, wind farm, brighton, world of magic, pillar force, circular force, DNA, power ring, lord of the rings, psi space, elven rings, galactic centre, 2012, 26,000 years, earth energy, dowsing, assemblage point, yaldabaoth, yaltabaoth, Illuminati, deep state

Contact Project 2018

Interview with Mary Rodwell Multidimensional Show Sept 2018

Multidimensional Show keynote speaker, Mary Rodwell, talks about her upcoming lecture about star children as described and documented in her book, ‘The New Human’. She is an author and founder of Australian Close Encounter Resource Network (ACERN) and Director and Chair of the Experiencer Support Programs of Dr Edgar Mitchell: Foundation for Research into Extra-­‐terrestrial Encounters (FREE); and an advisory Committee member of Exopolitics (www.etworldpeace.com). To find out more about the show and how to get tickets, go to: www.multidimensionalshow.co.uk

UFO Sightings as “thought forms” the Radical Theories of John Keel and the Virtual Experience Hypothesis 
J. Burkes MD

John Alva Keel, (March 25, 1930 – July 3, 2009) was an American journalist and influential ufologist. He is best known as author of Operation Trojan Horse (1970) and The Moth Man Prophecies (1975). I discovered his work 20 years ago when I was formulating what I call the Virtual Experience Hypothesis. This radical theory described how UFO intelligence employ illusions, virtual reality and the implanting of false memories to create a diverse set of beliefs about who and what they are.

Both Keel and Dr. Jacques Vallee are known as champions of the inter-dimensional hypothesis (IDH) which stands in contrast to the more popular ET hypothesis (ETH) for UFOs. John Keel also linked flying saucers to supernatural concepts such as ghosts and demons. Among fans of the ETH, Keel is infamous for saying, that he did not consider himself a "ufologist" but a "demonologist." In my judgment the ETH is a likely partial explanation for UFOs and related phenomenon. I can excuse Keel’s extreme purest support of the IDH because most of his remarkable investigations into flying saucers occurred decades prior to the revelations starting in the 1980's about an alleged UFO crash in Roswell New Mexico. Subsequent testimony by a host of corporate and government witnesses have supported the extraterrestrial hypothesis. It should be noted that the IDH and the ETH are not mutually exclusive. Flying saucer associated intelligence might come from other star systems while being able to traverse multiple dimensions or parallel universes.

In the mid 1990's while participating in Human Initiated Close Encounters (HICE) fieldwork popularly known as “CE-5's”, I had a series of contact experiences in which UFO intelligence demonstrated its apparent ability to create illusions. These included visual displays of both anomalous aerial phenomena and in one instance the 3-D image of a small non-human grey ET being. The visual display of this creature reportedly materialized in the apartment of a fellow contact worker while I was talking with him on the phone.

I have postulated that such visual displays are manufactured by using two possible mechanisms. One in my opinion is analogous to our holographic technology in which an image can be seen by all present. The other mechanism is by energetic stimulation of visual neurological pathways that allow one individual to “see” the illusion, while others not targeted do not perceive the visual display.

Holographic technology was first developed in the 1960's in both the USA and the former USSR. John Keel in his popular book “Mothman Prophecies” chose a different mechanism to explain how extraordinary psychic capabilities might produce illusion. According to Wikipedia a Tulpa is” a concept in mysticism and the paranormal of a being or object which is created through spiritual or mental powers.[1] It was adapted by 20th century theosophists from Tibetan sprul-pa which means "emanation" or "manifestation."

In “The Mothman Prophecies” John Keel writes,
“The Tibetans believe that advanced human minds can manipulate these invisible energies into visible forms called Tulpas, or thought projections.”

Thanks to hit TV series “The X Files” the concept of Tibetan Tulpas has entered briefly into popular culture. In an episode titled “A Civic-Minded Ghost...” such a thought projection is employed to commit murder.
If the Virtual Experience Hypothesis is valid then some perhaps even many visual displays of flying saucers that we call “sightings” are illusory, whether they be produced by hologram like technology, direct stimulation of neurological optic tracts, or as in the case of Tulpas by the psi capabilities of advanced non-human beings.

I call such a process, a Virtual Experience of the First Kind, or virtual sighting. If this proposed mechanism is valid, then it threatens to undermine the credibility of “scientific ufology” groups like MUFON. The Mutual UFO Network for nearly fifty years has conducted research into flying saucers as if they were some kind of engineering problem. I am suggesting that perhaps generations of volunteer investigators rather than charting the “flight characteristics” of physical objects may have been chasing phantoms.

I encourage all UFO fans, especially contact and disclosure activists to contemplate the Virtual Experience Hypothesis and to study the radical theories of John Keel whose books are informative, highly entertaining and are available as PDF files online.

J.Burkes MD 2016

Wild speculation and unjustified assertions concerning alleged ET technology are constants among UFO fans. One notion states that so-called aliens have “Trans-dimensional” technology. I believe according to this theory no factories are required to build the hundreds of diverse types of “craft” observed by witnesses because “ET's” can transform thought forms directly into material objects.

Visual Displays Versus Hardware

I prefer a different speculative explanation. I suspect that most flying saucers are not physical objects but instead are illusory visual displays that are perhaps holographic like in nature. Either explanation, holographic or Trans-dimensional precludes the need for a massive “alien” industrial base to build and repair the diverse types of UFOs that witnesses are reporting.

Are Flying Saucers Alive?

Another unproven assertion is that flying saucers are alive and self-repairing. This was a sub theme of the 1994 TV movie “Official Denial.” In one dramatic scene soldiers observe a large gaping whole in the wall of a downed alien craft. Sometime later the craft itself repairs the hole as if it were alive.

So where do such popular bizarre theories come from? Some have become the themes of science fiction movies that reinforce what are viewed as improbable assertions about the alleged ET's. However, some beliefs may result from personal contact experiences with a non-human intelligence associated with UFO phenomenon. I believe I had just such personal contact experiences.

Contact Downloads

For several years during the 1990s I had recurrent anomalous experiences that fit into a pattern of what has been called “contact downloads” by UFO experiencers. While resting quietly or during meditation I had a series of what can be described as “awake dreams.” In those “dreams” complex abstract thoughts were combined with mental imagery that told stories about the contact drama in which I believed that I was a participant.

Verification is Seldom Available

Of course, the information I received was almost totally unverifiable with the exception of two special occasions. In those while doing fieldwork with my CE-5 team I was mentally “informed” of the time, location in the sky, and the number of UFOs that were to appear at our sky-watch sites. The details of the sightings that subsequently occurred those two nights accurately matched the prior information that I had received as a kind of “heads up.”

Embedded In the Wall of a Flying Saucer

During one of my "contact downloads"(I believe this could be labelled a form of channeling) I felt as if I was fused into the wall of a saucer in orbit hundreds of miles above the Earth's surface. In this dream like story I had a telepathic conversation with the artificial intelligence controlling the craft that was itself alive. My being a contactee it is not surprising that it was a friendly “conversation.”

Not for a moment do I believe that I had an “out of body” communion with a living flying saucer Perhaps it was nothing more than a wish dream of my own creation. I doubt this however; more likely I suspect these “downloads” were theater of the mind co-creations between UFO Intel and me. I imagine that these anomalous experiences were staged for instructional purposes by a non-human intelligence that experiencers now call “ET.” In a similar vein, I believe many so-called “alien abductions” are mostly mental theater productions with some physical components as well. Naturally there is no proof that I was in touch with an alien AI while I envisioned myself being embedded in the wall of an ET craft.

Skepticism Is a Healthy Approach

In general, I think it is a good idea for all UFO experiencers and researchers to be similarly skeptical of such apparent communications. As a contactee I imagine that no matter how emotionally compelling or absolutely beautiful these “downloads” appear to us, we should be steadfast in our skepticism.

According to the famous author of the paranormal John Keel, flying saucers are in the “belief business” and are deliberately deceptive as to what they truly are. Does such deception prove evil intents? In my judgment, it does not. The messages may not be accurate because of the enormous gulf between their advanced cultures and our more primitive level of consciousness and behavior.

Contact Downloads Are of Great Importance

Deceptive or not, such contact experiences represent in my opinion some kind of interspecies communication and therefore should be considered of great importance. Their interactions with us and the messages that we receive I would like to believe are part of a plan for the benefit of mankind. But this notion is not necessarily one based on accurate information and objective analysis. My upbeat perspective is more an expression of human hope rather than one dictated by cold sober reason.


If you do not believe in the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations and UFO flights, then this issue is easy to solve. Every person, at least once watched television programs, which told about the archaeological finds, which according to the experts, could be made only with use of such technologies which are not available to modern mankind, and it finds thousands of years. Scientists archaeologists find such items that are made of such materials, metals and their alloys, which are not found on Earth.Historians and archaeologists have found irrefutable facts, which are derived from historical documents antiquities, including rock paintings, that contacts with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations were long before our era, and their technical development was already much ahead of ours. All this information can be found in large numbers on the Internet. Even the most ardent skeptics of this issue will not be able to find any explanation for all this, except that all these facts are relevant to those who thousands of years ago possessed such technologies, which even today do not have humanity. You may not believe in those numerous videos of UFO flights around the world, referring it to video editing or secret military technologies, but to challenge or find a simple explanation of archaeological finds, you can't. There are so many facts that you can't just dismiss them. We can't go on like this. to believe that we humans are the only sentient beings in the Universe. That's not so. We are modern people, have sufficient knowledge and technical development to keep denying the obvious. Now is the time when people need to face the truth and accept that, that aliens exist, and put an end to it. They are here.And now more and more people are getting it right.But many people have the right question, why the aliens are here, and what they need on our planet.Someone might say that they are interested in minerals, there are other versions of this, but the correct answer is to fight for our new civilization.

In the previous article, "Agents. Who are they?"that has been published in a number of Facebook groups has already been said about it, but this article will to be published in other groups, social networks and the media, and it is necessary to explain again the essence of this struggle.Those we call aliens don't belong to the same race. Alien races are not few, but they all stand on one side, which are called Light and dark. We are not one such young civilization. There are others, such as new civilization, they live and develop at other inhabited planet. And everywhere, between these two forces, there is a struggle for which side will choose a new young civilization when it reaches its a certain level of development.This level is determined by the technological progress that allows civilization to make orbital space flights at close range, such as flights to the moon. It was then, on such a planet there are events that determine the future course this civilization, which will lead them either to the Light side or to the dark side. This self-determination of the new people is conditioned by the influence on consciousness on both sides. On Earth, for thousands of years there is a struggle for the minds of people, which ultimately should lead to the final choice. Between the Light and dark forces, there is an Agreement that this influence should be hidden. Under this Agreement, the parties may not exert no influence other than influence on the mind. No direct assistance or support can be provided in any form. As well, the parties may not in any way show their presence. That's why those who we call aliens, do not go to direct contact with people.That is why many people do not believe in the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. Throughout its history, we were one on one with the Cosmos, and did not see those, who's been watching us for thousands of years.Our civilization is developing on its own, but thousands of years, the consciousness of people is hidden psychological impact, which should determine what the correct and only true to themselves the moral image, will become the new society people's. Based on this, the very choice of the party to which civilization will join will be made.This influence is exerted on each individual man, and the moral character of each person will develop into what society will be the whole nation.

Between the Light and dark forces, there is an Agreement that this influence should be hidden. Under this Agreement, the parties may not exert no influence other than influence on the mind. No direct assistance or support can be provided in any form. As well, the parties may not in any way show their presence. That's why those who we call aliens, do not go to direct contact with people.That is why many people do not believe in the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. Throughout its history, we were one on one with the Cosmos, and did not see those, who's been watching us for thousands of years.Our civilization is developing on its own, but thousands of years, the consciousness of people is hidden psychological impact, which should determine what the correct and only true to themselves the moral image, will become the new society people's. Based on this, the very choice of the party to which civilization will join will be made.This influence is exerted on each individual man, and the moral character of each person will develop into what society will be the whole nation.

How is this influence exercised? All this time, people secretly implanted technical devices that allow you to listen to all the thoughts and feelings man's. The technology of these technical devices allows not only to hear, but also to carry out an imperceptible introduction into the consciousness of thoughts and feelings. The agreement will define equal conditions for the struggle for people's consciousness for both Sides, and this technology is used by both sides. That is happening, what is in the mind of one man "are" representatives of both the Light and dark sides.And they influence the course of the inner the development of the moral character of man.

The sides differ from each other as much as the sky is different from the earth. This applies not to external appearance, and to those moral qualities which are accepted at each of the Parties. Light is the most ancient people with the highest moral qualities, which people can see by the example of those Saints whom the whole world knows and honors as people of higher spirituality and moral views. The dark ones are the exact opposite.Remember all that we people consider the worst qualities that can only be a person, and you still will not be able to fully understand what determines the moral character of the dark side, because this is not enough.

According to the Agreement, this struggle for people's consciousness should look like an offer to a person to make an independent choice in which direction own moral development to go, that is, using the introduction into the consciousness of thoughts, feelings, propose the person to accept those views,taken from them, and the man himself must determine for himself how he will live his life and what morals will guide.Thus, a person can choose the life of a righteous and decent person who observes the accepted standards of morality among people or go that way, which can lead him to the life of a criminal and a man with low morals.

Those technical devices that are introduced into the bodies of people, allow not only to implement the introduction of thoughts and feelings, but also to carry out a full capture control of mind and body.If from the side of the Light, this struggle is directly related to the achievement of what people would become decent members of society, without interference in their personal life human, then the dark use such position, that would infiltrate in life person and actually take control of his mind and body for himself, in the sake of their own sordid interests. About who are the dark and how they behave, being in the mind of people, you can tell those people who are not exposed to hidden influence, and open form psychological impact when the manipulation of the mind and the body visible to the human eye. Most people don't understand mind manipulation, because, personally nor when not faced with it.There are people who call themselves "Targeted Individuals" and it is these people who can talk about, what is to be under psychological influence of the aliens the dark side.To find out, you can visit Facebook groups, where they gather to condemn it and together to look for a way out of this situation.I'm not going to talk about what they are doing dark with these people, using his knowledge of how to influence people's minds with impunity, but I will say that if the alien who does it, someday will fall to the person over whom he allowed himself to be so mocked, then probably each of them will kill this alien without a shadow of doubt and pity.I say this because I know what it is.

There's a lot of information that says that those we call aliens are in contact with humans. There are many stories of people that they met with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, someone tells that they were invited to the ship. But it will be about those contacts, which happen every day. And they occur with the use of technology embedded in the human body implants, which also allows create a voice inside the human mind and actually talk to it.I appeal to those "Targeted Individuals" who hear the voice every day in my head: Yes, it is, you communicate with aliens every day. You're all the same contactors as the people who talk about it.Only these contacts are not similar to the ideas that are usually thought of when it comes to contacts with aliens.People "Targeted Individuals" ,communicate with the aliens of the dark side. Light is also communicating with us, but mostly they do it quietly and apparently not noticeable to people, observing Agreement on the conservation of a secretive presence. But there are cases, when the bright communicate in open, using "voice in anybody." Then people convey important and necessary information. In this way, messages are transmitted through people we call clairvoyants.

Our civilization is coming to the time when it will happen, the very choice of the party. Us people tend not to, all the that offer us the dark, because, in addition to dirt, the pain and humiliation of their way of life that does not carry. That's why they use not so much the struggle for the consciousness of people, how many carry out a complete capture of the mind. They have no chance that people will voluntarily take their side, and for this, using the direct mind manipulation, they create the conditions under which our world will be the Third world war. So with our hands, they plan destroy all those who do not support their way of life and thinking, and such people are the vast majority on the planet.The third world war, which will be conducted with the use of all types of weapons of mass destruction, they need to win by military means. And the lives of billions of people who will die in this war do not matter to them. They want to take control of all those who will survive, and therefore control of the Earth.They understand that they won't be able to win if this war doesn't begin, and go on violations of the Agreement on non-interference of the parties in internal Affairs humanities. These violations are everywhere and today the Agreement, which also provides for the Treaty not to attack each other, as much it is shaky that the situation is heated.Light forces have great military might and waiting for developments. If events start to unfold the same the rate of violation of the non-intervention Agreement will lead to an open military clash. Because of those gross violations that allow themselves dark, in aid us, were turned over to those specific findings, which directly explain the true situation, which was described here,and so the information that explains how the manipulation of the mind is carried out and how ordinary people can independently is transmitted counter this. This information is posted on the social network Facebook in the group "Psychological terror. Confidential materials".Also in this group posted information about what means carried out psychological terror around the world, as well as information about false information, spread by the dark, the Internet and the media to hide the truth.Violations of the dark side, in one of the most important points of Agreement, about the order of the struggle for consciousness of people, reached such level that technical data on how we can get rid of their influence will be transferred to us. It is about those technical means that will be able to suppress the signal communication implants. In the world, a very large number of people who know about that, that their minds are manipulated and forced to endure the influence of the dark without any possibility of getting rid of it. Everything that is written here is true.This is help from the sky.Everything else we have to do ourselves.If the dark forces try to prevent this, the non-interference Agreement may lose its strength, and then the Light use its military superiority, to exert us full aid and would protect us from influence and threats with hand dark.

At the end we need to add one important point. According to the Agreement, the struggle for human consciousness should have simple forms, but gross violations by the dark,expressed in the exercise of open influence, such as the creation of an open inner voice in the mind of man, and showing him all that can tell "Targeted Individuals", led to the fact that this struggle has taken the form of confrontation using the power of psychological techniques. We are talking about what is happening now is a real psychological war between the forces of Light and dark. And many implanted people could see it happening. I am witnessing the kind of struggle that is happening now in my mind. I've seen many tricks that used in this fight. And during that time was able to see and understand that the dark can be called "soul." I saw their way of thinking, and I realized how much Light is different from dark.It is impossible to take the influence of the dark, when talking to Bright. Because all those thoughts and the feelings embedded in the consciousness of man is dark, soaked with their essence.And it is very clearly visible.Dark are not able to fake feelings, and to give themselves for Light.All that I described in the materials of the band, I saw with my own eyes and had the opportunity to understand everything.People can say that I could transfer this information to the dark, to deceive the people. I say that such substitution is not possible. The accuracy of the information transmitted to me can confirm those people who read these materials and understood their meaning.A large number of positive reviews from hundreds of people who have already read the information given to us will be direct evidence.it is necessary to understand that in such circumstances, today, neither what other direct, and even more "documentary" evidence can not be presented, except for the opinion of those "Targeted Individuals" who have found benefit for themselves from the fact,what is published in the group.

I was asked a question, from where all that I write for people. Now you can answer directly - it is transferred the information that I received from the forces of Light, through the technology of the implant. There was such question - why me? There is an answer to this question, but I cannot say it now. Later the time will come and you'll know. Consider so far that the stars have converged. source Raul Duke

UFO Alien Encounter

I don't know many people who have had a face-to-face encounter with an actual being so i decided to share my experience with you all. I would be interested in your feedback.

In one afternoon, around 3 pm, in mid-June of 2012 i was chilling outside in our garden in a swing bed. I kept thinking about whether UFOs are real and if they are, what are the odds of spotting one from my current position if it appears, as a large portion of the sky was not visible due to the buildings and trees around. I was quite skeptic regarding the existence of non-human intelligent beings, but just as i looked up, i observed a 1-1.5 m diameter glowing orb floating just above the wires only a couple of meters away from me. It had a tiny "tail" or "plume" pointing toward me while it was floating away from me in Eastward direction. It was visible for about 5-7 seconds then it vanished. The whole thing was so unlikely that i didn't even care about it, eventually forgetting it for a few days until i had a weird and very vivid lucid dream/OBE (?).

(If you are not interested what happened in my dream, you can skip this paragraph.)

It happened two days after my initial UFO sighting. I went to bed around 2 am as i normally did in the summer holiday. The next thing i remember of suddenly becoming conscious and i was standing (probably) in the middle of my room but everything was pitch dark, i couldn't see the silhouettes of the furniture as i'd normally do. I didn't have time to think about it as a little white being diverted my attention who was standing right in front of me. IT was small like a child with white skin, a rather large head and skinny body but IT had five digits and their proportion was normal as for humans. It's skin looked so smooth, i wanted to touch it. I run my hand down It's forearm and it was indeed smooth. I thought "There is no way i would remember this when i wake up!" The being let me do that then IT raised its right arm and gently touched the left side of my face I think as a means of welcome. For a brief second it appeared to me as i had a third person view of ourselves but i was not sure. It was like a voice asking me if i was afraid, i replied "No, just excited." At that moment i knew something incredible was about to happen. The being grabbed my left wrist, then my arm (and probably my whole body as well) started vibrating and became white, somewhat luminescent. A bright, formless light appeared above enveloping us. I was so confused that i kept looking at my hand trying to figure out how did this happen? Why was it vibrating, why did it become white? I didn't notice when IT let off of my wrist. I suddenly felt a calling without words, yet i knew exactly that one being wanted me to come there close to him. I didn't have time to look around but i was in a spacious place, i am not sure it was a spaceship or just a hall of some kind of building. It was mostly empty, except some portal-like structure in the middle where they picked me up. It was surrounded by four curved walls, they were about a meter high, some space (or steps?) in-between them. The flooring was light gray but without the metallic shine. On my right i observed three little kids, appearing 2-5 year old's, all different ages sitting on the floor at the base of one of those curved walls and they were playing with something. They had large eyes, as if they were hybrids. As I passed them while on my way to that guy who called me, I heard them talking about Earth or earthlings but i have forgotten what they have said. A rotating column appeared which later widened to form a spiral staircase with yellow steps and red railing. At the base the blond (?) guy and an elder-looking man was waiting for me. He looked awfully familiar but i couldn't remember where did i meet him before, but I've got a feeling that I should know him. He was taller (8 feet) than the others (7 feet), he had a shoulder-length curly black hair, tied into a half-ponytail. He was slender, his face was rather bony and skinny. His nose was broken to an angle. He was wearing a hooded robe witch was a very dark shade of blue. He was holding some kind of staff in his hand. I felt him being incredibly wise and possibly having a higher rank, someone who is deeply respected. We went up the staircase which appeared to be moving upwards as a spiraling escalator. We were enveloped by an even brighter light. I don't recall much what happened in there. I think he was showing me something and explaining it. Then we came back down, i was being in an elevated mood for some reason. On the other side (of the hall) i met 8-10 other beings, most of them didn't have a definite shape or at least I can't remember them. It appeared as i could float through the place to get to them faster. One woman, about the same size as me was standing in front of me, having a small, sharp chin, a rather flat face, straight, light brown hair and large eyes about twice the size of humans' yet it looked normal with iris, pupil, etc. She was wearing a skin-tight light blue jumpsuit ( I could only saw her waist up). As I stared into her eyes i saw an intense flow of colors colors which may not even exist in our reality. I think there is an episode missing in here as my next memory is standing at the opening of a door and having a serious talk with (mostly) the blond guy and others. Too bad I can't remember what I've been told. When we finished with the discussion, I was free to go back to my body. I was looking for the exit then the guy raised his left arm and pointed to the "portal", i said "Yeah, right!" like i should have known it. As I "jumped" back to my body, i was widely awake, not feeling tired even though I slept less than three hours as it was 5 o'clock am. I heard a very loud engine noise like a bunch of helicopters floating just above my house. I was getting mad thinking "Why there are so many helicopters flying above my house so early in the morning?" I had to realize it was probably something else. I also felt a very strong "magnetic" (?) suction force parallel to the ground, starting from my body and flowing through the window. It lasted a couple of minutes leaving me genuinely confused. I even wondered "Why is the wind blowing inside my room?" but the curtain remained motionless. Then remembering my "dream" this was probably a strong wake-up call (literally).

It took me over a week to digest what has just happened on that morning and to accept that my dream could have been a genuine contact experience. When I came to that realization, even more shocking events have followed.

On 28th June, 2012 i slept unusually much, almost through the entire day, getting up only a few times to eat. When i finally woke up at around 8 pm, i was totally well rested. (So the following events were NOT hallucinations due to tiredness.) Not suspecting anything, i had some reading on my computer for a few hours. At about quarter to twelve, i decided to take a break and as soon as I got up from the chair, I felt a strong beam of energy reaching deep in the middle of my brain. (Later I learned that this brain region basal ganglia: dorsorostral nucleus accumbens and posterior ventral palladum, and basolateral amygdala is responsible for motivation.) I felt a strong urge to go outside. I had an unnatural calmness upon me. I hesitated for a little while worrying that my mother or my dog will wake up, but i decided to go though I didn't know where. So when i reached a junction, i asked for direction, a light breeze touched the right/left side of my face accordingly. Along my way on the left I saw a black oval shaped ship looking like a blimp without all the external features. It had a row of different colored lights on the middle, while a light was shining from the inside at the front. It hovered silently. Some minutes later i also saw a very bright star (same or brighter than Venus) flashing intensely. I also encountered a stray black dog who seemed to be nervous, he was barking at me angrily. It felt like I was surrounded by a protective field, as the dog kept the distance and didn't come closer. I've been led to that farm where i used to ride horses. It was next to a goods-train station. A dirt road was leading to the farmhouse farther away. The surrounding electric fence was off. I felt (but didn't see) that many-many ships were filling the sky with possibly hundreds or thousands of beings watching me. That leading energy-line on the ground ended at a certain point, therefore I knew the exact spot they wanted me to stop. On my right, the horses of the farm appeared to be in a deep sleep. Also everything was quiet, i didn't hear bats,mosquitoes, frogs, crickets, etc. As I waited there, two blanch light orbs, about the size of a basketball descended from the sky. They were hovering about 1.5 meters above the ground, coming closer to me. One of them hovered close to the forehead of one of the horses near me, then the horse and other horses started to follow it in a row like ducks. (The horses were not kept in boxes, they were being left outside the meadow for grazing.) They crossed the dirt road in front of me and went under the nearby tree and started to walk in a circle around it. I've heard a sound, similar to what is given when people impel the horses to go faster or do not stop. I felt that somebody was standing under the tree. I had an urge to follow the horses and go under the tree but I didn't do so. On the other side (the station-side) i saw trains moving without locomotive. Their light were switched on and also the station's traffic lights. Sometimes the trains were moving forward and back and to other track ways. If i went in a certain direction, the trains followed me, and when I suddenly changed direction so did the trains. When i wanted them to make the trains stop, they did so immediately. It appeared that they were playful with the trains. There was a short silence following. As I was listening, I suddenly felt something happening on my left side. I didn't see anything, but i knew there was something hovering in the height of the top of the tree (maybe a cloaked ship). I was following it with my eyes for a while and when I took my eyes off of it and stared at the distance, i suddenly noticed a dark shadowy figure standing quite far away from me. He was darker than the darkness of the night, like a 3-D statue covered in Vantablack®. I could not see his features but I could see the outline of his body very clearly. He (it was a male) was about 7 feet tall and had wide shoulders. I felt a strong presence. He was standing there for a while. I felt much curiosity instead of fear. When he saw i was not scared he started coming closer very slowly step by step. Even though i couldn't see his features, i was aware of his slight movements. I even got an impression that he was smiling at me. He started to move a bit faster. When he got too close, about 1.5-2 meters away from me, I started to feel uneasy for some reason. He stopped immediately. I knew he didn't want to harm me, yet I was anxious. It appeared to me for a second that his head, or forehead was lit by a dim light as a halo, maybe the same light I have seen previously as an orb. When he raised his left arm, the other light orb appeared near me, flying in a zig-zag pattern. It probably tried to calm me or check how close i let them come. I was wondering why was he pitch black instead of luminous or what would happen if he suddenly materialize in front of me out of nothing. My brain found it difficult to process all these stuff. I even told them that (This experience) is too much for me, I was not prepared for this. They didn't give up on me though. High above there was a red star-like dot, not doing anything just being there. Then three small bright dots appeared near the ground and aligned to form a very bright triangle. I found it beautiful. It was silently hovering for a short time in front of me moving to the right at this time I left the dirt road and tried to follow the triangle which then vanished. I heard the sound of a horse's hooves and when I looked back to the dirt road where i was before, I saw a dark horse trotting forward, turning around and moving in the other direction and again coming back. It seemed like somebody was impelling the horse. As I looked up, right above me i saw other smaller spherical lights filling a large, circular area (I don't know if these were part of one big ship or just aligned orbs). It was spinning in a rotating pattern, clockwise then anti-clockwise, moving slightly left then right in repetition. I was still anxious and confused, also started to get a little bit drowsy. It was almost 3 am, i was out there for more than two hours. I decided to go home and leave them there. I could see the rotating orbs above my house as well. I feel bad now that i didn't let this encounter finish naturally. I hope i will get an other chance in the (near) future although i am not quite sure how to control my emotions and thoughts or if they give me an other opportunity.

Apparently they are still seeking my attention as they kept appearing me very often, especially in the same year, in 2012. I saw many weird lights almost daily when i intentionally started to walk my dog in late evenings. Among the sightings were: a bright flashing light, moving
several times faster than anything we know, in a zig-zag pattern from right to left (up and down somewhat like this: - ' . -) appearing out of nowhere then vanishing after dashing through the horizon silently within only a few seconds. This is something that my elder brother described to me as well. Other time, in 16 November 2016, when I was visiting my brother in the Canary Islands and we were sitting at the campfire, I felt a weird tapping on top of my head, like something saying "Hey, look up!" then I saw a shooting star-like light, although being very close to the ground, only 2-3 high, not in the upper atmosphere. I saw this several other occasions in Hungary.

Unfortunately I am not close to nature where i live now (in the UK), so that's possibly one reason why i haven't seen them for many years now. Apparently they need me to be far from civilization and be available (at night). I hope I will get the courage to call them down again. source Szilvia Pal


I was in a room with a lot of blue light, technicians at work, equipment making humming noises, and I could see some men on the upper floor having a heated discussion with what looked like scientists or researchers or it could be doctors in their field. I was told that the discussion centered around something called the "unified field theory which had to do with getting the formula right before travel was properly achieved. I got the impression they were talking about time travel.Lying down on my bed one afternoon, some months after the hurricane had passed and the year before was an eclipse,I think it was the late 90's early 2000-2002 when I turned my mind towards the very day of the eclipse and marveled at how this thing occurred. Day turning into night and heard the roosters crow and the insects chirp..so cool. The next moment, I found that my mind was in space, looking at a round cylindrical, cigar shaped object moving towards the direction of the sun, but at an angle towards the right side of the sun, when suddenly there was a loud "pop!"and I could see human looking bodies in blue jumper suits, lifeless, tumbling among the debris in all directions. I sat up in bed at that moment and to this day, I can still see that image in my mind.It was around the late 80's when I used to live in New York and some of you may remember the UFO sightings that had occurred in upstate New York that was explained as gliders flying in formation. Well, I can tell you that explanation was false. My cousins and I saw this object and you could jog along with it. The lights were organized in a circular fashion with a single bright bluish green light at the back of the circle.The object made no sound as it passed in front and almost directly over us. It was during the fall,and between 6-7:pm when my cousin called out to me from downstairs. When I looked out the window, he simply pointed up in the sky and when I looked up, I grabbed the camera and rushed downstairs. I had a canon camera at that time and it had infrared film loaded. I snapped a few pictures at the object and was sure to get them developed the very next day. Little did I realize, I would have to get through the night first.Before bed, in the shower, I was signing Rod Stewart's If you want my body, come on baby let me know Later that night, they did let me know. In the middle of the night, what time, I don't know, I woke up to this feeling of being deep underwater. You know that feeling of pressure on your body and a powerful sound of electrical humming and a tingling sensation. With my eyes wide opened now, I really, really wanted to get up but I could not will myself to sit up, move my head, my arms or my legs. I tried again and still I could not move and now I was becoming really sleepy and just thought to myself that it's okay, I can just go back to sleep now. I got scared and it was at that moment, I closed my eyes, stilled my mind, and in my mind spoke these words Jesus,I need thee I need thee now. I am not ready. Please help me." And do you know what happened? I no longer felt sleepy, the pressure and the humming slowly subsided, and I was able to get up and what was the first thing I wanted to do? Look out the window, but it was this very thing I could not do. I was told very clearly, not to look out the window. Instead, I laid back down in bed and offered a prayer of thanks and went back to sleep. The next morning, I asked my cousin if anything strange happened last night. He sleeps in the same room as me. He looked at me and said he didn't want to talk about it and I have never asked him again.Since that incident, I hear a ringing in my ears from time to time and have noticed that if I leave the country, after about a couple of days, I will hear the ringing. For the last several years, I did not leave the country, but had occasion to as my wife's mother died, and during those several years, I never had that ringing sound. Sure enough, after a couple of days in her home country, I heard the ringing in my ears.Since that incident, I have noticed that when I travel by myself, no-one will sit next to me. I could be on a bus that's full and the seat next to me is available, it will remain available. I recently traveled to New York and used the subway and Amtrak, same thing all the time, the seat or seats next to me remains empty. Moving on now to recent events that happened is when I observed some randomly flashing lights in the sky and I was able to observe these objects over a period of years. Recently, they have been going in the direction of the Orion star system. The light flashes, when observed appear very bright and gradually become fainter. This indicates movement away from earth. And so, one day I decided to ask a gentleman about these lights. He works at a Contracted USAF faculty operated by Raytheon. I didn't think this was anything, but since they have access to NORAD, I figured he would tell me that they're simply satellites reflecting the sunlight and then I would have asked him if satellites have the ability to move closer to each other and make circles around each other. I never got a chance to ask. He simply told me that he couldn't help me and left. His behavior told me something else and I left it at that because I didn't want him thinking any kind of way about me.I went to bed thinking about what happened and do you know what happened? I dreamed of a UFO was outside my apartment window and they took me to a desert where I was in a car with two men in the front seat and I, in the back seat. After a couple of minutes, one of them said, "your ride is here..." I looked out the back window and could see a strange, and fairly large craft fly over the car and land in front of us. The next thing I remember is being on a large open air elevator going down with two other men. I got the impression we were on Mars and as we were descending, we could see in the distance that there is a substantial amount of water under the earth and the marine life was amazing to look at. We heard the sound of a whale like animal as we continued downward. Of the two men who were in front of me, one decided to walk towards the edge and look over and I said to him, "Remember what they told us...keep away from the edge." I must be a prophet or something because just as I said this, the man lost his balance and fell. Both of us then rushed close to the edge and lay on our bellies as we looked over and could see the man's lifeless body on the approaching floor below. When we reached out floor, we were told that medical staff had been dispatched to the fallen man and he was dead. I was greeted by a female US Air-force Officer. A lieutenant. Her last name began with a S and that's all I can remember. I asked her what is this facility and she told me that she would give me a tour and I agreed. During the tour she explained to me that this is a decision facility. That here is where you decided to come because you choose to participate in the exchange program. Here is where we learn about life on their planet and they learn about life on ours and you then decide if you want to continue. After this, I walked around a bit and came across a door that I could open and inside this room was hundreds of thousands of human bodies. I got the impression that these bodies were clones and were in an animated state. I saw one person I recognized and wondered of all the people I know, him?The next morning when I woke up, I went into town and who did I come across? Oh yes, of all people, him! I asked him when did he get back? and he looked at me and said, "excuse me?" Never-mind, I told him and after a little chit chat we when our ways.Today, I have strong urges to speak up and spread the word about some coming event that I am sure is going to occur. As time progresses I guess. SOURCE: WHOAMI

Czech Girls UFO Alien Contact book

Book Review: ( RECENZE Naší knihy česky dole! ) : Book " Czech Girls ET Contact " with Humanoid EBE Olie. Pooja Mohan from India Book Review: Czech Girls ET Contact with Humanoid EBE Olie by Ilona Podhrazska and Ivana Podhrazska 2017 .What would you do if you were given a chance to contact 12-D humanoid? Would you discuss economics? Politics? Global warming? Or 101 ways to protect the earth? Sit back and relax, because Czech girls have already engaged themselves.The Czech girls, Ilona and Ivana, compiled the conversations with the humanoid each time and published as a book Czech Girls ET Contact with Humanoid Extra Biological Entity Olie. It all started with trying to call out spirit but ended with an alien instead. Ivana has been the medium to communicate with the humanoid. Fortunately, the 12-D alien goes by the name Olie, which is suspected to be Energenic Biological Entity or simply Extra Biological Entity. Our humanoid friend Olie, is from the planet Elielji, 39 of light years away.The story is interesting, at first, the two sisters refused to believe, but the alien performed maneuvers in the sky. It goes like this there were thirty people in the scene, including a pastor, the clouds started to form gaps and then the object showed up! The so-called UFO performed Zig-Zag motion going back and forth and back and forth over and over again. The object glowed green and red that excited the people there the clouds started to form a gap that more and more expanded and spread up to heaven in a large cleared. For a while we all waited and then it occurred. They showed in full beauty! Their extraterrestrial object flew Zig-Zag back and forth and forth and back again and it showed 7x back and forth. Their object glowed green, and then a little red remember that the people there wept and said:They really exist!!!.Nevertheless, the conversations with the humanoid are not normal chit-chat, but very important ones. In one of the conversations, the alien calls itself the creator of the humans. It also reveals the mission on Mars, power plants on Earth, and its anatomy. The busy guy Olie from the advanced civilization has been answering questions from several physicists, UFOlogists, movie directors, writers, from all around the globe. The book has some personal encounters shared; Ilona and Ivana firmly believe that their communication with Extra Biological Entity is true and faithful.We hear such stories for many years abductions, telepathic contact, UFOs, moon bases, psychic powers, but it is you who will investigate and seek for the truth. There are phenomena that cannot be explained by science or we have not found a method, yet. One thing is clear from these unusual books, people have slowly started to react or to be accurate, believe what they experience, and pen down. Czech Girls ET Contact with Humanoid Extra Biological Entity Olie is one such book that took courage to bloom out among the closed-minded people 12-D humanoid, abduction, alien, Czech girls, Czech republic, ebe, encounter, humanoid, Ilona, Ivana, Olie, telepathy, UFO( Our English and Czech Book is available on Amazon ) Comments downhttp://cosmosandibook.in/book-review-czech-girls-et-

Communications with Ebe:

E B E OLIE HAVE TRUTH !! EBE OLie pravdu!!Thank you Olie ! From EBE OLie: 9. June 2018 : ET EBE - OLie : Contact Ivana Podhrazska and ILona: - Aleluja oo! Welcome! We are near Jupiter. Our vacuum-system equipment around our Ship introduces us around to Jupiter. The signal shows for us the way, route. We will research the surrounding sphere around Jupiter. We are biased of its change. Changes in the band(zone) gravitational waves. Jupiter will be act on your Earth by magnification .Is going through a change. We can not see Jupiter from our galaxy. We are elsewhere in the band in the Space. The Sun strengthen with unusual impression. We measured the sun zone. In different dimension is strengthen. It is a very dense coronary MAFTALA. Coronary epicenter Maftala. The Earth is deflected. You will feel great changes in the climate. Chaos for people. This is 80 percent influenced by the artificial process, the rest of the 20 percent is cosmic. This is repeated over millennia, changes. Changes are accelerated and manipulated by reptilians. With the vibration of human consciousness, Earth's climate can be deactivated on a level by a few percent. It will be recorded in July in the fields, crop circles in the Czech Republic. In the Czech Republic, there will be a better process of generating radiation from the Ship into imprinted coded formulas, as the grain will not dry quickly. Surroundings field must be humid, moist for imprinting the image. Our Ship drying the soil at that point. Yes, we know in Czech will be a crop circle :


Czech Girls ET Contact: With Humanoid EBE Olie (Volume 1)

Czech Girls UFO Alien Contact book