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The UFO “Code of Silence” and Why Breaking this Taboo is So Important. 
Joseph Burkes MD 2018

OMERTA: a code of silence practiced by the Mafia; a refusal to give evidence to the police about illegal activities. 
I grew up in the lower West side of Manhattan in the 1950's. Little Italy was a neighborhood near Washington Square Park. I played there as a child. Long before Francis Coppola’s blockbuster 1973 hit movie “The Godfather” was produced, I was aware of the Mafia’s presence as part of “life in the big city.”

Fast-forward thirty years to the early 1990's. I was partner in the Southern California Permanente Medical Group that works for the Kaiser Health Plan. I lived in West Los Angeles California with my wife and our two children.


After reading about UFOs for a year I decided to get involved in an investigation of the flying saucer phenomenon. I volunteered to be a Working Group Coordinator for a UFO research project called the CE-5 (Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind) Initiative. This involved going to UFO hot spots and using powerful lights and thought projection in an attempt to attract UFOs to our research sites.

Dr Greer, an ER physician was heading the effort. His credentials as a fellow MD helped me recruit two of my medical partners, “Dr Daniel “and his wife “Dr Maria” (pseudonyms.) Daniel was interested in UFOs since childhood, but hadn’t given the subject much attention in years. As did I, he suddenly developed a passionate interest in the UFO subject in 1991.


Daniel was back then a highly respected physician in the Department of Family Medicine, so much so that when he proposed to do a survey about UFO sightings among his patients, his departmental chief supported the proposal. During subsequent months he interviewed over 2400 patients and medical center workers about UFO sightings. The survey included doctors and other health professionals as well.

His results matched large national surveys that showed about 10 percent of the population claim to have had a UFO sighting. In five percent of those he interviewed the objects were close enough to discern actual shapes of what appeared to be anomalous craft and not merely some strange lights in the night sky.


One percent of survey responder's, over twenty people in Dr Daniel’s sample, described having memories of extremely strange encounters with non-human beings that most identified as “aliens.” Some of the encounters however were viewed as “angelic” and a few were so strange that they defied any category.

What made Dr. Daniel’s survey robust is that he knew the personal and medical history of almost all those surveyed, People with alcoholism, or other mental infirmities were eliminated from the study. Daniel could easily do this screening task because he was the personal physician of most of the responders. Others who were not his patients were highly productive health workers at the medical center.

When it comes to UFO surveys, self-styled debunker's often ask questions like, “How many of those who saw UFOs also had sightings of Elvis Presley’s ghost?” The clear suggestion is that only “crackpots” see and believe in UFOs. Daniel’s screening procedure answers this objection making his study of unique importance.


One response to the survey gives us a peek into the power of the societal taboo against people sharing their contact experiences. A middle aged female patient presented to Doctor Daniel’s clinic. She spoke Armenian, not English. Her son served as translator. After the medical evaluation Dr Daniel explained to her that he had a personal interest in UFOs and that separate from the care he was giving her he wanted to ask a few questions about any possible UFO sightings she might have had.

Instead of getting a quick reply to his question, Dr Daniel witnessed a prolonged animated discussion in Armenian between mother and son. When the translator finally “came up for air” he explained in English that some twenty years before when they were living in Turkey, both he and his mother had dramatic separate sighting of what appeared to be the exact same unidentified flying object. That UFO from their point of view was clearly not from this planet yet neither had ever dared to even mention to the other what they had seen separately.

What might we learn from this anecdote? I suggest that this account is a measure of the powerful taboo that prevents witnesses from speaking out about their close encounters. The bond of a mother to her child is one of the strongest that we can experience. Nevertheless this closeness for some is insufficient to overcome the flying saucer taboo, the UFO code of silence.


Flying saucers from my point of view are clearly something that the authorities don’t want us discuss seriously. Hollywood nonstop produces alien movies and as long as the subject is portrayed within the realm of fantasy, the taboo doesn’t apply. In my judgment an extraterrestrial presence is perceived of as a fundamental challenge to all terrestrial power elites. This includes military, political and most importantly economic sectors of the ruling classes.

The massive campaign of denial concerning the importance of the phenomenon and the ridicule of witnesses, reflect in part the ways in which dominant political/economic groups enforce their collective will. This is not a conspiracy theory. It is merely the way in which powerful groups at the top maintain the status quo. And to a great extent they have succeeded in keeping a partial lid on the situation. Despite the apparent wishes of our rulers however, flying saucers refuse to go away and new sightings and other contact experiences are being reported all the time.


The success of this social “gag order” is something that depends on penalties if the taboo is broken. For breaking the Mafia’s “vow of silence” known as Omerta, the consequences can be very serious indeed. The Mafia kills to enforce its taboo against informing on them to the police. In the flying saucer field such severe penalties need not be endured.

For both contact experiencer's and all those that express themselves passionately on this subject, we don’t fear for our lives. Instead we can face discipline at work, as in the case of professional pilot sightings, or loss of the respect of family members and co-workers that results from challenging this taboo. Understandably many witnesses censor themselves. They are afraid to speak out as did the Armenian mother and son described in Dr Daniel’s research project.


How can supporters of UFO truth oppose this odious “vow of silence,” our special version of Omerta imposed on us by “the powers that be?” It is a kind of act of self censorship that is practiced each time one choose to limit UFO discussions to a “small circle of friends.”

I believe that the solution to this problem will depend in large part on the success of UFO truth activists to get the word out. Responsible public educational programs about the flying saucers are being conducted by a number of groups. Over time these efforts may translate into the creation of a new social movement, one that declares UFOs are important because they just might hold the key to solutions for the environmental crisis related to greenhouse gases.

This could come about if flying saucer propulsion technology could be safely shared with Earth civilization. This of course is a “big if” and would only happen I suspect if the level of contacts and resultant communication with UFO intelligence not only increases, but also becomes an accepted part of life on Earth.


As a former peace and social justice activist from the 1960's, 70's and 80's, I understand that a struggle to lay the foundation for such a radical social movement will depend on decisions made by countless individuals. We will have to renounce the UFO “code of silence.“ Speaking out is the first step. This is often called “consciousness raising.” Creating well-funded democratically organized groups in my opinion will be a very important next step.

The struggle to achieve these radical goals can only start when ordinary people in large numbers start to seriously speak out about UFOs at every reasonable opportunity. Organizations to guide this process will not be easy to create. Most initial attempts will likely fail. But those false starts will provide the organizational experience required for future successes.

I am proposing that those who feel passionately about this subject should create diverse networks of activists that will work in coalitions. These organizations could organize a massive public educational campaign on the importance of UFOs, not for personal knowledge alone or as a challenge to the scientific establishment, but rather for the health and welfare of our planet.

To accomplish this lofty goal, the campaign will need to continuously draw in new talent and enthusiasm, especially from young people because in my judgment this crusade will likely go on for decades, if not for generations.

To start this process I ask each person that finds this message compelling, to discuss ways that activists can form democratically organized groups to start building the new kind of social movement that is outlined above. The specific steps we take to involve others are like planting seeds that someday might blossom into a broad social awareness of how truly important this subject is for the future of humanity.

About the author: Joseph Burkes MD is a Board Certified Internal Medicine physician. He retired from the Southern California Permanente Group after 30 years of service in 2008. During the 1960's into the 1980's he was a volunteer peace and social justice activist working with Physicians for Social Responsibility, The United Farm Workers Union and pro-labor coalitions that were part of the occupational health and safety movement.

Dr. Burkes volunteered as a Working Group Coordinator for the Close Encounters of the 5th Initiative from 1992 till 1998. He has continued to study the flying saucer phenomenon working with the Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Encounters (FREE) and the Peruvian contact network now called Rahma. Joseph Burkes MD is co-author of the book “Paths to Contact” edited by Jeff Becker. He also has co-authored a chapter on medical healing's with researcher Preston Dennett in the FREE compendium “Beyond UFOs.”

Joseph Burkes MD 2015, edited 2018

In my judgment the answer to this question is a resounding, Yes! The explanation for this assertion requires an explanation of a hitherto undescried mechanism of UFO Contact that I call The Virtual Experience Hypothesis.


The Internet is awash with faked videos purporting to show UFO hardware. These hoaxes titillate while they deceive. Serious UFO investigators and UFO truth activists bemoan the proliferation of these pictures and yet their popularity in my opinion reflects an almost insatiable hunger for contact with alien beings and reinforces a wild dream that many people have of actually going aboard an ET craft.

Twenty-five years ago, when I first got involved with the CE-5 Initiative, I too shared some of those wild passions and became an activist in what I now call the Contact Underground.In 1998 I left CSETI leadership, but I continued to be active in the field by working with independent teams of CE-5 activists as well as the Hispanic contact network now known as Rahma. I also serve as a medical consultant for the Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Encounters(FREE).

In the course of my investigations I discovered that UFO intelligence appeared to be deliberately leading me down a path that revealed how they create illusions and false memories as part of their interactions with people. To my initial surprise and bewilderment, in a series of what might be described as show and tell encounters, I was led to a radically different way of understanding the mechanisms of the contact experience.


In this introductory posting I describe how UFO intelligence creates 3 D visual displays that are interpreted as actual physical objects, but are more accurately described as illusion. This is a Virtual Experience of the First Kind (VE-1)

A Virtual Experience of the Second Kind (VE-2) is a real time full sensory illusion that is popularly known as Virtual Reality,and is portrayed in the sci-fi film The Matrix.

The final category, and I imagine the most controversial one, is a Virtual Experience of the Third Kind (VE-3). This is a technologically induced false memory that is implanted into a UFO experience mind and is believed by that individual to be as real as any other memory produced by everyday physical or mental activities.


I am now in my third decade of UFO investigations and have worked with both North and South American contact groups. In the course of dozens of fieldwork expeditions we have repeatedly witnessed bizarre visual displays of what appear to be shooting stars. But instead of behaving like natural phenomena they inexplicably move in a zigzag fashion, or fly up instead of falling down, and even can appear on request.

In the fall of 1994 I was running contact teams out to the high desert one hundred miles east of Los Angeles. As outrageous as it may sound, in that remote locale I witnessed a shooting star display that appeared totally the same three times in a row. Each individual sighting occurred in the exact same location in the sky; each had the same brightness, same length of trail, same color, speed and angle of descent in respect to the horizon. Incredibly these three anomalous shooting star displays were preceded by a co-worker boldly stating to an unseen intelligence. Show Dr Burkes!

How can such an event be possible? Was an ET spacecraft in Earth's outer atmosphere firing out meteors to create the display? No, that doesn't seem probable. More likely the image was the result of some kind of technology that is perhaps holographic in nature.


Several months later during another live show and tell session, three-dimensional images, including one of an ET being were reportedly seen on the ceiling of a fellow contact worker as I spoke to him on the phone. To my utter amazement, the image was reportedly seen even after he closed his eyes. He also described one eye as tearing during the encounter. This suggested to me the distinct possibility that the energy producing the illusion was irritating his tear glands.


For years I have contemplated the significance of this pair of bizarre encounters. I imagine that they were virtuoso displays of the psi capabilities of UFO intelligence. I am left with the disturbing impression that the so-called ETs can use technology to create illusions that convincingly simulate the appearance of actual physical objects and are indistinguishable from the real thing.

If UFO intelligence can hoax meteor displays, is that the limit of what they are doing with the experience? I strongly suspect not. Images of flying saucers, black triangles massive cylindrical mother ships might all be part of their illusory bag of tricks. And since they are images rather than physical objects, why not display UFOs that can go from standstill to thousands of miles per hour in a few seconds. This hypothesis thus has the power to explain some parameters of UFO behavior that appear to defy the laws of physics, at least as we know them to be at the current level of terrestrial science.

As in the example cited above involving tremendous acceleration, no alien flying saucer crew would run the risk of being crushed by inertial forces because a holographic projection obviously carries no crew. `

Similarly the experience describe ET beings that allegedly can pass through walls during Close Encounters of the Third Kind. In the UFO literature all kinds of speculations have been offered to explain how the aliens might be able to alter their molecular structure to achieve such magic. It is certainly conceivable that a technologically advanced civilization thousands, or perhaps millions of years older than ours might accomplish such feats. On the other hand a simpler explanation in my opinion is the technological creation of visual displays or in the case of a Virtual Experience of the Third kind false memories that might be implanted into the minds of the experience.


This doesn't mean that all close encounters are hoaxed(i.e. illusions) and that no physical ET craft or alien beings exist. It is not a question of whether the phenomenon is exclusively physical in which an actual object or a being is perceived or whether the phenomenon is Neuro-physiological (in which a technologically mediated illusion is experienced.) Sightings of UFOs and close encounters that we are witnessing worldwide are in my judgment likely to be the result of both illusory and physical events.


Granted this is a very strange concept to try and wrap one's mind around. I am suggesting that some, perhaps even most sightings of flying saucers do not necessarily represent physical objects. They are not hallucinations, that are the results of pathological conditions, but rather they are technologically induced illusions! It must be emphasized that any attempt to equate illusions with hallucinations, as some skeptics will probably attempt to do, is a gross misinterpretation of the evidence that is being presented here.

I am concerned that there are fearful people who might say that this capacity to create illusion is another example of the so-called aliens tendency to "deceive us." Some fundamentalist Christian groups regularly assert that the alleged extraterrestrials are really demonic in nature. For fundamentalists the accepted concept of Satan as being the great deceiver would fit into this mechanism of creating illusion and therefore link UFOs with the Devil.

By no means do I believe that UFO intelligence is the Devil in disguise. Instead I suggest that there are very practical considerations why a technologically advanced civilization might choose to create visual displays and other forms of Virtual Experience for human subjects.


Illusions, whether simulating shooting stars, or ET craft for that matter, do not require live crews to stage encounters. In other words on a planet obsessed with national security,what appears to be ET craft are in my opinion being attacked and probably have been shot-down on occasion as well. The evidence supporting this scenario comes from the numerous reports of armed conflict between flying saucers and military aircraft. If shoot downs have occurred and some ET beings have been taken prisoner then I imagine their fates would likely be extremely unpleasant. Thus, ETs might choose to remotely simulate UFOs in the form of illusions as a way of alerting mankind to their presence rather than sending saucers with live crews over hostile territory. It might be more than just a way of saving fuel. Conceivably it could even save lives!

About the author:
Dr. Joseph Burkes is a retired internal medicine physician and a life-long volunteer peace and social justice activist. During the 1960's and 1970's he participated in the US civil rights and anti-Vietnam War movements. He is a volunteer UFO investigator since 1992.

For five years in the 1990's Dr. Burkes was a Working Group Coordinator for Dr. Steven Greer's Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind Initiative and has done fieldwork with the Peruvian group known as Rahma. He continues to promote the worldwide efforts of activists that he calls The Contact Underground.

Dr. Burkes writings focus on the mechanisms of contact. These include the Virtual Experience Hypothesis, the role of what he calls ;Prime Contacts that have the capacity to request sightings in a group setting with the subsequent appearance of UFOs and the intelligence-counterintelligence model for UFO investigations which is an adaptation of a theory put forward by Val German over 20 years ago.

Most importantly Dr. Burkes sees the need to establish world peace based on social justice as a necessary Pre-condition for establishing full direct relations with the non-human intelligence responsible for the flying saucer phenomenon. In Dr. Burkes view they are assisting humanity during this period of rapid transformation of Earth civilization.


I was in a room with a lot of blue light, technicians at work, equipment making humming noises, and I could see some men on the upper floor having a heated discussion with what looked like scientists or researchers or it could be doctors in their field. I was told that the discussion centered around something called the "unified field theory" which had to do with getting the formula right before "travel" was properly achieved. I got the impression they were talking about time travel.Lying down on my bed one afternoon, some months after the hurricane had passed and the year before was an eclipse, I think it was the late 90's early 2000 - 2002, when I turned my mind towards the very day of the eclipse and marveled at how this thing occurred. Day turning into night and heard the roosters crow and the insects chirp..so cool. The next moment, I found that my mind was in space, looking at a round cylindrical, cigar shaped object moving towards the direction of the sun, but at an angle towards the right side of the sun, when suddenly there was a loud "pop!"and I could see human looking bodies in blue jumper suits, lifeless, tumbling among the debris in all directions. I sat up in bed at that moment and to this day, I can still see that image in my mind.It was around the late 80's when I used to live in New York and some of you may remember the UFO sightings that had occurred in upstate New York that was explained as gliders flying in formation. Well, I can tell you that explanation was false. My cousins and I saw this object and you could jog along with it. The lights were organized in a circular fashion with a single bright bluish green light at the back of the circle. The object made no sound as it passed in front and almost directly over us. It was during the fall, and between 6 - 7:pm when my cousin called out to me from downstairs. When I looked out the window, he simply pointed up in the sky and when I looked up, I grabbed the camera and rushed downstairs. I had a canon camera at that time and it had infrared film loaded. I snapped a few pictures at the object and was sure to get them developed the very next day. Little did I realize, I would have to get through the night first. Before bed, in the shower, I was signing Rod Stewart's, "If you want my body, come on baby let me know..." Later that night, they did let me know. In the middle of the night, what time, I don't know, I woke up to this feeling of being deep underwater. Y'know, that feeling of pressure on your body and a powerful sound of electrical humming and a tingling sensation. With my eyes wide opened now, I really, really wanted to get up but I could not will myself to sit up, move my head, my arms or my legs. I tried again and still I could not move and now I was becoming really sleepy and just thought to myself that it's okay, I can just go back to sleep now. I got scared and it was at that moment, I closed my eyes, stilled my mind, and in my mind spoke these words..."Jesus, I need thee...I need thee now. I am not ready. Please help me." And do you know what happened? I no longer felt sleepy, the pressure and the humming slowly subsided, and I was able to get up and what was the first thing I wanted to do? Look out the window, but it was this very thing I could not do. I was told very clearly, not to look out the window. Instead, I laid back down in bed and offered a prayer of thanks and went back to sleep. The next morning, I asked my cousin if anything strange happened last night. He sleeps in the same room as me. He looked at me and said he didn't want to talk about it and I have never asked him again.Since that incident, I hear a ringing in my ears from time to time and have noticed that if I leave the country, after about a couple of days, I will hear the ringing. For the last several years, I did not leave the country, but had occasion to as my wife's mother died, and during those several years, I never had that ringing sound. Sure enough, after a couple of days in her home country, I heard the ringing in my ears.Since that incident, I have noticed that when I travel by myself, no-one will sit next to me. I could be on a bus that's full and the seat next to me is available, it will remain available. I recently traveled to New York and used the subway and Amtrak, same thing all the time, the seat or seats next to me remains empty. Moving on now to recent events that happened is when I observed some randomly flashing lights in the sky and I was able to observe these objects over a period of years. Recently, they have been going in the direction of the Orion star system. The light flashes, when observed appear very bright and gradually become fainter. This indicates movement away from earth. And so, one day I decided to ask a gentleman about these lights. He works at a Contracted USAF faculty operated by Raytheon. I didn't think this was anything, but since they have access to NORAD, I figured he would tell me that they're simply satellites reflecting the sunlight and then I would have asked him if satellites have the ability to move closer to each other and make circles around each other. I never got a chance to ask. He simply told me that he couldn't help me and left. His behavior told me something else and I left it at that because I didn't want him thinking any kind of way about me.I went to bed thinking about what happened and do you know what happened? I dreamed of a UFO was outside my apartment window and they took me to a desert where I was in a car with two men in the front seat and I, in the back seat. After a couple of minutes, one of them said, "your ride is here..." I looked out the back window and could see a strange, and fairly large craft fly over the car and land in front of us. The next thing I remember is being on a large open air elevator going down with two other men. I got the impression we were on Mars and as we were descending, we could see in the distance that there is a substantial amount of water under the earth and the marine life was amazing to look at. We heard the sound of a whale like animal as we continued downward. Of the two men who were in front of me, one decided to walk towards the edge and look over and I said to him, "Remember what they told us...keep away from the edge." I must be a prophet or something because just as I said this, the man lost his balance and fell. Both of us then rushed close to the edge and lay on our bellies as we looked over and could see the man's lifeless body on the approaching floor below. When we reached out floor, we were told that medical staff had been dispatched to the fallen man and he was dead. I was greeted by a female US Air-force Officer. A lieutenant. Her last name began with a S and that's all I can remember. I asked her what is this facility and she told me that she would give me a tour and I agreed. During the tour she explained to me that this is a decision facility. That here is where you decided to come because you choose to participate in the exchange program. Here is where we learn about life on their planet and they learn about life on ours and you then decide if you want to continue. After this, I walked around a bit and came across a door that I could open and inside this room was hundreds of thousands of human bodies. I got the impression that these bodies were clones and were in an animated state. I saw one person I recognized and wondered of all the people I know, him?The next morning when I woke up, I went into town and who did I come across? Oh yes, of all people, him! I asked him when did he get back? and he looked at me and said, "excuse me?" Never-mind, I told him and after a little chit chat we when our ways.Today, I have strong urges to speak up and spread the word about some coming event that I am sure is going to occur. As time progresses I guess. SOURCE: WHOAMI

Czech Girls UFO Alien Contact book

Book Review: ( RECENZE Naší knihy česky dole! ) : Book " Czech Girls ET Contact " with Humanoid EBE Olie. Pooja Mohan from India Book Review: Czech Girls ET Contact with Humanoid EBE Olie by Ilona Podhrazska and Ivana Podhrazska 2017 .What would you do if you were given a chance to contact 12-D humanoid? Would you discuss economics? Politics? Global warming? Or 101 ways to protect the earth? Sit back and relax, because Czech girls have already engaged themselves.The Czech girls, Ilona and Ivana, compiled the conversations with the humanoid each time and published as a book Czech Girls ET Contact with Humanoid Extra Biological Entity Olie. It all started with trying to call out spirit but ended with an alien instead. Ivana has been the medium to communicate with the humanoid. Fortunately, the 12-D alien goes by the name Olie, which is suspected to be Energenic Biological Entity or simply Extra Biological Entity. Our humanoid friend Olie, is from the planet Elielji, 39 of light years away.The story is interesting, at first, the two sisters refused to believe, but the alien performed maneuvers in the sky. It goes like this there were thirty people in the scene, including a pastor, the clouds started to form gaps and then the object showed up! The so-called UFO performed Zig-Zag motion going back and forth and back and forth over and over again. The object glowed green and red that excited the people there the clouds started to form a gap that more and more expanded and spread up to heaven in a large cleared. For a while we all waited and then it occurred. They showed in full beauty! Their extraterrestrial object flew Zig-Zag back and forth and forth and back again and it showed 7x back and forth. Their object glowed green, and then a little red remember that the people there wept and said:They really exist!!!.Nevertheless, the conversations with the humanoid are not normal chit-chat, but very important ones. In one of the conversations, the alien calls itself the creator of the humans. It also reveals the mission on Mars, power plants on Earth, and its anatomy. The busy guy Olie from the advanced civilization has been answering questions from several physicists, UFOlogists, movie directors, writers, from all around the globe. The book has some personal encounters shared; Ilona and Ivana firmly believe that their communication with Extra Biological Entity is true and faithful.We hear such stories for many years abductions, telepathic contact, UFOs, moon bases, psychic powers, but it is you who will investigate and seek for the truth. There are phenomena that cannot be explained by science or we have not found a method, yet. One thing is clear from these unusual books, people have slowly started to react or to be accurate, believe what they experience, and pen down. Czech Girls ET Contact with Humanoid Extra Biological Entity Olie is one such book that took courage to bloom out among the closed-minded people 12-D humanoid, abduction, alien, Czech girls, Czech republic, ebe, encounter, humanoid, Ilona, Ivana, Olie, telepathy, UFO( Our English and Czech Book is available on Amazon ) Comments downhttp://cosmosandibook.in/book-review-czech-girls-et-

Communications with Ebe:

E B E OLIE HAVE TRUTH !!EBE OLie pravdu!!Thank you Olie ! From EBE OLie: 9. June 2018 : ET EBE - OLie : Contact Ivana Podhrazska and ILona: - Aleluja oo! Welcome! We are near Jupiter. Our vacuum-system equipment around our Ship introduces us around to Jupiter. The signal shows for us the way, route. We will research the surrounding sphere around Jupiter. We are biased of its change. Changes in the band(zone) gravitational waves. Jupiter will be act on your Earth by magnification .Is going through a change. We can not see Jupiter from our galaxy. We are elsewhere in the band in the Space. The Sun strengthen with unusual impression. We measured the sun zone. In different dimension is strengthen. It is a very dense coronary MAFTALA. Coronary epicenter Maftala. The Earth is deflected. You will feel great changes in the climate. Chaos for people. This is 80 percent influenced by the artificial process, the rest of the 20 percent is cosmic. This is repeated over millennia, changes. Changes are accelerated and manipulated by reptilians. With the vibration of human consciousness, Earth's climate can be deactivated on a level by a few percent. It will be recorded in July in the fields, crop circles in the Czech Republic. In the Czech Republic, there will be a better process of generating radiation from the Ship into imprinted coded formulas, as the grain will not dry quickly. Surroundings field must be humid, moist for imprinting the image. Our Ship drying the soil at that point. Yes, we know in Czech will be a crop circle :


Czech Girls ET Contact: With Humanoid EBE Olie (Volume 1)

Czech Girls UFO Alien Contact book